We’ve returned, UESiders!! 

We all need to fasten our seatbelts for a dense and rewarding fall!!

Beginning with:

Saturday, September 15th:  82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

At their tables will be American Pride Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey,  Sikking Flowers, Samascott,  Old Mother Hubbert,  Gajeski,  Ale Wife, Hawthorne, Walnut Hill Farm, Sun Fed/Maple Avenue and Cherry Lane Farms!!

And Mega Manager Margaret further says:  “Please stop by the information tent and welcome new 82nd Street Market Manager (and neighborhood resident!), Annabel!!  This week she’ll be featuring peppers, now at the peak of their season and at the market in several varieties ranging from super sweet to firery hot!!”

Yup, that makes it New Face #2 at 82nd Street these last few weeks!!

Now in charge of the Compost/Clothing/Recyclables table – taking Moises Enriquez’s place – is Genny Rodriguez!! 

Last but not least, most sorry to say there’ll be no Master Knife Sharpener this Saturday…

(And not to worry:  Great Manager G will still be presiding over the 92nd Street Market when she returns from her much-deserved 2 weekend vacay!!)

Recycling totals 8/18 to 9/15:  TBA

(Can’t wait to add up all that’s accumulated while we were away!!)

Saturday, September 15th:  National Coastal Cleanup Day at Harlem River Park

139th Street and the Harlem River to the Park,  9:30am-12:30pm

Join the UES advocates of Civitas for a thorough-going fall cleanup combined with bench and park house painting!!  For more, directions and RSVPing (a must)

Sunday, September 16th:  The 92nd Street Greenmarket

92nd Street at First Avenue, 9am-3pm

Compost Collection, 9 am-1pm

With us will be American Pride Seafood,  Back to the Future Farm/Ole Mother Hubbert Milk, Central Bakery, Sikking Flowers, Consider Bardwell, Meredith’s Bakery, Norwich Meadows, Halal Pastures, Phillips, Sun Fed Beef/Maple Avenue Farms  and NS Wager’s Cider Mill!!

A bit of a long shot as her knee recovers, but the Master Knife Sharpener might be at her table, too…

But, for sure, while Market Manager G is off on holiday the next 2 Sundays, 82nd’s great new Manager Annabel will be filling in!!

Meanwhile, Ultima Manager Margaret advises:  “Unfortunately, Hurricane Florence’s made even our faraway ocean extremely rough…  Meaning, for us, fishermen haven’t been able to fish as much as they usually do and that likely there’ll be little to no seafood available at Sunday markets, so…  Think about chicken from Ole Mother Hubbert’s…  Or beef, pork or lamb from Sun Fed for your center-of-the-plate protein this week!!”

UM Margaret adds, “Do get that Frequent Shopper Card punched and win one of several great prizes!! 

Recycling totals  8/19 to 9/16:  TBA

(How many bins?!! How many pounds?!!)

Sunday, September 16th:  Adoptapalooza Pet Adoption Event

North Plaza, Union Square, 17th Street between Broadway & Park Avenue, 12-5pm

Always a good time to give a orphan canine or kitty a Forever Home!  Sponsored by the Animal Care Centers of New York!!

Monday, September 17th:  City Council Parks Committee Meeting

250 Broadway, 14th Floor Committee Room, 1pm

Item #1 on the agenda:  The urgent need to enforce protections for a network of public parks known as “Jointly Operated Playgrounds” (JOPs) of which there are 268 in the city, spread across all five boroughs and 49 of 51 City Council districts…  And subject critical to UESiders given the on-going threat/battle to save the 96th Street Marx  Brothers Playground from a developer’s maw…  Can’t attend?  Give CM Kallos’ office a call (212-860-1950) or shoot him an email…  How about an email to Committee Chair Barry Grodenchik, too…

Thursday, September 20th:  Town Hall With Council Member Kallos

MSK Research Laboratories, 430 East 67th Street, 6pm

The annual community gathering to meet, learn, exchange ideas, discover UES opportunies, get engaged and more from representatives of city departments, local groups, your neighbors and the CM himself!!  See you there, folks!!

Thursday, September 20th:  Logos Bookstore Poetry Group Meeting

1575 York Avenue  between 83rd & 84th Streets, 7pm

The group gathers to read and discuss “Best Remembered Poem” edited and annotated by Martin  Gardner, commencing with the work of Thomas Hood!!

Friday, September 21st:  New York on Film – Gangsters, Immigrants & Labor

Mount Vernon Hotel Museum Garden, 7pm

Again, we quote, “Film historian, author and former CUNY Graduate Center Professor Robert Singer and Professor Frank Percaccio take you on an exciting romp through New York’s history on celluloid through rarely seen silents and more…”  Yes, and did we say they’ll be screening in the garden?!!  Members & students, $10.  Non-members, $15.  For tickets

And then, at last…  The countdown to Shred-A-Thon begins:

Saturday, September 22nd:  Shred-A-Thon – Hello Fall Edition

St. Stephen/82nd Street Greenmarket, 82nd Street between First & Second Avenue, 10am-2pm

One more time:

NO cardboard or plastic-handled shopping bags.

REMOVE paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   (But paperbacks are fine.)

(Take hardcovers to Goodwill or Housing Works.)

As always, we thank AM Seawright and CMs Kallos and Powers for their steadfast support of Shred-A-Thons!!

Saturdays, September 22nd & 29th & October 20th & 27th:  Celebrate Autumn at the Alice Aycock Pavillion

East River Esplanade at 60th Street, 1-4pm

Remember those great late spring/early summer Saturdays at the Pavillion??  Well, they’re back!!   Back and complete with music, fun for kids, ice cream, the fabulous  river view and more!!  Free!!  For more and rain dates…  

Sunday, September 23rd:  Hazardous Waste Collection

North Plaza, Union Square, 10am-4pm

Safely get rid of those out-of-date electronics, old/unneeded prescriptions, paint, dead compact fluorescent bulbs, pesticides (like the dread Roundup) and more!!  Cars should approach from Park Avenue South and 20th Street and a walk-in area’s available for residents coming by public transportation.   For the total rundown

Sunday, September 23rd:  Marble Hill Walking Tour

Broadway & 225th Street, The Bronx, 12-2pm

Bryan Diffley, Project Manager of the High Bridge restoration, describes why and how the Harlem  River was re-engineered, bridged over and – along with Manhattan Island – changed forever!!  $30.  For tickets and more (including more great NYC H2O events)

Monday, September 24th:  Variety (as in fruits and vegs) Showcase New York

GrowNYC’s Project Farmhouse,  76 East 13th Street, Daytime Session – 12-3pm, Evening Session – 5-8pm

Think – and we quote – “…an interactive mixer designed to build community between plant breeders, organic farmers and eaters where attendees have the unique experience to taste new and in-development vegetable, fruit & grain cultivars with the breeders that created them, share opinions, talk about needs & preferences and learn about the importance of organic plant breeding!”  Amazing, yes?  $100.  For more and tickets…   (There’ll also be interactive tables at a free, public outdoor space 2 blocks away at the Union Square Greenmarket from 11:00 am – 6:00 pm!!) 

On the horizon:

Thursday, September 27th:  Queensboro Bridge Area Committee Meeting

New York Blood Center, 310 East 67th Street, 6:30pm
Presented will be NYC Economic Development’s plan for the cluttered hellscape that’s the present state of our East River Esplanade 60th to 62nd Street…  Keep designs like Battery Park and the High Line in mind people…  We don’t have settle for less inspiration, innovation and/or beauty!!  

Saturday, September 29th:  Cooking with Kallos at the 82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street between First & York Avenues, 10am-12pm

NYC’s most culinary Council Member will be joining us and in his chef’s apron/spatula-wielding mode for his long-postponed (due to weather) UES classic “Cooking with Kallos”!!   Be there, folks, for eats by and chat with the CM!!

Saturday, September 29th:  They’re Our First Avenue Street Trees Day -Chapter I 

Meet at NW corner of First & 79th Street, 10am-1pm

Let’s get those 79th to 86th tree beds cleaned, cultivated and mulched!!  Go home having enjoyed refreshments, plus with your very own trowel, knee pads, garden gloves and a lot of new neighborhood friends!!  RSVP, please...

Sunday, September 30th:  It’s My Park Day at Stanley Isaacs Park

Southeast Corner of First Avenue & 96th Street, 1-4pm

The annual sprucing up, bulb planting and thorough-going mulching in and around this wonderful, much-used neighborhood park!!   Come dressed to get down and mulchy and ready to consume lip-smacking refreshments!!  

Then, suddenly, it’s October:

Thursday, October 3rd:  The Energy Gang on Clean Energy Connections

The Greene Space at WNYC & WQXR, 44 Charlton Street at Varick Street, 6:30pm

The great people at Solar One invite us all to sit in while some of clean energy’s top thinkers and writers engage in lively conversation and debate!!  General admission, $25.  Student admission, $12.50,  For more and tickets

Moving on to the ever miscellaneous miscellany:

A major tip of the hat to the governor for ordering a statewide phase-out of HFCs (as in greenhouse gas hydrofluorocarbons) that trap thousands of times more heat than carbon dioxide!!

But do we have an equivalently green skyscraper in NYC??

What’s certain is we’re protecting migrating birds attracted to the  9/11 Tribute in Light... 

Calling all folks with 2 years of college (or equivalent experience) and a love of the natural world to enroll in the NYS Naturalist Internship Program!! 

A big, new state park in NYC

What have our NYS Conservation Officers been up to of late

Or our NYS Forest Rangers…  When they and other Environmental Officers weren’t winning awards for heroism 2016-2018!!

Going more local, The Times entitled their very excellent history of Madison Square Park “Life Before Shake Shack”!! 

Wondering how NYC got so under Albany’s thumb…??

No question, competent – not to mention great – handymen and women are in short supply.  Solution?  Home/apartment maintenance classes!!

Same for – distressingly – quality poll workers!!  (Think about signing up!)

And NYC’s best burger is

Talk about needlework (as in tapestry)..!!

Critter time:

Yet another invasive insect – this time, the multi-destructive spotted lanternfly – has appeared in NYState…  (And check out this video!!) 

And the southern pine beetle’s on Long Island

For the third time in 2018, a NYS record-sized fish has been caught…  A 14 lb. 10 oz. longnosed gar!!

longnosed gar

That Longnosed Gar!

Mummified, 750-years old baby penguins…?!!

Leopards native to Iraq…?!!

An albino alligator…!!

Whale adoption…!!

Why we want and really need to save the horsehoe crab!!

Then from the Hudson River Almanac:

9/4 – Manhattan, HRM 1: We started off the new month by checking our research sampling gear in Hudson River Park at The River Project’s sampling station on the lighthouse tender Lilac at Pier 25. We were met with a staggering 23 young-of-summer juvenile blue crabs, all around 10 mm carapace width. We also caught eight young-of-year oyster toadfish all between 25-45 mm, as well as an adult (195 mm). The odd fish in the catch was a young-of-year striped bass (65 mm).
– Siddhartha Hayes, Melissa Rex, Toland Kister

oyster toadfish

An Oyster Toadfish

[Oyster toadfish (Opsanus tau), known colloquially as “oyster crackers,” are common along the Atlantic Coast and in New York Harbor. They set up shop on the bottom of the river and with strong, sharp teeth, they crush and feed on shellfish such as crabs, oysters, and other bivalves. Tom Lake] 

9/6 – Ulster Park, HRM 87: We have a lot of milkweed around our yard but had not seen any monarch caterpillars. Then, we found a monarch chrysalis attached to the siding of our house. This morning, “the emerald palace with the gold nails” (that’s how I remember it described when I was young) was now totally transparent and the emergent adult was hanging from the base. We had missed the moment of emergence but got to watch from then on. It did not take very long before the wrinkled wings had expanded, and after about three hours the adult monarch butterfly took off. – Carol Anderson, Peter Relson

monarch emerging

That Monarch

Feeling mighty green,







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