Happy World Turtle Day, UESiders!!

Strange and wonderful critters deserving of our respect and caring…  Especially in spring when they’re doing crazy stuff – like crossing roads –  in search of other, eligible turtles and/or nest/lay eggs!!   ( Therefore, turtle crossings!!)  (And check out what NYC DEC’s doing – including tech – to help our threatened terrapins!!) 

This’s also National Tire Safety Week…  With summer driving that commences with Memorial Day…  UESiders with cars?  Get those tires checked!! 

Meanwhile…  How about this for a verge of summer thought:  A 12-month study of 2,600 children shows regular exposure to natural vegetation and the outdoors  improves a child’s cognitive development.  

We are not surprised, are we?



So much happening this holiday weekend and beyond:

Saturday, May 26th:  82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

At their tables will be American Pride Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey,  Sikking Flowers, Samascott, Rising Sun Beef, Old Mother Hubbert,  Gajeski,  Ale Wife, Hawthorne and Nolasco Farms!!

Happy to say, the Master Knife Sharpener will be there and honing like crazy, too!! 

Then there’s this from Market Manager G:  “It may be a long weekend and the last one in May, but don’t forget to pickup your favorite spring things from our great 82nd Street Market!!  Weather permitting, we will be grilling up something green and extra scrumptious…  (Let your imagination run as to just what the scrumptiousness might be!)  And come say farewell to Nolasco until the winter and get prepared for the long-awaited return of our favorite South Jersey farmer, Lou from Cherry Lane. He’ll be back next weekend!”

Recycling totals 5/19:   71 lbs batteries;  14 lbs cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges;  11 1/4 compost bins; 40 bags of clothes      

Way to go, people!!  And on a ridiculously soggy day!!

Sunday, May 27th:  Green Park GardenersNYC Spring Volunteer Day!!

Andrew Haswell Green Park, East River Esplanade at 60th Street, bottom of the ramp, 2-5pm

So much for the rain that never came and last week’s cancellation.  The GPG’s will be out and bringing beauty to our Esplanade.  So come along…  Dig holes, plant, braid daffodils, mark and mulch paths and plenty more, plus learning from those who know!!   BYO gloves and trowels…  Clippers and shovels, too, if you have ’em…  And let the GPG know you’re coming so they can plan:  greenparkgardenersnyc@gmail.com!

Sunday, May 27th:  Victorian Gardens Opening

Wollman Rink, Central Park

Eighteen rides, games and attractions, all totally family friendly!!   For attractions, ticket prices, hours, directions and more

Tuesday, May 29th to Monday, June 4th:  11th Annual World Science Festival 

Venues throughout NYC 

An amazing array of talks/lectures and hand-on experiences for folks of all ages and science proficiency ranging from robotics to a fish count in NYC’s waters!!  Really, not to be missed!!  For details (and are there plenty) and tickets…  (And then there’re the programs designed just for kids…)

Wednesday, May 30th:  Proving the Market for Energy Retrofits Live Stream

Under Your Own Roof, 7pm

So how’re we New Yorkers going to achieve our ambitious – but achievable- 80% energy reduction by 2050…?   Just click here next Wednesday at 7

Thursday, May 31st to Friday, June 22nd  Alfons Mucha – Shaping the Czech Identity Exhibition

Czech Center, 321 East 73rd Street

Even if the name’s not familiar, you ‘ll likely be familiar with the brilliant images created by this art nouveau greats.  But the Czech patriot also produced gorgeous banknotes, stamps, posters and a series of epic paintings celebrating the land of birth.    On physical display at Center or via slide show presentation.  Free  For more… 

Holy crow!  It’s June:

Saturday, June 2nd:  Celebrate at the Alice Aycock Pavilion

East River Esplanade at 60th Street, 1-4pm

Primo long weekend fun with great music (and totally dance-able music), kid activities, ice cream treats and the company of plenty of our great New York neighbors from the UES and beyond!!  Then there’s that wonderful, soothing river view…  Free!!  Organized by Esplanade Friends!!  Spread the word!!

Saturday, June 9th:  The Great Randall’s Island Treasure Hunt  

Location to be announced, 10am-2pm

Join Alliance guides for an adventure unlocking Island secrets, searching for treasure and exploring the Park!  Plus…  Learn how to use map and compass while navigating a fun course…  Check out the Alliance’s Gallery of Maps…  The larger-than-life musical puppet show…  The ton of prizes, too!!  Free.  Just right for ages 5 and above.  For more (and there’s plenty)

Tuesday, June 19th:  New York Solar & Storage Summit

Gerald W. Lynch Theater, John Jay College, 524 West 59th Street, 8am-6pm

Be a part of planting solar’s flag (and our ability to store that energy) ever further!!  There’ll be a host of energy, utility and government people there and they need our eyes on them and our prodding!!   $25-$50.   For more and to register

Saturday, June 23rd:  Paddle the Never Sink Reservoir

Meeting place and time provided with ticket purchase… 

And we quote, “Come paddle on the Neversink Reservoir with NYC H2O! The Neversink Reservoir is the highest in elevation in NYC’s water system with it’s spillway at 1,440 feet in elevation…!”  Organized by the great NYC H2O.   Van transportation from the Village.  Both kayaks and canoes available.   $25-$100. And you must register (it’s free) with the NYS DEP for watershed access  For tickets and more…



Bring on the miscellany:

For the first time in a decade, NYC’s not America’s fastest growing city…  What?!! But there’re still more of us in the 5 boroughs than anywhere in the US!!  (Check out the stats…) 

Last winter’s weather cost NYC what…??

That giant building planned for First and 79th?  Maybe it’ll be even bigger

A brief detour into the activist zone:

Eeek!!  No glory for McDonald’s shareholders who just voted down a plastic straw ban!!

Think Amazon should steer clear of selling GMO apples?

Or that the mayor should appoint an actual preservationist to head up Landmarks Preservation?   (Same for the Council!!)

Tech Proficients:  A solar bill working its way through the NY Assembly could use your help with a phone call and a tweet

If you think Kroger – America’s biggest supermarket chain – should stop selling food grown with bee-killing pesticides

BPA’s still coating so many of our receipts

The headline calls out Verizon for energy inefficiency, but none of the bigtime carriers is exactly stellar… 

On the upswing:

How about this for a lovely take on gardening, patience and buttterflies…  (Thanks to  reader Shwetha Shetty for the tip!)

Good on The Times for covering the Oakland, CA program that puts prison/post-prison people into gardens where very many heal…  A program pioneered by the great James Jiler (then of the Horticultural Society of New York) on Rikers Island…  Where some of the vegetable gardens are edged with extra Belgian blocks from UES tree beds !!  (Check out James’ TedX Talk…) 

Our city’s offering a ton of FREE summer sports programs for young ‘uns ages 6-17

Harry and Meghan’s  green, emissionless honeymoon car

Boat safety compliance inspections…  A record setting crappie catch…  Illegal turkey hunters…  Lots on NYState Conservation Officers’ hands of late…

NYS  likes its firewood (and firewood regulations) local, too… (aimed at keeping invasive tree-killers like long-horned beetles contained)…

Free tickets to NYC summer concerts… 

As for the feathered, finned, scaled and furry:

The kestrel nest cam

The osprey nest cam (recently visited by an owl!)…

Vocalizing fish

Our deer and moose are threatened by a chronic wasting disease

The virtues of bees

Five facts about wolves

Any number of great Nature docs on PBS this week, but “The World’s Most Wanted Animal” (i.e. the pangolin) is a total standout…

As ever, from the great Hudson River Alamanac:

5/7 – Staten Island: We took a quick walk on the beach this evening, overlooking the Lower Bay of New York Harbor, and came across a nesting killdeer. The female picked a tough spot for the nest right next to the trail that leads to the beach. She was so close to the trail that she immediately went into her “injured” display to distract us. Hopefully, her eggs will hatch soon and she and her brood will be on their way.   – Sean Gannon


A Killdeer

5/10 – Bronx, New York City: The lilacs at the Bronx Botanical Garden were starting to bloom. The Cherry Esplanade was glorious, as were the crabapples in the Osborne Garden.  In the Native Flora garden, some oaks and pitch pines were flowering. The moss pink (Phlox subulata) was stunning and the wild geranium and columbine were suddenly wonderful. In the woodlands, thanks to heart-leaved groundsel (Packera aurea), the beds were paved with gold.   – Thomas Shoesmith


[Lilacs (Syringa sp.) are a part of Hudson River lore. When commercial shad fishermen plied their gill nets on the Hudson, they noticed that the shad migration upriver from the sea came in a measured progression. Beginning in early April, the ratio of male or buck shad, to female or roe shad, was 2:1. By late April into early May, the ratio shifted to 1:1. By mid-May, the lilacs were in bloom and it again changed to 2:1 roe shad. This would be the last of the run, the season was ending, and the big roe shad were dubbed “lilac shad.” – Tom Lake]

With every greenness,



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