Happy 40th Anniversary of the Big Blackout, UESiders!!

Good that we’re 4 decades distant from those unhappily tumultuous,hours!!

Down here on First in the 60’s, fate was kind. A boring couple of hours out on the fire escape, watching the few passersby below, eating Fudgsicles, finally retreating inside to cold showers…   And, if memory serves, we walked to work the next morning!!  

haplocarpha scaposa

On to a many-faceted weekend and – knock-knock – flawless shredding event:

Saturday, July 15th:  82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

At their tables will be American Pride Seafood, Sikking Flowers, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Valley Shepherd, Green Meadows, Hudson Valley Duck, Rising Sun Beef, Old Mother Hubbert, Alewife,  and Gajeski  Farms!!  

Lip-smacking corn is upon us!!  

Tiny newest potatoes!!

Beets of many colors!!

Real tomatoes!!


NO Master Knife Sharpener  this week…


With us will be Madrette, Mystic Mistress of Canine Paw Reading!!  Escort your favorite pup to the market, let Madrette plumb his/her furry fortune over time to come, have his/her picture taken with the great Madrette and give him/her the pleasure of chowing down on some meaty market treats!!

Last week’s recycling totals:  75 lbs. batteries; 28 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges;  11 compost bins;  and 35 bags of clothes. 

Yes!!  Back in the 11 bin groove!!

Saturday, July 15th:  10th Annual City of Water Day!

All Over NYC, 10am-4pm

Exhibitors galore (like I Fish New York!)…  A myriad of activities (think rowing with our own East River Crew)…  Wonderful tours (for instance, “The Lilac”, a  retired, steam-powered Coast Guard cutter…  Food (of course!)…  Truly, something for everyone of us!!  And all of it’s FREE!!    For everything you might want to know

Saturday, July 15th & Sunday, July 16th:  Formula E Grand ePrix New York

Red Hook, The Brooklyn Waterfront

Electric car racing arrives in NYC!!  And who owns one of the eTeams?  None other than Michael Andretti, son of designated Race Driver (of non- electric Formula 1 cars in the 20th) Century Mario!!  $42-$150.   For more and tickets

Sunday, July 16th:  92nd Street Greenmarket

92nd Street at First Avenue, 9am-3pm

Compost Collection, 9am–1pm

It’s Cooking with Kallos Sunday at 92nd!!  And what will our multi-talented Council Member/chef whip up??  As previously stated, that’s a District 5 secret.  Be there, find out and savor 11:30am -1:30pm! 

And, of course, with us will be American Pride Seafood, Meredith’s Bakery, Central Bakery, Old Mother Hubbert, Phillips, Consider Bardwell and Norwich Meadows Farms!!

(Double whoa!!  Central Bakery’s raisin bread!!  Mother Hubbert’s eggs and chocolate milk!!  Anything from American Pride, Meredith’s, Consider Bardwell, Norwich Meadows and Phillips Farms!! ) 


Don’t forget to get yourself over to Manager Jaimie’s table and sign up for the 92nd Street Frequent Shopper Reward Program!!   Shop 5 weeks, get a $2 coupon and be entered into a raffle for a giant bag of produce!!

Last week’s recycling totals:   26 lbs. batteries; 12 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges;  9 pairs of eye glasses; 4 compost bins.  

Double the previous week’s bins, people!!

Sunday, July 16th:   Shred-A-Thon –  One More Time at 92nd Street Edition

First Avenue between 92nd & 93rd Streets, across from the Greenmarket, 10am-2pm (rain or shine) 

Yes, same time, same place…  Plus a ton of guilt!!

Even more reason to keep in mind:

NO cardboard or plastic-handled shopping bags.

REMOVE paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   (But paperbacks are fine.)

(Take those hardcovers to Goodwill or Housing Works.)

And we can’t say it enough…

Another huge thank you to the folks who make these events possible:  Council Members Kallos and Garodnick and Assembly Member Seawright!!

Monday, July 17th:  Partnership for Parks Academy Workshop

The Arsenal, 830 Fifth Avenue at 64th Street, 6:30-8:30pm

Calling all New Yorkers with a yen to see your park more green/flowering/ready and available for quiet and/or active enjoyment?  Get yourself to P4P’s workshop and learn the ropes, many of them at least a little political.    Free with dinner provided!!  To learn more and sign up

Coming up soon:

Tuesdays, July 18th & 25th, Wednesdays, July 19th & 26th, Thursdays, July 20th & 27th:  Summer Dance at the Museum of the American Indian

One Bowling Green, 11am-1pm

Summer dance as hoop dancing combined with Native American songs and storytelling led by Grammy-winning Ojibwa/Oneida artist, Ty Defoe.  Free.  (Great for kids!)  For more

Fridays, July 21st & August 4th:  Evening Bat Walks in Central Park

Meeting place provided with ticket purchase, 8pm

Join Bradley Klein, Danielle Gustafson and member of the New York City Bat group (!) for a stroll through Central Park and encounters with the various bat species that call NYC home sweet home!  Organized by the Museum of Natural History.  Adults, $40.  Children 12 and under, $25.   For tickets

Tuesday, July 25th:  The NYC Food Waste Fair 

Brooklyn EXPO Center, 72 Noble Street, Brooklyn, 9am-6pm

Restaurateurs!!   Grocery and convenience store proprietors!!  Any and every one whose business involves food!!  New York’s Zero Waste Project wants to equip you with the knowledge (like NYC law), tools and connections to build a waste prevention plan from scratch, take existing programs to the next level and zero out your (love this new-to-us phrase) food waste footprint!!   Early bird tickets, $25.  General admission, $50.  For complete info

Coming up soon:

Tuesday, July 25th:  Foster Pet Parent Orientation

 Animal Care Centers NYC Headquarters, 11 Park Place, Suite 805, 7-9pm

And we quote, “ACC never turns away an animal in need, and regularly rescues nursing moms with babies, kittens and puppies without moms, and injured and ill animals. These animals may need some extra TLC, outside of a Care Center, to get healthy and ready for adoption. nter the Foster Program, which places them temporarily in the homes of caring individuals who help prepare them for forever homes.”  Could be us, yes?  For the lowdown

Saturday, July  29th:  Pet Adoption Day at Biscuits & Bath  (Dogs Only)

Biscuits & Bath Sutton Place, 1064 1st Avenue at East 58th Street, 11am – 3pm

Great how dedicated this particular Biscuits & Bath outpost has become to finding forever homes for dogs lacking their own personal humans!  (And this is a dogs only event!)

fuchsia colensoi

In miscellaneous department:

No kidding, The Gateway is America’s most urgent transportation project!!

Yet another bit of old NYC in peril...  (Thank goodness the Greenwich Village Historic Preservation Society is on the case!!)

Shameful that an UESider would be caught trading in ivory…  But he was caught!

Plenty of bikes issues winding up in court

Find a cooling center anywhere in New York State

new tall-building elevator design…  (It can go sideways!)

A green steel mill!!

Oregon’s just passed a $15 tax on bicycles purchased for more than $200… 

More great NYS Becoming an Outdoors Woman courses

A free NYC and Long Island fishing guide from the NYS Department of Conservation

Wine storage vaults under the Brooklyn Bridge

Our NYS Conservation Officers have been busy

Time for animals:

How about we encourage McDonald’s to give up plastic straws (that wind up getting eaten by critters on land and in water)??

Never too early to be contemplating kitty’s Halloween costume…  Hummm…   Possibly  Leo the Lion?

A hippo family reunion…  (Yup, they absolutely recognize each other!!)

Stats on our NYC dog population

Measures that, in this year of 2017,  may be required for Fido to live in that nice building with you…!!

And the Bird of the Week is…


What would a week be without the Hudson River Almanac’s observations:

7/1 – Manhattan: On a visit to Inwood Hill Park a week ago (6/23), along the inlet of Spuyten Duyvil Creek, the horse-nettle (a nightshade) had flowers, and the white mulberries had fruit – wonderfully sweet. All the little weedy summer plants had flowers, including red and white clover, black medick, pineapple weed, common quickweed (Galinsoga), and field peppergrass (Lepidium). A small patch of foxtail barley had come up amid the more “ordinary” grass and Greene’s rush. English plantain had its little “crowns” and a few flowers of chicory, hedge mustard and fleabane provided a little color. A great egret was wading on the south side of the inlet where three stems of field garlic carried their odd inflorescence; white sweet-clover had flowers and Spartina sp. (cordgrass) was knee high.  In the Clove, spicebush was fully leafed and jewelweed was two feet high, but I saw just two blossoms. The glacial pothole, filled with spring water, had abundant tiny mosquitoes and larvae. Up on the ridge, white avens and the tiny white bells of common enchanter’s nightshade (not a nightshade) were everywhere. The woods were bright with hundreds of day-lilies, patches of them in all the less shady spots, their flowers leaning toward the light. Fleabane was plentiful and staghorn sumac had bright red fruit.  – Thomas Shoesmith


7/5 – Manhattan: Guests naturalists from the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Education Center helped us check our collection gear during a midday low tide in Hudson River Park at The River Project’s sampling station on the lighthouse tender Lilac at Pier 25. Our crab pots were bustling with river life that included two blackfish/tautog (155, 210 mm – the latter was dead with some of its caudal fin missing, a white perch (210 mm), a gorgeous black sea bass (220 mm), and a lined sea horse clinging to the side of a pot. Our killifish traps collected a northern pipefish (190 mm) and two oyster toadfish (40, 85 mm). It was also a good day for sand shrimp, mud dog whelk snails (and their eggs), amphipods, and oyster drills.
– Gabby, Juliana, Elisa Caref, Jacqueline Wu

Yours in enduring greenness,


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