Happy Earth Day, UESiders!

Whether you garden, march, head over to the Esplanade for some music or just laze around at home (in a really green way)…

This Week in Central Park (thanks to reader Roger)

Let Earth Day and Earth Weekend 2017 begin:

Friday, April 21st:  NYSkies Astronomy Seminar

McBurney House, 125 West 14th Street between Sixth & Seventh, 6:30-8:30pm 

Star master John Pasmino and lucky attendees explore the moon’s surface with binoculars!!  Free and, as always, fascinating!

Saturday, April 22nd:  82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

At their tables will be American Pride Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Hudson Valley Duck, Rising Sun Beef, Comfort Bardwell Cheese, Ole Mother Hubbert, Hawthorne Valley, Samascott and Gajeski Farms!!


It was a last minute decision to return to the market last week after their winter hiatus, but they came and bearing bunches of lilacs!!  Who knows what flowers they’ll have for this week?  All we know is that great Sikking Farms is back at 82nd Street!!)

Last week’s recycling totals:  54 lbs. batteries; 19 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 11 1/4 compost bins; 31 bags of clothes.

So impressive!! 

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY First Avenue Street Tree Mulch-A-Rama

Meet on the SE corner of 60th and First Avenue, 9am-1pm

Join the great group of volunteers from Redeemer Presbyterian Church as they (us, too!)  cultivate and mulch street beds 60th-72nd Street mulch!!    Tools, treats and excellent company provided!!

And the day’s not over yet:

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY with the Pier 90 Project!

Pier 90, East River Esplanade at 90th Street, 12pm

The quintessential UES Earth Day experience!!  Complete with live music, food treats galore, fishing with free bait, and comfortable seating where you can just kick back and enjoy the river view!!  Then, at 3:30 pm, environmental educator/ecologist/urban naturalist Gabriel Willow arrives to lead a green riverside tour!  Entirely free, folks!! (We’ll be heading up after mulching!)

Still more fun:

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY on Union Square

Union Square, 12-7pm 

Because you don’t want to miss the exploring the possibilities offer by the 70-plus environmental non-profits and businesses and their green services and wares.  Lots of kids eco on offer, too!with the latest and greenest…  Live performances and a  myriad of kids’ eco activities, too!  Free!!  

Almost but not quite done: 

Sunday, April 23rd:  It’s My Park Spring Cleaning Day

Stanley Isaacs Park, 96th Street and First Avenue, 11am-3pm

For a moment there, seemed like the day would be one mess of rain…  Now, they’re calling for some rain early morning…  So, we’re going for it, people!!  Especially as Isaacs Park is a primo First Ave connection to the Esplanade!  Bed cultivation,  plants installed, mulch applied, kids’ play equipment given a spray down and maybe – if Parks allows – some of the Belgian stone choking tree beds pried out !  As ever, tools and refreshments provided. See you there!!

Coming up:

Saturday, April 29th:  DEA Drug Take Back  Day

Sites Around the City, 10am-2pm

The good news is there’re now a host of NYC collection sites.  The bad?  Still – so far – no UES locations!  And this with traditional site Lenox Hill/Northwell Hospital ready, will and able to host again!!  Let’s all keep fingers crossed and keep checking the DEA list!

Saturday, May 6th:  Identification Day!

Museum of Natural History, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall, Central Park West at 77th Street, 12-4pm

Think “Antiques Roadshow” for that odd bone you found on the beach…    The rock that sure looks like a fossil… Those arrowheads your grandfather left you…  No dollar amounts involved, but the experts sure do weigh in, we wind up with knowledge and maybe natural treasures!!  Fun even if just checking out what others have brought!! Free.

Back in the great UES volunteer mode:

Sunday, May 7th:  It’s My Park Day – Esplanade Edition

East River Esplanade at 96th Street, 11am-3pm

Year 3 of the Scrape/Paint Esplanade Railings Project.  Days of endless, sad-looking railings on our Esplanade are past!!  Now that neglected metal’s the focus of a classic Esplanade Friends’ spruce up!  As always, painting gear (you do want to have the new painting glove experience!), refreshments and great company are supplied!

Let’s get this out of the way:

The new EPA administrator has his own way of celebrating Earth Day:  Rejecting a scientific study and approving an agricultural chemical that lowers IQs in children and causes memory loss and neurological disorders in adults.

On the other hand:

There’s this lovely bit of human goodness

Moving into our usual miscellaneous miscellany mode: 

Among the several landmarked buildings recognized for superior restorations are 5 located on the UES!! 

MUG (as in Manhattan User’s Guide) some choice bits of Carnegie Hill this week…  (Thank you, reader Kathleen Treat!)

NYC’s not alone in beginning to weigh giant storage buildings against the need for more housing for humans… 

What will Elon Musk get up to next?  Answer:  Electric semi trucks!!

Some IKEA stores are now accepting gently used furniture…  Rewarding those who bring it with a $20-off purchases of $150 or more…

Of course, we want our NYC grass cared for sustainably!!

Seven commonly made recycling errors…   (And we don’t want to make any, do we?!) (Thanks to reader John Steinberg for the tip!)

Unlikely items that can not only be recycled – even by great art institutions – turned into art

Advice for those lucky enough to have rent-stabilized apartments

How to stop at least some of those wretched robo calls

Ten mysterious NYC bridges

Art from orange peels…  (Even has a history!)

Time for a few animals:

A baby chick, bad feet and a happy ending…  (Do these critters grow fast or what?!) 

Upcoming local pet adoption events…  (Love “rabbits only”!)

11 signs your cat is happy

And the latest gem from the Hudson River Almanac: 

4/6 – Stanfordville: A river otter was busily fishing in a pond near here today. In the few minutes I watched, the otter caught four fish, including a large bluegill sunfish. – Deborah Tracy-Kral

That River Otter

[The river otter (Lontra canadensis) is native to New York State and a member of the Mustelidae family (mustela, Latin for weasel) along with other mammals such as the mink, fisher, pine marten, and various other smaller weasels. For more on river otters, visit DEC river otter web page. Tom Lake]

The greenest of Earth Days to one and all,


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