A Most Happy Passover and Easter, UESiders!!

Eat, drink and bathe in the glow of family… 

Then prepare for all the great stuff coming our way on this year’s Earth Day!!

But first, there’s the pretty darned green week ahead: 

Saturday, April 8th:  82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

Present to cater to all your holiday needs will be American Pride Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Hudson Valley Duck, Rising Sun Beef, Comfort Bardwell Cheese, Ole Mother Hubbert, Hawthorne Valley, Samascott and Gajeski Farms!!

(One more time:  Have you tried Hudson Valley Duck’s duck breast?!)

Last week’s recycling totals:  76 lbs. batteries; 21 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 2 pairs eye glasses; 12 compost bins; 30 bags of clothes.

Yes, people, ANOTHER 12 BIN WEEK!! 

7 days later and Earth Day’s upon us:

Wednesday, April 19th:  Protecting Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict Meeting

United Nations Headquarters Conference Room 1, First Avenue and 46th Street, 3-5pm

For sure, we’ve got to come up with way to mitigate the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage sites, organized looting and illicit trafficking of precious artifacts and this conference is beginning!!  And so the discussion/strategy begins…  Free.  To RSVP (a must)…

Then, at last:

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY First Avenue Street Tree Mulch-A-Rama

Meet on the SE corner of 60th and First Avenue, 9am-1pm

We’ll all be brimming with gratitude to the great group from Redeemer Presbyterian Church who’ll be cultivating and slavering First Avenue street tree beds with mulch 60th-72nd Street mulch!!  But you’re welcome, too!    Tools, treats and excellent company provided!!

After which you’ll need another kind of fun:

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY with the Pier 90 Project!

Pier 90, East River Esplanade at 90th Street, 12pm

The quintessential UES Earth Day experience!!  Complete with live music, food treats galore, fishing and free bait, seating where you can just sit and savor the river view!!  Then, around 3pm, environmental educator/ecologist/urban naturalist Gabriel Willow arrives to lead a green riverside tour!  Entirely free, folks!!  (Remember when this wonderful space was inaccessible, behind gates?)

Restored, we’ll be heading downtown:

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY on Union Square

Union Square, 12-7pm 

Because you don’t want to miss the exploring the possibilities offer by the 70-plus environmental non-profits and businesses and their green services and wares.  Lots of kids eco on offer, too!with the latest and greenest…  Live performances and a  myriad of kids’ eco activities, too!  Free!!  

Then, if you haven’t already pitched in on a neighborhood beautification: 

Sunday, April 23rd:  It’s My Park Spring Cleaning Day

Stanley Isaacs Park, 96th Street and First Avenue, 11am-3pm

No way we don’t want one of the premier vamps to our Esplanade and that gorgeous planter at 96th to look anything but its best, too…  Earth turned, flowering plants installed, mulch applied, kids’ play equipment spiffed and maybe – if Parks allows – some of the Belgian stone choking tree beds pried out !  As ever, tools and excellent refreshments provided…  Even knee-pads and gloves for you volunteers to keep!!   Be there!!

Saturday, April 29th:  DEA Drug Take Back  Day

Sites Around the City

But – so far – no UES locations and nobody knows why!  HOWEVER,  our electeds, along with Precinct 19 and Community Affairs at Lenox Hill/Northwell Hospital – both collection points of long-standing – are bearing down on  Drug Enforcement to provide us with at least one site!!    As of now, closest is Precinct 20, 120 West 82nd, BUT you can easily check on the list of  locations as the DEA adds to it!   (We’ll be watching, too!)

Miscellany, sigh-inducing stuff first:

It’s back…  As in the plan for a 700-foot tower/thing on 58th Street

Huh?!  NYState’s wild turkey season commences May lst?  (Yikes! Even more weird, NYS Youth Turkey Hunting Weekend’s set on Earth Day weekend, April 22nd-23rd!)

No, the FDA’s not presently testing for glyphosate, Round-up’s primary ingredient.  (If you think it should…)

On the other hand:

S.C. Johnson’ll soon be removing poisonous galaxolide from 80-plus of its products (like Windex, Glade and Pledge)!! 

Really, just what exactly does “non-GMO” mean…?

And in our hood:

Looks like NYC DOT’s intending to adjust timing of some 19 lights on York Avenue, making them more pedestrian friendly/safe…  Those lights being.:

York Avenue @ East 65th Street,  York Avenue @ East 68th Street, York Avenue @ East 70th Street, York Avenue @ East 71st Street, York Avenue @ East 74th Street, York Avenue @ East 75th Street, York Avenue @ East 76th Street, York Avenue @ East 78 Street, York Avenue @ East 80th Street, York Avenue @ East 81st Street, York Avenue @ East 82nd Street, York Avenue @ East 83rd Street, York Avenue @ East 84th Street, York Avenue @ East 85th Street,York Avenue @ East 86 Street, York Avenue @ East 87th Street, York Avenue @ East 88th Street, York Avenue @ East 89th Street and York Avenue @ East 90th Street!!

Who knows?  Somewhere on the UES might well be chosen for a DOT “shared streets” experiment…

All over the reservation:

How to keep your (Greenmarket) produce primo longer…  (Many a tip was news to us!)

Amazing, this collection of vintage pix of 42nd Street…  (Thanks you, reader Kathleen Treat!)

Yeah, so they’ve got a new butterfly preserve in south Texas…  We’ll soon be putting in Monarch/butterfly-friendly milkweed plants on First Ave islands!! 

And our favorite miscellany of this week is:

The 94-year old science brainiac who’s most recently made dramatic improvements in the solid state battery!! 

Ready for animals:

Scroll down to Page 9 to learn why NYS is “Bluebird Country” and how we can do to keep it that way!

Of course, baby armadillos are cute!!

A teen fox and a golf ball

Cats have their own thing about mail

And from the Hudson River Almanac:

3/25 – Norrie Point, HRM 85: I watched a ring-billed gull drifting out in the river. Something it had in its mouth caught my attention. A photo revealed that it was a palm-sized hogchoker. The gull was struggling to get the fish headed in the right direction before swallowing it. How the gull got the hogchoker was a mystery. Gulls do not dive like loons or cormorants, so the fish had to be on the surface. Yet hogchokers inhabit the bottom in the deeper reaches of the river– Justin Schmidt

A Hogchoker!

[Hogchokers (Trinectes maculatus) are flatfish, delightful little soles, ranging in size from a penny to the palm of your hand. Their coloring is mottled light and dark “squiggly” patterns of perfect camouflage and, like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. If you stroke these little flatfish from head to tail, they are incredibly smooth. However, if you run your finger from tail to head, it will feel like fine teeth on a saw. Wise predators have learned to swallow hogchokers head first, to avoid “choking.” –  Tom Lake.]

Happiness is greenness,


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