Happy Earth Hour, UESiders!!

Yes, it’s that day (Saturday, March 25th) and time (8:30-9:30PM) again when we Green People not only abstain from driving even electric or hybrid cars, but also switch off everything in our homes that’s powered by fossil fuels – thus contributing to global warming – for a mere but meaningful 60 minutes!!  

We can do it, people!!

(The weather’ll be cooperating, too!)

Just set the DVR to record whatever’ll be happening with March Madness…  Take yourself, friends and family to a nearby park or your building’s roof with binoculars and study stars you’d normally not be able to see so clearly or at all…   And savor the feeling of being the fabulous, earth-conscious person that you are!!

Ah!  This just in from reader Gary Thalheimer:  The duck couple’s returned to the pond between 72nd/73rd on York!!

What a way to launch into the week ahead:   

Saturday, March 25th:  82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

Great (fingers crossed and don’t we deserve it)  Saturday weather for the long-awaited treat:

GrowNYC’s Regional Grain Project’s visit to the 82nd Street Greenmarket!!

Amazing, all the great edibles now made with/from grains once again grown in New York State!!   Once again grown and available to us, thanks to GrowNYC’s efforts!!

Come!!  Learn!!  EAT!!

Then load yourself up with all the wonderful stuff grown/caught by our market’s fabulous farmers/fishermen/beekeepers: American Pride Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Hudson Valley Duck, Rising Sun Beef, Comfort Bardwell Cheese, Ole Mother Hubbert, Hawthorne Valley, Samascott and Gajeski Farms!!

Last week’s recycling totals:  48 lbs. batteries; 18 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 11 compost bins; 24 bags of clothes.


Saturday, March 25th to Sunday, April 2nd:  Participatory Budgeting Vote

Up and Down the Upper East Side

And right at the 82nd Street/St. Stephen Greenmarket on Saturday, March 25th! So important for us all to choose the UES projects that deserve Council Member Kallos’ incredibly generous $1M the most!  For the full schedule/locations/hours

It’s an April of sprucing up and enjoying our UES and beyond:

Saturday, April 8th:  Randall’s Island Spring Waterway Cleanup

Meet at the South Entrance of Icahn Stadium, 10 Central Road, Randall’s Island, 10am-12pm

Sponsored by outdoor brands United by Blue and REI (responsible for 177 cleanups and 995,291 pounds of trash removed in 2016), we’re counting this as the season’s first UES volunteer opportunity!  Totally family friendly!! All cleanup supplies provided!  Participants automatically entered to win United By Blue prizes!!  For a look at last year’s event

On to Earth Day:

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY First Avenue Street Tree Mulch-A-Rama

Meet on the SE corner of 60th and First Avenue, 9am-1pm

First came February’s great laying of mulch around First Avenue street trees, 72nd to 79th Streets by the fabulous Christine, Ralph and friends!  Now, the target’s First Ave 60th to 72nd!  Amazing what a little soil cultivation and mulch does for not just our trees but the whole look of an avenue/street!!  Tools, refreshments, good company and the great feeling you’ll have… The start of a perfect Earth Day!!

Then head directly north for some relaxation:

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY with the Pier 90 Project!

Pier 90, East River Esplanade at 90th Street, 12pm

A particularly special place to celebrate Mother Earth…  Among fellow UESiders, on our own East River and enjoying the lovely pier that only months ago community will revived and reclaimed as public space!  Oh, yes, there’ll also be live music and ice cream!!  Then, long about 3pm, environmental educator/ecologist/urban naturalist Gabriel Willow arrives to lead a green riverside tour!  Doesn’t get any better folks!   Yes, and it’s free!!

Thereafter, proceed south:

Saturday, April 22nd:  EARTH DAY on Union Square

Union Square, 12-7pm 

Seventy-plus environmental non-profits and businesses with the latest and greenest…  A  myriad of kids’ eco activities…  Live performances…  Even more free pleasure, folks!  

Sleep soundly and then arise: 

Sunday, April 23rd:  It’s My Park Spring Cleaning Day

Stanley Isaacs Park, 96th Street and First Avenue, 11am-3pm

Last fall, Harlem teens and families from Shiray Tefila cultivated, raked and planted who knows how many daffodil, tulip and grape hyacinth bulbs.  Come late April, it’ll be time to plant and tidy for park goers’ summer enjoyment!  Tools, plants and excellent refreshments provided…  Even knee-pads for you volunteers to keep!! See you there!!

Decompress, then:

Saturday, April 29th: People’s Climate March

All Across the Nation and NYC

As has always been the case but all the more so in 2017, it’s we the people who’ll be defending Mother Earth! Many NYC plans afoot…  Stay tuned!

Ah, May:

Sunday, May 7th:  It’s My Park Day – Esplanade Edition

East River Esplanade at 96th Street, 11am-3pm

Year 3 of the Scrape/Paint Esplanade Railings Project.  Remember when every inch of classic railings north and south of 96th was peeling and/or rusting out?  No more and we’ll be spiffing up another block’s worth in ’17… Especially as we’ll now be equipped with revolutionary (at least to us!) new painting mitts (in lieu of brushes and fantastic for doing railings)!!  As always, best painting gear, refreshments and company is provided!

Sunday, May 21st:  Green Park GardenersNYC Volunteer Day

East River Esplanade at 62nd Street, Time TBA

A chance to wield your trowel (and learn plenty) from the UES’s pioneer native plant gardeners!  Details soon, but mark that calendar!!

Miscellany commencing with a trio of mini-rants:

Really, how can business – especially corner businesses –  look out their windows at snow-covered  sidewalks, small mountains of snow blocking street crossings, obstructing bike lanes and bicycle island crosswalks…  And not do something??  Like picking up a shovel and getting to work!!  (If you think NYC is long overdue for a comprehensive and enforced snow clearing plan…) 

More change coming to 86th Street… 

See any resemblance between this proposed Brooklyn library and Second Avenue Subway ventilation towers? (Would city “designers/architects” be employable elsewhere?)

Feeling better:

Some lovely summer internship opportunities for high schoolers and those who’ve just graduated and they’re local:  i.e. The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum’s seeking teens with an interest in history, art, museums and/or a collaborative experience!!  For complete information and the application… 

And for the more mature…  GrowNYC’s  in search of seasonal Greenmarket managers!!  (Info sheet attached to this week’s email!)  

Looking briefly far afield:

Looks like archeologists have discovered the place where Pocahontas may or may not have saved John Smith’s life!

Back on NYC turf:

Of course, UESider/Greenmarket shopper/music historian Alan Light would be asked to share wisdom on the great Chuck Berry

And then:

NYS Department of Conservation-organized and guided fishing trip to Lake Ontario strictly for women… 

And why were UES Persian restaurants jam-packed last Monday, the first day of spring?

This ridiculous weather keeps up and deploying of Hungarian Scare Winter tactics may be necessary!

For those yearning to master waste water treatment

Whether we realize it or not, we’re all students of phenology!

The “I Voted” sticker design contest...

NYC’s own Fountain Pen Hospital!!

Why’s the Houston in Houston Street pronounced the way it is in NYC?

Thanks to Starman John Pazmino for how to see Venus twice in 24 hours, March 23rd-27th:

Yes, you can see Venus as BOTH evening and morning star in the next few days!  Step 1: Equip yourself with a pair of binoculars.  Step 2:  Locate a view open to the horizon at both sunrise and sunset. Step 3:  For evening sighting, wait till the sun sets, sinking just below the horizon.  Then scan the sky above 8 degrees to the right of above sunset point…  To Venus gentle twinkle!  Step 4:  For sunrise sighting, position yourself at least 10 minutes before rising time, then scan the sky above the horizon 8 degrees to the left of the sun’s first faintest rays. VOILA!  (And it wasn’t even on your bucket list!) 
Light on animals this time out, but they’re choice:
Happiness is greenness,

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