Happy, International Dog Film Festival Week, UESiders!!

Kind of strange Dog Film Festival Week’s in December when the actual festival happens in October… Next up: October of ’17…   But who cares?!  It’s great there is one and it’ll be in NYC!  And, as forewarned is forearmed, you have 10 long months ahead to conceive, shoot, edit and enter your canine oeuvre


Yet another way to easily give:  Amazon Smile!   You sign up, shop and Amazon contributes .05% of your purchase to a non-profit of your choice!  Any number of great organizations participate, even the most local and tiny!  For more…  

Be ready for a busy week:

Friday, December 2nd:  NYSkies Astronomy Seminar

McBurney House, 125 West 14th Street between Sixth & Seventh, 6:30-8:30pm 

Starmaster John Pasmino examines the world of star atlases throughout history, be those atlases print, digital or both!  Come with your own favorite!  As ever, great and free! 

Saturday, December 3rd:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

A lot of folks in post-Thanksgiving recovery last Saturday, but there’ll be a full house this week… American Pride Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Hudson Valley Duck, Rising Sun Beef, Alewife, Ole Mother Hubbert, Samascott and Gajeski Farms!

And, yes, Consider Bardwell Cheese will be present and making their season debut!

AND, joining us for the first time ever, will be the great Nolasco Farm with their wonderful vegs from from both fields and greenhouse!! 

NEWSFLASH: Cooler weather or no, the Master Knife Sharpener will be present and honing!!!

Last week’s recycling totals:  61 lbs. batteries; 10 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 3 pairs of eye glasses; 10 compost bins; 41 bags of clothes.

Yes, yet again, a big, fat 10 bins!!!

Sunday, December 4th:  Holiday Tree Lighting at Schurz Park

86th Street and East End Avenue, 5-6pm

An Upper East Side family classic  complete with the Cantori Choir, Orbital Brass, candlelight, candy canes, hot chocolate and caroling!  

Tuesday, December 6th:  Council Member Kallos’ Holiday Party!

The CM’s District Office, 244 East 93rd Street, 5-7pm

Seasonal cheer and a prime opportunity to get acquainted with the CM and staff members who so devote themselves to tackling our many UES challenges!

Wednesday, December 7th:  Kill Your TV Book Group Discusses “Dracula”!

Logos Bookstore, 1575 York Avenue, 7pm

The spooky timeless tale gets a workover from fine UESide minds!  Casual, free and attendees get a 20% discount that evening.  (Parents:  Lily’s Story Time for the under-5 set Mondays at 11am is a bonafide neighborhood treasure!) 

Thursday, December 8th:  A Call to Action – From Your House to the White House

High School of Art & Design, 245 East 56th Street at Second Avenue, 6:30pm

And we quote, “Join Council Member Dan Garodnick and local organizations to learn how you can get involved and fight for the values that make New York City great!”  Now and always, you’re needed!   For more…  And to RSVP: dangarodnick.evenbrite.com

Thursday, December 8th:  Zoning at New Heights 

Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street, 6:30pm

A forum/lecture/Q&A with a panel of experts deliberating existing NYC zoning laws – in particular, those pertaining to building height – and whether they’re working in 2016…  Hummmm.  An accompaniment to another of the Museum’s new shows:  “Mastering the Metropolis:  Zoning 1916-2016”.  Co-organized by the Municipal Art Society.  Adults, $14.  Seniors & Students, $10. For more and tickets… 

Thursday, December 8th:  Wreath Making at the Green Thumb Workshop

The Arsenal, 830 Fifth Avenue at 64th Street, 6-7:30pm

Learn how to make your very own, personalized, all-natural, uber-holiday wreath…  Plus, take in the Arsenal’s lovely 34th Annual Wreath Expressions exhibit!  All supplies provided, including pine cones and ribbon!  Free but you do need to register

Friday, December 9th:  Eric Sanderson – A Historical Perspective on Water in New York

Hunter College, West Building, Room 615, 7-8:30pm

You know Eric Sanderson…  Scientist/eminent landscape ecologist/visionary/author of the ground-breaking “Mannahatta” who’s now turned his great mind to the rest of NYC with his Welikia Project and, now, our city’s once varied and great streamscape!  You want to be there!  Free but a reservation is advised… 

Saturday, December 10th:  Create a Botanical Mini-Building

Watson Room 101, New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx, 9:30am-4pm

Love the Botanical Garden’s Holiday Train Show?  Well, with instructor Madeline Yani’s guidance, you can create your own enchanting little structure from pods, bark and branches!  Members, $169.  Non-members, $189.  All materials provided but do bring a lunch and a box to transport your masterpiece home!  For more and to reserve a place

Coming up: 

Wednesday, December 21st:  Winter Telescope Party

Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Natural History, Central Park at 79th Street, 7pm

Steve Beyer, Brian Levine and Ted Williams guide us star-loving amateurs on a journey across the winter sky within the Planetarium and – if weather allows – out on the terrace looking through actual telescopes!!  (It really is unbelievable how much is visible even in our bright NYC skies!)  Members, $12.  Non-members, $15. Non-member Seniors and Students, $13.50. For more and tickets

On to miscellany:

Could be the Indian Point Nuclear Plant will soon be history… 

Last week it was folks wanting to dump waste in the Long Island Sound, this week and way out west,  it’s partially treated sewage in the Puget Sound!  (Should you object…)

Opposed to de-forestation?  There are companies out there turning Third World trees into fabric!  (If you think they shouldn’t

We could have something to learn from the effect of direct action by riders on Atlanta public transit

Not that we’re mean-spirited or stingy but, given our challenges, how come Sao Paulo, Brazil won the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayor’s Challenge?!  (Did NYC even enter?)

Love these indoor farm boxes!!  (You grow produce in them… In your home!)

And if you think Amazon should move to 100% renewable power for its servers… 

The 11 National Parks Americans most want to visit

Understanding your radiators

And the week in animals:

An abiding mystery:  Just why do cats love knocking things over…?

L.A.’s just added another hefty piece of real estate to its wildlife corridor

Meanwhile, the embattled sage grouse could use more of our help

Good gravy!  Just in case we’d forgotten the diversity of NYState, some New Yorkers need their wildlife pelts “sealed”…! 

Yup, there is a Bat Conservation International!!  (Check out the board of directors!)

A retirement home for whales

Doesn’t get any sweeter than “Parenting Help in ‘Kitten Season'”

The Hudson River Almanac never fails:

11/12/16 -11/18/16 – 11/17 – Hudson River Watershed: The season has arrived when we need to give thought to our wildlife viewing and photography habits. Cold weather can be especially challenging for birds. They run on a strict energy budget, balancing calories-in with calories-out, instinctively adhering to a conservation of energy. Every time we flush a winter bird by trying to get closer, the calories needed to escape deplete their reservoir. If they are near evening roost time, they will need to replenish to keep their “furnace” stoked all night. “Getting closer” should be much more a function of our optics than our legs.  – Tom Lake

Yours in contented greenness,


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