Happy National Guacamole Day, UESiders!!

Yup, we’re back and hitting the ground running…

So, get ready for the week ahead: 

Now to Saturday, November 19th:  On Time – In Search of Precision

The Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm 

For those who never experienced the gem-like Grolier Club and it’s mind-boggling assemblages of books drawn from primo collections worldwide (as well as it’s own eextraordinary collection), this exhibition is a great entree…  Think six centuries of vividly illustrated volumes in which we humans contemplated the nature of time and struggled to measure it ever more finitely melded with actual, historical clocks and timepieces!   Free.  For more (there are lectures)

Friday, September 16th:  NYSkies Astronomy Seminar

McBurney House, 125 West 14th Street between Sixth & Seventh, 6:30-8:30pm 

Starmaster John Pazmino’s subject this time out:  How stars move in the sky…  Through space!   Free and fascinating!

Saturday, September 16th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

At their tables will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Valley Shepherd Creamery, Hudson Valley Duck, Rising Sun Beef, Alewife, Ole Mother Hubbert, Cherry Lane, Samascott, Gajeski, Green Pastures and Sikking Farms!

Look for the great Andrei at the manager’s table while Guramrit’s off tying the knot and honeymooning! 

The Master Knife Sharpener will be with us as well!!  (Look for her around 11am.)

Go for those tomatoes and that corn! 

(We’ve been missing Mother Hubbert’s chocolate milk…)  

Last 3 weeks’ recycling totals: TBA

Sunday, September 18th:  92nd Street Greenmarket

First Avenue between 92nd & 93rd Street, 9am-4pm

Compost Collection, 9am–1pm 

With us will be American Seafood, Meredith’s Bakery and Bread Alone, Ole Mother Hubbert, Phillips, Norwich Meadows, Stannart and the Angel Family Farms!

One more time…  Tomatoes! Corn!  Squash!  Broccoli!  Apples!!

And introduce yourself to new Market Manager Emily who’ll be featuring tomatoes (!) in this week’s demo!!  

Last 3 weeks’ recycling totals:  TBA

And then:

Saturday, September 24th:  Shred-A-Thon – Hello, Fall Edition

82nd Street/St. Stephen Greenmarket, 82nd Street between First Avenue & York, 10am-2pm

You know how it works:  You bring the paper and the giant shredder truck turns it into microbits while you watch!  Just keep in mind:

NO cardboard or plastic handled shopping bags.

REMOVE paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   (But paperbacks are okay.)

(Take those hardcovers over to Goodwill.)

Thanks you Council Members Kallos and Garodnick for your many years of grants and Assembly Member Seawright for sponsoring this event!)

Saturday, September 24th:  Smithsonian Museum Day 

Museums throughout the City, State and Nation

All offering free admission for two persons!  Participating are 4 on our own Upper East Side, including the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Gardens at 421 East 61st Street!  For more… 

Sunday, September 25th:  NYC Safe Disposal Event

Union Square North south of 17th between Park & Broadway, 10am-4pm

(Cars enter at Park Avenue & 18th Street) 

Accepted will be:

  • Automotive products such as motor oil, transmission fluid, and spent batteries
  • Personal care items like unwanted medicines or cosmetics
  • Thermometers
  • Syringes (clearly labeled and packaged in a “sharps” container or other leak proof, puncture-resistant container)
  • Household products such as pesticides, paint, hazardous cleaners, spent compact fluorescent lightbulbs
  • Electronics

Yes, they’re taking out-of-date/unwanted/unneeded prescriptions!!  For complete details

Looking ahead:

Wednesday, October 5:  KYTV (Kill Your TV) Reading Group Meeting

Logos Bookstore, 1575 York Avenue between 83rd & 84th Streets, 7pm

Kill Your TV’s dedicated readers celebrates its 18 years of existence with a discussion of Victor Hugo’s “Notre Dame de Paris”!  (Listeners welcome, too!)

Thursday, October 13th:  Architectural Photography & Social Media for Preservation Campaigns

Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 East 11th Street, 6pm

Learn how the pros build campaigns – deploying social media and more – that build constituencies and activism and preserve meaningful buildings and neighborhoods!  Instructors: Lynn Massimo & Cristiana Peña.  $15 (but scholarship available).  To register

Thursday, October 13th to Saturday, October 15th:  The Margaret Meade Film Festival

Museum of Natural History, 77th Street & Central Park West

Fifty-plus docs exploring the length and breadth of human experience on Planet Earth.   A variety of ticket packages available.  For films, schedule, tickets and more

Sunday, October 23rd:  It’s My Park Day 96th Street Style 

East River Esplanade at 96th Street, 11am-3pm

Think planter bed prep and the installation of multitudinous daffodil, tulip, crocus and muscari bulbs!! Tools, abundant refreshments, great company and gorgeous river views provided!!   Come one, come all!!

Sunday, October 23rd:  It’s My Park Day Bulbapalooza

The Green Park Garden, East River Esplanade at 62nd Street, 2:30-5pm

Yup!  It’s My Park Day up and down the Upper East Side…  And what could be better than getting down and dirty planting bulbs that’ll be next spring’s beauty?!  To RSVP:  greenparkgardenersnyc@gmail.com

On to miscellany, actionable items up first:

Think McDonald’s should terminate antibiotics in its burgers… 

Or that regs on tailpipe pollution should not only be maintain but increased

Then a few outrages:

Yes, fracking waste water’s being dumped NYS landfills and used to de-ice our roads!  Should you object… 

Not great looking enough for our Esplanade, but this is what the West Side gets on their waterfront…  While we get an MTS…

Are we not tired of NYC implementation without complete thought?  Case and point:  Kiosks!

Moving on to some science:

So, yes, where does the heat generated by global warming/climate change go?

Seems researchers have not only developed recyclable flexible packing material (think bags for products like granola and nuts), but also a one-step process that turns polycarbonates (as in LED screens, eyeglass lenses, etc.) into plastic suitable for use in medical equipment, water purification and more!  So says, Recycling Today!

Then on the upswing:

NYState DEC now has a pesticide product info site!  (Including items like bathroom cleaners, disinfectants and many more!)  

Only too possible to be munching Greenmarket summer produce all winter by way of a NY Botanical Garden canning course!!   

We like the title of this article:  “Rural America’s New Cash Crop:  Renewable Energy”!

For those who didn’t catch the delightful NPR RadioLab piece on the wonder of a forest

This week NYC Parks are featuring urban hiking opportunities!!

Meanwhile, the NYState Hike of the Month is the Hudson River Ramble

No kidding!  Not easy getting a titanosaur into a museum!!

So what are folks illegally mining in NYState?  (Worse still was backfilling with landfill!)

Animals, of course:

Stay up to date on 2016 Monarch butterfly migration!

Needless to say, birds are heading south, too!

Don’t we all want save adorable puffin winter habitat

Indeed, cats loom…  Well, not exactly large…  But cats are there in a century and more of NYTimes pages! (Thanks to reader Jack Donaghy for the tip!)

Check out the winners in Audubon Magazine‘s 2016 photo contest… 

Kudos and more to the rescuers who saved 92 oil-covered penguins!

Was anyone ever made happier by a furry birthday gift…?

Ever greener,



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