A Move-Me-Ever-Closer-To-The-Air-Conditioner, Hottest June on Record, UESiders!

The latest capstone of the on-going 14-month global heat wave… 

NYC’s on a roll with Air Quality Advisories as well!  

You will take care of yourself in this crazy weather, yes?  Keep yourself, family and friends cool and hydrated? Same for pets? Even head for a City Cooling Center, if need be?

(Be nice if the NYC Cooling Center locator page worked, but “Our Town” has a partial list)

Really, take good care!!

It’s also National Cephalopod Week:

Now:  Corpse Flower in Bloom!

New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx

And we quote, “For the first time in nearly 80 years, one of the largest and most iconic flowers on earth—the titan-arum—makes a rare public appearance at The New York Botanical Garden for a fleeting spectacle of size, color, and odor unlike any other in the plant kingdom”…  Wow, huh?!  We don’t want to miss it!!  For complete details

Friday, July 22nd to Tuesday, August 2nd:  Classics of French Tough Guy Cinema

Film Forum, 209 West Houston Street

More than a dozen of the films that inspired next-generation movie-making around the world!  (Love that black-and-white!)  For the schedule

Saturday, July 23rd:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm

At their tables will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Valley Shepherd Creamery, Rising Sun Beef, Alewife, Ole Mother Hubbert, Cherry Lane, Samascott, Gajeski, Green Pastures and Sikking Farms!

Ballard’s Honey is taking the week off, but…

There’ll be a newby added to our market mix!  Market Manager Supremo Margaret says, “Welcome Hudson Valley Duck!  They’ll have duck that’s both raw and cooked, ready-to-eat duck products perfect for picnics or a delicious no-cook hot summer night dinners like smoked duck breast, duck proscuitto and duck leg confit!” 

AND there’ll be music this Saturday, too!! 

Yes, the Master Knife Sharpener will to be on hand as well!  (Arriving in the vicinity of 11am.)

Got to get there early if you want to score Green Pasture’s mushrooms and Samascott berries!

Last week’s recycling totals: 112 lbs. batteries; 26 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 8 compost bins; 41 bags of clothes.

Saturday, July 23rd:  Electronics Recycling at Tekserve

119 West 23rd Street between Sixth & Seventh Avenues,  10am-4pm

There couldn’t be a more graceful exit as Tekserve prepares to close its doors!  For what the tech they’ll be taking…  And be sure to thank them for being one great NYC tech recycling pioneer!

Saturdays/Sundays till July 31st:  “What Are You Made Of?” Particpatory Science Project

Sackler Educational Laboratory, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 77th Street, 12-5:45pm

And we quote, “Join a groundbreaking new project to help scientists understand how microbes contribute to human health!  To learn more about these beneficial microbes, the American Museum of Natural History is teaming up with researchers from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health for a first-of-its-kind study.”  We did it, took about 10 minutes and feels great to have pushed science forward a micro-step!  Just stop by the Sackler Laboratory and donate a swab of your hands, mouth and nostrils!”  Got to be 18 and, need we say, everything handled anonymously.  For full details…  

Sunday, July 24th:  92nd Street Greenmarket

First Avenue between 92nd & 93rd Street, 9am-5pm

Compost Collection, 9am–1pm 

This week featuring Special Guest Market Manager Angela and CORN!  Save yourself for a great corn demo and The Gues-the-Number-of-Kernels-on-the-Cob Contest!  The Prize:  A Greenmarket tote filled with fabulous Greenmarket ingredients! 

And with us will be American Seafood, Meredith’s Bakery and Bread Alone, Ole Mother Hubbert, Phillips, Norwich Meadows, Stannart and the Angel Family Farms!

Last week’s recycling totals:  15 lbs. batteries; 3 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 2  compost bins!

Another 2 bin week!!

Sunday, July 24th:   Summer Sizzle on Pier 90!

The East River Esplanade at 90th Street, 10am-2pm

As if the cool breezes and view weren’t enough, this Sunday there’s the fantastic music by Grupo Guateca and equally great refreshments courtesy of the people at COFFEED!  Totally free!

Wednesdays July 27th, August 3rd, 10th  & 17th :  Uptown Bounce!

El Museo del Barrio, 1230 Fifth Avenue & Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue, 6-9pm

Yes, as the museums says, think 4 great block parties featuring roller skating, hula hoopers, waacking dance moves, a tribute to Prince and way more…  That MORE including freedom to roam both museums’ marvelous exhibitions. Free but advance registration required…   (You’ll not want to miss legendary illustrator Antonio Lopez’s show!)

From the miscellany file:

Just a little bite out of our creaky NYS infrastructure, but $200M’s been allocated to repair/replacement of bridges and culverts… 

Could be NYS off-shore wind is becoming more real

They may be of a different type, but NYS now has its own proliferating algal blooms!

FYI, one vision for an upgrade of the Esplanade’s John Finley Walk…   

Meanwhile, contentiousness and lack of information re the – choose one: 81st/82nd/83rd/84th Street – pedestrian bridge over the FDR continues… 

But we don’t have to be totally passive:

If you think Dunkin Donuts should continue its support of Fair Trade Certified coffee farmers

Or that it’s okay to raise the allowable amount of radioactivity in our water

Or that Congress should renew/extend funding for the Land & Water Conservation Fund

Or that NYS should be ever more reliant on renewable/non-nuclear energy

Returning to things close to home:

model of NYC good neighborliness and humanity:  Upper West Side neighbors organized to help residents of an area SRO... 

Look for sculptor Yamumitsu Morito’s “Spirit of New York City” – the urn being symbolic of the NYC melting pot – soon be installed in Carl Schurz Park for summer/fall viewing:

Spirit of New York City

The new subway car design

The saga of a 75-year old New York – though necessarily born here – cheese

Yes, there’s Strand Bookstore test for new hires…  Want to take it?

Bloomingdale’s is now carrying a line of Alexander Hamilton brand clothes!

Two opportunities to put those bits and pieces of leftover yarn to really great use…  #1.  For mariners around the world via the Christmas at Sea Program and #2.  Creating dolls for special needs/disabled children through Feel Better Friends!

If, like us, you’ve always wondered how to fold a fitted sheet

And then:

Best and worst vegan airports

On to animals:

Political differences abound but, of course, Russian firemen acted to save a cat overcome by smoke… 

How/why did turtle/tortoise shells evolve

Then there’re those ancient shell-shrouded creatures whose week this is …  The cephalopods

How animals living in and under water smell…  (Yes, there are fish olfactory experts!)

Animal-lover site “The Dodo” has one conclusion as to why cats like knocking things over (especially if those things are above floor level:  Because they’re cats.  We have another:  They’re citizen scientists studying gravity!

The littlest animal hospital patient ever… 

Six great summer nature book reads… 

And on our own doorstep:

A gang of raccoons is active up in Harlem!

Heat waves make us more steadfastly green, 




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