Happy U.S. Congressional Primary, UESiders!!

Yup, we of the 12th Congressional District are being summoned to our polling places yet again!   Hey, and we’re happy to for the invite, to appear on Tuesday, June 28th, 6am-9pm and exercise our right to VOTE!! 

For info on the candidates and poll locations… 

As for today, it’s the 10th anniversary of the founding of those tireless advocates 1,000+ Friends of NYC Parks!  For those unfamiliar with the good they’ve done, we’ve attached their 2 most recent communications to our email. Needless to say, we advise signing up for their newsletter (admirably brief and to the point) at CARL160@aol.com.

Oh, lest we forget:  It’s International Bug Week!

And, for sure, there’s plenty else going on over the next 7 days:

Saturday,  June 25th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm 

It’s Cooking With Kallos 3.0 (Year 3 he’s been cooking!) this Saturday, 10-11:30am at 82nd!!

And what will our food/kitchen-wise Council Member be preparing?  Yet to be revealed, but think seasonal and delicious!! 


At their tables will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Valley Shepherd Creamery, Rising Sun Beef, Alewife, Ole Mother Hubbert, Cherry Lane, Samascott, Gajeski, Green Pastures and Sikking Farms!

Ye olde Master Knife Sharpener will be with us, too!  (Arriving around 11am.)

For those who haven’t tried Valley Shepherd’s brie…  Then there’s Gayeski’s baby beets!

Last week’s recycling totals: 66 lbs. batteries; 15 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 4 pairs of eyeglasses; 10 compost bins; 58 bags of clothes.

Yet, another 10 bin week!!

Saturday, June 25th:  Chelsea Garden Club Pit Tour

Meet at Eighth Avenue & 22nd Street, 10am

Inspiration of so many other bicycle island gardening efforts – including ours on First Ave – Chelsea Gardeners are masters of the craft , lovely folks and with a ton of knowledge to impart! 

Saturday, June 25th:  Great Randall’s Island Treasure Hunt

Randall’s Island Park, Field 61/62, 10am-2pm

Explore the Park while mastering the fine art of navigating/orienteering with compass and map!  Equipment provided.  One course for kids.  One course for adults.  Treasure for all!!  Free.  For details

Saturday, June 25th:  Queensboro Oval Park Rally

The Oval, 59th Street & York Avenue, 11am-1pm

Tired of the least-in-the-city-park space we UESiders “enjoy”?  Think the tennis bubble and $225-an-hour tennis games should be scrapped and the one-acre, once beautiful Queensboro Oval returned to year round public/community use?  Then this is the rally for you!!  Add live music, ice cream, and face painting…  So, of course, bring the kids!   (For more on the Oval past and present…)

Sunday, June 26th:  The 92nd Street Market Returns!!

First Avenue between 92nd & 93rd Street, 9am-5pm

Compost Collection, 9am–1pm 

Back in its familiar, utterly convenient spot 92nd to 93rd…  With your favorite farmers/bakers/fisherman/dairies!!

And right across First Ave:

Sunday, June 26th:  Shred-A-Thon –  Welcome Back 92nd Street Edition

Across the Street from the 92nd Street Greenmarket, First Avenue between 92nd & 93rd, 11am-2pm

What better way to celebrate 92nd’s return to home ground!

Just keep in mind:

NO cardboard or plastic handled shopping bags.

REMOVE paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   (But paperbacks are okay.)

(Take those hardcovers over to Goodwill.)

(Thanks to Council Members Kallos and Garodnick for your years of support and Assembly Member Seawright for sponsoring this event!)

Sunday, June 26th:  Manhattan Safe Disposal Event

Columbia Teachers College, West 120th Street between Broadway & Amsterdam, 10am-4pm

Is June 26th’s turning out to be one amazingly green day or what?  A Greenmarket opening…  Shred–A-Thon… And the moment to get rid of items like those old moldering cans of paint, solvent, electronics, car batteries and medications…  Well, here’s the full list:

  • Automotive products such as motor oil, transmission fluid, and spent batteries
  • Personal care items like unwanted medicines or cosmetics
  • Thermometers
  • Syringes (clearly labeled and packaged in a “sharps” container or other leak proof, puncture-resistant container)
  • Household products such as pesticides, paint, hazardous cleaners, spent compact fluorescent lightbulbs
  • Electronics

Of course, it’s free!!

Sunday, June 26th:  Green Park Gardeners NYC Volunteer Day

Andrew Haswell Green Park, East River Esplanade between 62nd and 63rd, 2-5pm

A host of fun projects in this most gorgeous, riverside garden…  From rose bush maintenance to garden path maintenace to painting to removing invasive vines to installing a bio-fence!  Lots of good company and learning, too.   For planning purposes, be great if you’d RSVP to greenparkgardenersnyc@gmail.com.   (If you’re wondering who Andrew Haswell Green was…)

Sunday, June 26th:  Jamaica Bay Sunset Ecology Cruise

Departure Spot TBA, 5-8pm

A 3-hour cruise on the 100-foot “Golden Sunshine” among the nesting osprey, terns, egrets, herons and oyster catchers led by the expert and great Don Riepe!  There’re refreshments (including wine), too!  $50.  To learn more and reserve a place:  donriepe@gmail.com or 718-474-0896.  

On the horizon:

Tuesday, June 28th:  NYS DEC Natural Resillency Webinar

In Front of Your Computer, 8:45-11:15am

A webinar which will – and we quote – “feature four presentations that will highlight existing practices, challenges, and the status, design, and maintenance of nature-based solutions projects for enhancing coastal resilience in New York and New Jersey.”  Speakers include Chris Hilke, National Wildlife Federation; Jackie Jahn, GreenVest; Dawn McReynolds, NYS DEC; Steve Jacobus, NJ DEP; and Dr. Jon K. Miller, Stevens Institute of Technology.  For more…  And to sign in

Thursday, June 30th:  5th Annual East River Crew Fireworks Row!

Meet on the East River Esplanade at 96th Street, 8:30-10pm

Take in Astoria’s fantastic Grucci fireworks display from an East River vantage point…  Just off Mill Rock and on a bench in one of the Crew’s wonderful boats!  Row or not as you please.  $50.  To RSVP, ERCrew95@gmail.com. For more check out the flyer attached to this week’s email!    

And then it’s July:

Monday, July 4th:  Celebrate July 4th with Alexander Hamilton!

New York Historical Society, Central Park West at 77th Street, 10am-6pm

Music…  Patriotic crafts…  Join the Continental Army (you can drill!)…  A founding father quiz…  An Alexander Hamilton quiz… Family friendliness and learning at their finest.  (Yup, the wonderful but once staid Historical Society has reinvented itself!)  Kids under 17 free!  For complete details

Saturday, July 9th: Zoning Scavenger Hunt

Meet at Open House New York, 1133 Broadway, 2nd Floor, 10am-7:30pm

In celebration of the 100th birthday of  NYC’s first zoning resolution and how it’s shaped the city since, the Museum of the City of New York and Open House have partnered in a citywide scavenger hunt!  We can’t wait!! $30 (and you must reserve a place).  For the total rundown and tickets

Thursday, July 21st:  East River Crew Benefit

Merrion Square, 1840 Second Avenue at 94th Street, 7-9pm

For those who’ve had the – we mean it – sublime experience of being out on the East River in one of the Crew’s wonderful boats and want to be – how can you stop yourself –  going again and this time bringing friends…  For those of you who never been and have been promising yourselves that treat…  Give yourself the pleasure of knowing this most green and special pleasure of the UESide’s Esplanade continues and expands!   Suggested donation, $30.

Friday, July 29th:  In the Footsteps of Hamilton Virtual Walking Tour

New York Historical Society,  Central Park West at 77th Street, 6:30pm

Can’t get enough of A.  Hamilton’s life and times and NYC?  Who can and why resist?  In this case you don’t even have leave a comfortable seat in the NYHS’s air conditioned auditorium to trace the great American’s New York experience!  Free! 

Miscellany bad, good and fun:

YES!  Parks gained back a goodly amount of ground in this year’s NYC budget!

YES!!  Same for our public libraries!

You bet there’s a NYC Solar Map!  (Surprising how much there is, but we want more!) 

PARENTS, AHOY!!  Have you kids schools – and we know those schools are paragons of greenness – applied for the DSNY’s Golden Apple award and up to $10K in grant money?!!  For the lowdown

Still on the subject of kids, if you think reducing nutritional standards for school meals is a questionable idea

Totally worthwhile to take a look at Congress’s proposed Compromise GMO “labeling” bill

The Who’s Who of methane pollution

How to find out if there’s BPA in the packaging of 16,000 items of food now on grocery store shelves

Meanwhile the EPA’s also in the proposal game with its first revisions to its Agricultural Worker Standards since 1992Yes, since 1992!!  (Example of a new reg:  Children under 18 will now be barred from handling pesticides!)

And BPA’s emerging connection to childhood obesity

Hummm…  Seen the $1B re-design of the Javits Center…? 

So which is the more…  Well, for once we can’t quite settle on the word that best describes what the former commander of our Precinct 19 got up to or the Second Ave Subway’s crawl to the finish line? 

Haven’t we all stopped believing in administrative miracles, but Virginia’s now embarked on a new approach to designating its publicly-funded projects...      

When do we really like drones???  When they’re up in the sky discovering illegal logging in Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve!!

YES!  NYState is proposing that we adopt California’s more stringent auto emission standards

Best newspaper piece of the week?  The Times; “4,223 Benches with Stories To Tell“!

For all those unfamiliar PBS’s got a real winner in their “SciTech Now.  Case and point, a segment from this week’s show on the marine garbage patch… 

Perhaps others are not such suckers for kitchen gadgets as we…  But for those who are, Sur la Table’s got a great sale going!  (Check out the kale stripper!) 

Can’t get enough animals:

Osprey Cam (complete with little osprey chicks) is back!

Ten facts about butterflies

Cute jackets for a orphaned baby lamb but, better still, how Little Lamb can nicely hang out in your home!  (Scroll down…)

How wonderful that being read to heals traumatized dogs

In honor of the earlier mentioned International Bug Week, the crazies at Atlas Obscura offer nine dream vacations for the entomologists among us!  (There’s a U.S. National Tick Museum!)

What local fauna has 10 eyes and all of them open?

And the Bird of the Week is…



Latest from the Hudson River Almanac:

6/17 – Inwood Hill Park, HRM 13.5: “Sumer is icumen in!” Along the inlet of Spuyten Duyvil Creek, curly dock was now fruiting, red and white mulberries were ripening, yam-leaved clematis, white sweet-clover, triangle orache were leavy [archaic word, but lovely], and field bindweed had its first blossoms.  False indigo was budding, and the saltwater cordgrass was knee-high. The little patch of horse nettle had abruptly filled out and flowered (it’s really a nightshade; the flowers, except for color, are just like tomato flowers). In the Clove, jewelweed had its first lovely blossoms and clearweed was coming up.

Jewelweed [orange touch-me-not] (Impatiens capensis) the Clove, IHP 6/28/13


Up on the ridge, everything was in full leaf, creating a sense of deep woods. Common enchanter’s-nightshade, motherwort and the bedstraw, called cleavers, were much more extensive than in past years; where there were three or four field garlic plants, there were now three dozen. I saw no stinging nettle. Most striking was that the day-lilies were suddenly resplendent in big patches, with a few white fleabanes for contrast and just one anise-root plant. Herb-Robert and celandine were blooming and false Solomon’s seal had berries. Honeysuckle had blossoms but the lilac bush at the Overlook was already finished. – Thomas Shoesmith

[“Sumer Is Icumen In” is a fragment of the lyrics of a mid-13th century medieval English song, translating to “Summer Has Come In.” – Tom Lake.]

Voting makes a person that much greener,


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