Happy 88th Birthday of the First TV Station Going On Air, UESiders!!

We’re talking 1928, people!!

And guess where that station was ?  Right here in the Empire State, in the then hometown of then pioneer of all things electric and T. Edison brainchild, General Electric.

Yup, as long ago as that and American engineers weren’t alone on the field…  German, Russian, French, you-name-’em brainiacs were all struggling to produce a durable, commercial model as far back at 1840’s but picking up steam in the early 1900’s!

Fast way forward and the thought that occurred earlier this week:  When was the last time you saw a TV – old-fashioned tube or flat screen – dumped/unrecycled out on UES streets?

A year or so for us…  Which speaks so brilliantly for the ever increasing greenness in our hood!

(Was also National Shrimp Day on the 10th…)

So what’s on this week: 

Saturday,  May 14th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection, 9am–1pm 

With us will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Valley Shepherd Creamery, Rising Sun Beef, Alewife, Ole Mother Hubbert, Samascott, Gajeski and Sikking Farms!

Yes, Ballard’s Honey will be back!

As will our Master Knife Sharpener!!

Uber Market Maestra says:    “Market Manager Guramrit has the week off, so we’ll be welcoming last year’s manager Andrei back for a one-Saturday guest appearance!  (He’s spent the winter in the Philippines so there’ll be plenty beyond fruit and vegs to ask him about!)  PLUS:  Rhubarb is the featured item this week. Great cooked with apple and a bit of honey and served over vanilla ice cream! It’ll be on both Samascott’s and Gajeski’s tables!”

Last week’s recycling totals: 81 lbs. batteries; 22 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 12 Pairs eye glasses;  10 compost bins;  55 bags of clothes.

TEN compost bins, people!!  Yet another composting record is set!!

Saturday, May 14th:  Wildflower Day at Solar One

Meet at the Solar One Educational Center, Stuyvesant Cove Park, East River Esplanade between 22nd and 23rd Streets, 11am-2pm 

Totally family-friendly, hands-on gardening…  Planting and watering seedlings… Learning about why we don’t like weeds and how to remove them complete with roots…  Basic and fun plant identification…  A great talk by naturalist Mark Brownlee describing how plants came to be plants… And everyone leaves with native oak acorns to plant!  Free, but please RSVP to  liza@solar1.org. 

Sunday, May 15thHistoric Candy Tasting

Mount Vernon Hotel Museum, 421 East 61st Street, 1:30pm

Join candy historian – nice job! – and author Susan Benjamin for an overview of candy’s evolution and a sampling of favored sweets over time!  Adults, $20. Members and children under 12, $15.  

Sunday, May 15th:  Green Park Gardeners Volunteer Day Plantathon

Andrew Haswell Green Park, East River Esplanade at 60th Street, 2-5pm

The mission:  Plant 350 Black-Eyed Susans donated by the Parks Department and Partnerships for Parks in the Green Park Gardeners’ gorgeous beds along our wonderful Esplanade!  To sign up to lend a hand, please email greenparkgardenersnyc@gmail.com.  (Heavy rain cancels.  Rain day, Saturday, May 22nd.)

Black eyed susans

Monday, May 16th:  3rd Annual Esplanade Friends Benefit!

Bar Felice, 1591 First Avenue at 83rd Street

Public art and flowers and music and dancers and unrelenting pressure for swift repairs and structural upgrades and the gorgeous improvements to come on the Rockefeller U and Hospital for Special Surgery segments…  Not to mention the resurrection of the 107th Pier!  We’ve all seen changes and how vibrancy’s returning to our wonderful Esplanade.  Save the date and be a part of keeping the great new energy flowing!!  (And then there’s Bar Felice’s great room, fine wine and hors d’oeuvres…  Not to mention Friends’ amazing raffle loot!)  For tickets and more

Thursday, May 19th, Tuesday, May 24th & Thursday, May 26th:  Learning to Listen with Lucie Vitkova 

The Czech Center, 321 East 73rd Street

Composer/accordionist/harmonicist/tap dancer Ms. Vitkova’s shares her belief in music inspired by life’s most ordinary sounds…  Most generously in a May 19th workshop that’s open to all ages and whether one plays an instrument or not! Filling out the week, are a doc on her work and the world premier of a new composition!   All free.  To request a place in the workshop: devilliers@czechcenter.com.   And for more on all 3 events

Approaching fast:

Friday, May 20th to Friday, May 27th:  Annual Park Avenue Tulip Dig

Park Avenue 54th to 86th Street (But don’t touch either side of 67th Street, please!)

Of course, you’ve loved Park Ave’s gorgeous spring tulip display…  Now, the icing on the cake:  The Fund for Park Avenue invites one and all to come and dig up those tulips for replanting around street trees, community gardens or your building’s garden plot!!

Advice from the Fund:  With proper care, Park Avenue tulips have been replanted and continue to bloom in personal and community gardens in and around New York City. To enjoy the tulips for years to come, please be sure to follow the instructions below and exercise extreme caution while on the Avenue malls:

When digging up the bulbs, do not take any soil and do not cut off the leaves. Bulbs should be stored in a dry place until the leaves have turned brittle.  They can be re-planted in October or November. Use a small amount of Bulbtone-type fertilizer and be sure to choose a location that gets full sunlight.

Friday, May 20th t0 Sunday, May 22nd:  NYBG Science Open House Days 

New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx

A weekend that explores the length, breadth and fun of the Botanical Garden’s vitally important work understanding and preserving Planet Earth’s wonderful plant and fungal life!  Adults, $25;  Seniors & Students, $22;  Children, $12.  For the program menu

Sunday, May 22nd:  Second Annual Upper West Side Love Your Tree Day

Amsterdam Avenue at 84th Street, 12pm

Street tree bed care demonstrations by TreesNY and Goddard Greenkeepers, a worm bin composting demonstration by LES Ecology Center, coffee and snacks provided by Irving Coffee and Jacobs
Pickles and opportunities galore to meet fellow New Yorkers who also care about
urban trees and the environment!  Gardening goodies while they last!!  To sign up

Tuesday, May 31st:  NYS Clean Energy Standard Hearing

Location TBA, 6pm

Even with the location yet to be announced, the Sierra Club’s already firming up NYC dwellers wishing to speak their piece on our state’s green energy future!   Do we want to be climate protection leaders or what?!!  To get yourself on the Club’s contact list

Then in June:

Saturday, June 11th:  Shred-A-Thon Almost Summer Edition

82nd Street between First and York, 11am-2pm

Ready…  Set…  Start bundling up that avalanche of paper now!!

Just keep in mind:

NO cardboard or handled shopping bags.

And please do remove paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   (But we do accept paperbacks.)

Take your hardcovers over to Goodwill.

(Our thanks to Council Members Kallos and Garodnick for making Shred-A-Thons possible!)

Saturday, June 25th:  Queensboro Oval Park Rally

The Oval, 59th Street & York Avenue, 11am-1pm

Tired of the least-in-the-city-park space we UESiders “enjoy”?  Think the tennis bubble and $225-an-hour tennis games should be scrapped and the one-acre, once beautiful Queensboro Oval returned to year round public/community enjoyment?  Then this is the rally for you!!   Bring your opinions and signs…  And, yes, bring the kids!   (For more on the Oval past and present…)

Yikes, July:

July 2016:  History Weeks at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden Camp

421 East 61st Street

Session One – Ages 9 to 12 – Monday, July 11th to Friday, July 15th, 8:3am-3pm –  Young folks of today experience what it was like to be a kid in 19th Century NYC…  Complete with games, crafts, food and field trips to historic sites!  $275

Session Two – Ages 6 to 8 – Monday, July 18th to Friday, July 19th, 9am-12pm – The even younger set steps back into the 18oo’s and discover long-forgotten games and skills and treats from way back we still love (like ice cream)!  $200.   For more on both, call 212-838-6878 x26 or n.sokolova@mvhm.org.

Whew!  Miscellany:

Three cheers and more for the kindergarten and first grade National Chess Champions of UES PS77!!

Think we need to keep the pressure high on powers-that-be so NYS gets the 50% renewable energy the governor’s promised… 

Winner in the Criminally Dumb-As-A-Post category:  The Yorkshire on East 86th with its numerous illegal gas hook-ups!

Sorry to say there now seem to be problems with Newburgh’s water

Cramming 3 schools and a high rise development onto a single 96th Street block…?

But 7 more East Midtown buildings are up for landmarking!

What?!  Someone in NYC government engaged in future thinking/system back-up??!!   

Fabulous stats from last weekend’s Hudson River Sweep:  108 Projects – 2,200 Volunteers – 39 Tons of Trash Removed – 9 Tons Recyclables Removed & Recycled – 836 Trees & Shrubs Planted or Maintained!!  (Most common debris:  Plastic Bottles & Styrofoam)

HUdson RIver Swee;

Next to animal stories, we’re most moved by tales of those who come to and acquire education later…  Well, it’s never too late for learning, yes

Thirty of NYC’s best secret gardens!!

That and a long-closed portion of Central Park’s been re-opened!

Jersy tomatoes have always tasted great to us…  But they’ll be getting even more lip-smacking in coming years!

Incomplete (no Schurz Park, no Bryant Park) but the first list of NYC summer outdoor movies we’ve seen… 

Top  12 secrets ofbout the Gowanus Canal!  (Presumably even more revealed on an upcoming tour!)

Yes, the world needs vegan sneakers!

And sustainable beer drinking!

Hey, you animals:

The NYState Deer Management Program Update…   

Sunglasses for a lamb… 

Check out what these ibex are so casually climbing!

And the Bird of the Week is…  (And looks like it’s covered in sequins!)

Glittering Starfrontlet


A second mention – but oh-so worthy – for Duke Riley’s Fly By Night public art installation starring 1800 LED-equipped pigeons

Yours in ever greenness,










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