Happy Earth Day, UESiders!!

For sure, the 165-plus countries signing the Paris climate agreement know how to Earth Day party!!

So how are you celebrating??  

Going car free for 24 hours?  (Same for the folks who work for you or let them tele-commute!)

Taking the Earth Day Walk and 5K Tour?

Heading up to the NY Botanical Garden and reveling in the beauty?

Volunteering to tidy up a NYC park?  (Booked up? There’s New York State’s I Love My Park Day on Saturday, May 7th and our own UES It’s My Park Day soon to be scheduled!)

Watching the Plant Your Farm” doc (subject:  urban farming) at the Hell Kitchen Farm Project’s rooftop farm?

(Don’t have to leave your chair to support the American Bison becoming the USA’s official mammal!)

Meanwhile, of course, friends…

The most Happy Passover!!

As for things green in the coming week:

Saturday,  April 16th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

At their tables will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Valley Shepherd Creamery, Rising Sun Beef, Ballard Honey, Ole Mother Hubbert, Samascott, Gajeski and Sikking Farms!!

Have to arrive at the market early to get hands on Valley Shepherd Sheep Yogurt, Mother Hubbert’s chocolate milk and Sikking’s beautiful flowers!

For those of you haven’t equipped yourself with  new Greenmarket reusable produce bags (2 sizes) and tote, there’re still a few available at Manager Guramit’s table.

Last week’s recycling totals: 43 lbs. batteries; 14 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 12 pairs eyes glasses. 9 1/2 compost bins;  35 bags of clothes. 

AND just so you know…  Between 4/2012 and 4/2016, the 82nd Street Greenmarket’s composted 201,868 lbs!!  And from 6/2012 to 11/2015 the seasonal/half-year 92nd Street Greenmarket racked up 40,506 lbs!!

Just incredible!!

Saturday, April 23rd:  Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project Open House

Atop 410 West 40th Street, 10am-1pm

Think your building’s a non-candidate for rooftop farming?  Think again!  Just needs a creative approach as in HKFP’s utilizing of kiddie swimming pools and producing hundreds of pounds of beautiful produce distributed to the needy and via their fantastic CSA!    Check it out!  (Free but donations welcome…)

Monday, April 25th:  Animals, Authors and Art at the 67th Street Library

328 East 67th Street, 3:30pm

Join staff of the New Canaan Nature Center as they show young UESiders how literature, nature and artistic expression blend and create one beautiful whole.  Ages 5-12.  Free. 

Monday, April 25th to Friday, April 29th: Spring Break Crafts & Games at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden 

At the Museum and in the Garden, 421 East 61st Street, 11am-4pm

Come one and all – be you kids, parents or caregivers – for the old-fangled fun of 19th century crafts and historic games!   Adults, $8.  Seniors & Students, $7.  Free to children under 12.

Tuesday, April 26th:  100 Years of the MBTA- Spring Migrants of Central Park Walk

Meet at the Loeb Boathouse, East Drive, Central Park, 7:30-9:30am

Kellye Rosenheim and John-Paul Cantusco lead this morning miratory bird-spotting walk in and about The Ramble in celebration the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act!  NY Audubon members, $20.  Non-members, $20.

Tuesday, April 26th:  CM Garodnick’s Fathers and Family Leave – Making It Work Forum

Museum of Modern Art Cullman Education Building, 4 West 54th Street, 8-10am

Council Member Dan Garodnick – father of 2 himself – brings together leading thinkers to discuss the cultural and business factors working against fathers taking leave and how its availability can be improved.  Free.  For further details and to RSVP…  

Tuesday, April 26th:  AARP ShredFest

Manhattan Plaza, 400 & 484 West 43rd Street, 11am-2pm

YES!!  Free shredding is spreading and throughout the city… Although, in this instance, AARP’s imposing a 3 bag limit and you need to sign up in advance.  For full details and to register… (Thanks to reader Claire Campbell for the tip!)

Wednesday, April 27th:  Urban Park Rangers Kids’ Program

North End, Big Park/Playground 103, 103td Street & the FDR, 2-3:30pm

No better way for the young-uns’ to enjoy their spring break:   Urban Park Rangers Kids Week and a primo nature discovery program for the 12 and under set!  Totally free!  (Flyer attached.)

And the week following:

Saturday, April 30th:  National Drug Take Back Day 

Precinct 13, 230 East 21st Street & Precinct 200, 120 West 82nd Street, 10am-2pm

Impossible to more safely dispose of those prescription drugs moldering on the shelves of your medicine chest than to place them in the hands of Drug Enforcement Agency agents who’ll be doing the collection!  (Yup.  Strange neither Lenox Hill Hospital (now Northwell) or Precinct 19 is participating in the effort!)

Saturday, April 30th: Yorkville – A Celebration of Home

Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd Street, 10am-2pm

And we quote, “Join Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts and the Historic Districts Council as we celebrate Yorkville’s rich history as a melting pot of immigrant cultures.”  Speakers include historians, preservationsts and – of course – native Yorkvillians with choice tales of times passed!  Lunch provided by neighborhood classics Schaller & Webber, Doma na rohu and Glaser’s Bake Shop!  Organized by Friends of the Upper East Side Historic District and the Historic Districts Council.  Members of the HDC and FUESHD, $15. Non-members, $20.  To register
Moving on to May:

Saturday, May 7th:  Holy Trinity’s May Fair 

Church of the Holy Trinity, 316 East 88th Street, 11am-6pm

The annual street fair complete with live music, tables of books, CDs and interesting bric-a-brac, a children’s corner with face painting, crafts and TWO bouncy castles!  Special activities for the dog lovers among us!  Food and drink from the Genesis Pub!  All proceeds go to church programs, of course.

Wednesday, May 11th:  “Reuse Because You Can’t Recycle the Planet” Screening, Panel and Fund Raiser

4 Times Square, 4th Floor, 6-8pm

The film:  Reuse Star Alex Eaves’ cross-country adventure/investigation as to how reuse is a win-win-win for people, planet and wallet.  The panel:  NY experts in the art of re-use.  The fund raiser:  For the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board which underwrites such worthy endeavors as the Community-Scale Composting Grant Program!   Tickets:  Starting at $20

Wednesday, May 18th:  Mapping Invasive Species Class

New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard 

How cool would becoming part of New York’s invasive species early detection network be??! Free. To sign up for the training session

On to miscellany:

Really….!  Some in Congress think cutting monies for wind power is a good idea?!  (If you disagree…) 

Not quite at the finish line, but the FDA’s now proposed limits to arsenic allowed in infant rice cereal!  (We adults still get to fend for ourselves in the rice-product category…)

And the state of our remaining 120,000 acre redwood forest (once was 2 million) is…  (Great redwood rappelling video!)

Think coal companies under bankrupcy protection should still have to pay for cleaning up the environmental messes they’ve made… 

And think NYS should require sugary sodas to have a diabetes/obesity/tooth decay  warning label... 

Best Consumer Reports rated mosquito repellents are

Meanwhile, France’s moving towards banning glyphosate and additive tallowamine (think Roundup)… 

Seems like the MTA’s revisiting – yet again – their plan for the refashioning of the 68th/Lex station…  

Incredible but for once a NY entity has turned to a first rate inspiration – as opposed to NYC’s pitiful design department or none at all – for the new Tram elevators!  (Shame the station is…)  

The NY Botanical Garden’s offering a ton of Saturday container and terrace gardening classes and at their midtown campus!  (You can grow vegs, too!) 

The violets of New York State!

Yes, it’s about matzo, but uber chef Dan Barber’s piece in the Times reaches wide and deep on what we all want from the grain we consume  

We live daily with how the NYC DOT measures and manages our traffic congestion…  So what’s the approach proposed by US DOT

Weigh on the places you’ve been eating of late and get a free Zagat Guide!  (you’e got till May 5th…)

Indeed, spring history has its own cultural history

Eggs Benedict was invented by whom and where…??

And critters:

Petition after petition’s moved food industry giant from Nestle’s to General Mills to cage-free eggs!  Now the heat’s on Waffle House…  So if you’d like to pump  the temp up another degree

Yes, cougars – the animal variety – are great gardeners

Ducks that work for their keep

Then there’s the tear-inducing new use for a 3D printer 

On this 400th anniversary of his passing, we close with a Shakespeare quote:

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. 

Yes, of course, Shakespeare was green, 


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