Happy Easter, UESiders!

Bunny 1

And ye olde Easter bunny’s included a surprise gift among the Peeps and chocolate eggs…  To wit:

Commencing this coming July 19th, NYC will require all food service vendors in arenas and stadiums, hotels with more than 150 rooms and large scale food manufacturers and wholesalers to either contract out their compost to private carters, transport it to a compost facility or set up compost facilities themselves!!!!  (For a summary of the new rules…)

As for the green week ahead:

Saturday,  March 16th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

At their tables and primed with Easter fare will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Rising Sun Beef, Ballard Honey, Ole Mother Hubbard, Samascott, Gajeski  and Consider Bardwell Farms!

(Alewife’s is still spring planting!)

Hey, all you Winter Warriors with 5 or more punches on your card!!  Your prizes have arrived and can be claimed at Market Manager Guaramrit’s table!!

Calling all parents, too!  There’ll be a pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny game for your little ones!!

Last week’s recycling totals:  88 lbs. batteries; TBA cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 8 compost bins;  22 bags of clothes. 

Way to go!!!

Saturday, March 26th:  Participatory Budgeting Vote at the Greenmarket

One of Many Voting Sites But So Very Convenient, 10am-2pm

Look for yours truly positioned at a table near compost collection!

Let’s get that $1 million going to the most deserving UES projects!!

For the full list of voting locations, dates and projects

Saturday, March 27th & Sunday, March 28:  Easter Petting Zoo & Egg Hunt

The Standard Plaza, 848 Washington at 13th Street

Adorable (and touchable) baby animals…  “Lots of sweets and snacks,” the Standard says, “for the young and young at heart!”  Petting zoo, 9am-3pm.  Egg hunt, Sunday only, 10am and 12pm.  Free. For more and to RSVP… 

Wednesday, March 30th:  Upper East Side Story Oral History Kick-Off Event

67th Street Branch Library, 328 East 67th Street, Third Floor, 6-8pm

Plenty to celebrate!  More than 80 volunteers!!  Interviews already rolling in (and you can give a listen)!  There’ll be music by the NY Mandolin Ensemble!  But please RSVP

Upon us soon:

Wednesday, April 6th:  Research the History of Your NYC Home Class

42nd Street Library, 42nd Street & Fifth Avenue, 3-4:30pm

The perfect pairing with the UES Local History Project…  Construct a narrative history of your building using local histories, censuses, city directories, photographs, newspapers and more! Free.

Thursday, April 21st:  EARTH DAY

All Over Globe

And there’ll be a host of green celebrations all around town…  But here’re some community/apartment building-centric suggestions from our friends at Wearable Collections… (Of course, we’ll have heaps more events and tips for your green pleasure, among them renewed campaign to ban plastic bags!) 

And then Spring Break: 

Monday, April 25th to Friday, April 29th:  Spring Break Crafts & Games at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden 

At the Museum and in the Garden, 421 East 61st Street, 11am-4pm

Come one and all – be you kids, parents or caregivers – for the old-fangled fun of 19th century crafts and historic games!   Adults, $8.  Seniors & Students, $7.  Free to children under 12.

Wednesday, April 27th:  Urban Park Rangers Kids’ Program

North End, Big Park/Playground 103, 103td Street & the FDR, 2-3:30pm

Who knew there was an Urban Park Rangers Kids Week…?  Not to mention a nature discovery program in a park in our own hood and during spring break?  For 12 and under.  Totally free! (Flyer attached.)

bunny 2


If you think the FDA should officially, legally define the term “natural”

Or allow more radiation in our water

(What the heck’s going on at the FDA??!!)

In the plot thickens department:  The proposed building (and study in banality) at 86th and Lex… Chapter 1 – The design…  Chapter 2 – Proposed radical relocation of the NE subway entrance with zero community input…  Chapter 3 – Developer Ceruzzi backs out of an encounter with our Community Board...

On the good bunny foot now:

Congrats to the 6 accomplished UES women recently honored by NYS Assembly Person Rebecca Seawright!

It’s that time of the year again…  When our friends at GrowNYC  ask all you artists out there to submit a design for their new 2016 poster!    For how to enter, prizes and more

Who knew Manhattan was once an island of oyster shells?!

How about a test of your antibiotic IQ?!

bunny 3

Time for animals:

Kudos to fashion titan Giorgio Armani for now going fur free!

Why should caterpillars steer clean of lima bean plants…?

If you’d like to give threatened manatees a hand

Abandoned baby kitten being bottle-fed

You bet dogs like a gorgeous sunrise!

And how do baby sloths express themselves?

And the Bird of the Week is…



The manakin’s ridged, club-shaped wing feathers rake across each other, much like a spoon moving across a washboard, and produce a series of buzzing and snapping sounds!

We’ll close with a couple of entries from the Hudson River Almanac:

3/8 – Manhattan: We caught another grubby 85 millimeters long today from our fish traps at the River Project’s sampling station on the lighthouse tender Lilac at Pier 25 in Hudson River Park. The grubby, a sculpin, is a small, bottom-dwelling fish that spawns in the Upper Bay of New York Harbor. This one was a gravid female (with eggs) and was promptly released. – Jessica Bonamusa

A Grubby

A Grubby

3/9 – Inwood Hill Park, HRM 13.5: Around midday I saw a flock of fifty brown-headed cowbirds, mostly males, on the upper ball fields. Red maples were dropping their little flowers, raspberry-red with lots of yellow pollen. Crocuses were in bloom. In the Clove, snowdrops were abundant, and leaves of lesser celandine were as well. Robins were back; cardinals and a blue jay were very vocal and a red-bellied woodpecker was calling and drumming without pause. A mockingbird began to imitate all of them. Up on the ridge, amid evergreen carpets of periwinkle leaves, there were now a few flowers. An Asian hybrid witch-hazel was in bloom, unlike our native species that bloomed nearby in late fall. I came upon a garter snake in a sunny but sheltered spot, exactly where I saw one last year.  – Thomas Shoesmith

3/15 – Manhattan, HRM 1: Our intern, Kevin Stew, caught our first spotted hake of the year today from our fish traps at the River Project’s sampling station on the lighthouse tender Lilac at Pier 25. It was 75 millimeters long. We don’t usually catch very many hakes, so this one was really exciting! – Jessica Bonamusa

Spotted Hake

Spotted Hake

[Spotted hake (Urophycis regia) is one of eight members of the cod family (Gadidae) documented for the Hudson River estuary. Among the other seven are some familiar names such as the Atlantic cod, Atlantic tomcod, and pollock, as well as silver hake (whiting), red hake (ling), white hake, and the fourbeard rockling. All are considered to be marine strays except for the tomcod, a migratory diadromous species that enters the estuary each fall to spawn under the winter ice. – Tom Lake.]


All our jelly beans will be green,




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