A Very Happy Valentine’s Day, UESiders!

So, how cold will it be?

Cold enough that the Central Park Conservancy’s cancelled their Ice Festival!

But not so cold that our Greenmarket crew won’t be just shrugging it off!!  

valentine's day

See you there and all around town this frosty coming week:

Saturday,  February 13th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

Undeterred by Arctic weather, with us will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Ole Mother Hubbard, Samascott, Gajeski, Alewife and Consider Bardwell Farms!

That is, no Rising Sun or Ballard Honey. 

Just expect that should things turn really foul, folks will be looking to leave before the usual 2pm closing up time. 

And, you bet, not even sub 32 will keep us from downing Ole Mother Hubbard’s chocolate milk while we shop! 

Ready for those long-awaited end of 2015 recycling numbers??

December 12th:  71 lbs. batteries; 10 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 9 compost bins (1241 lbs); 26 bags of clothes.

December 19th:  45 lbs. batteries; 5 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 8 3/4 compost bins (1104 lbs.), 17 bags of clothes.

December 26th:  22 lbs. batteries; 8 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 6 compost bins (829 lbs.); 12 bags of clothes.

ONE MORE TIME:  GRAND TOTALS 1/3/15 to 12/26/15:

3107 lbs batteries; 679 lbs.cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 148 pairs eye glasses;  408 bins of compost; 1182 bags of clothes; 20,742 lbs of paper. 

Last week’s recycling totals:

Just incredible, you fabulous people…

So incredible that Sanitation’s now following 82nd Street’s weekly composting numbers…


Saturday, February 13th & Sunday, February 14th:  31st Annual Sword Dancing Festival

Manhattan and Brooklyn

You read it right…   Twelve sword dancing groups will be performing this hitherto unknown to us, ancient English folkway insuring – natch –  good luck in the coming year!  Free with donations gladly accepted.  For the complete rundown

Friday, February 19th:  Daylighting Tibbetts Brook

West Building, Hunter College, 121 East 67th Street, Room 714, 7-9pm

Pull out your copy of “Mannahatta” and check the number of streams long covered over, forced into sewer systems, but still gurgling down deep…  Now, in at least one case, Parks intends to reverse the process, unearthing Van Cortlandt Park’s Tibbetts Brook and letting it flow into Harlem River once more!   Urban explorer Steve Duncan’s underground video and stills detail the present and Parks Director of Wetlands Marit Larson lays out what will be, while Borough Historian Michael Miscione recounts the origins of Alligators in the Sewers Day!  Organized by the great NYC H2O.  Free.  To reserve your seat…  

Only seven days away now:

Saturday, February 20th:  Shred-A-Thon – Prohibition Repealed Edition

82nd Street between First and York, 10am-2pm

Shredding maestro Scott, assistant-in-chief Carla and ye olde shredding truck will be waiting to obliterate how ever much paper you bring!

But, please, folks::

NO cardboard or handled shopping bags.

And please do remove paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   (But we do accept paperbacks.)

Take your hardcovers over to Goodwill.

(Thanks to Council Members Garodnick and Kallos for their generous grants!)

Saturday, February 20th:  How to Create a Pollinator Victory Garden  Lecture 

Community Room, 67th Street Library, 328 East 67th Street, 2pm

Environmental horticulturalist Kim Eierman lays out the simple but so effective strategies to attract and nurture not only struggling butterflies but a host of other essential pollinators in our NYC gardens!  Presented by the great Green Park Gardeners.  Free but donations to further UES/Esplanade gardening efforts gratefully accepted! 

Saturday, February 20th, Saturdays March 12th & 19th:  Woolworth Building Tour with Cass Gilbert’s Great Grand Daughter

233 Broadway, 5pm

No guards hustling you through the lobby and onto an elevator as fast they can…  Rather time to soak in the spectacular space, as well as the cellar level, erstwhile subway entrances and stunning mezzanine!  $45.  For tickets…  

And then:

Thursday, February 25th:  “Bag the Plastic” Forum

 Kimmel Center, NYU, 60 Washington Square South, Room 914, 6:30-8pm

In what we’re hoping is revived encouragement for the mayor to sign the bill he finessed on Earth Day 2015, Borough President Brewer and State Senator join forces to discuss the need to “Bag the Plastic”. Free.

Before we know it:

Sunday, March 13th:  Five Remnants of Pennsylvania Station Tour

Pennsylvania Station, LIRR side in front of McDonald’s, time provided with ticket purchase 

Thank goodness there’re more than 5, but these are accessible surviving bits of the lost masterpiece. Organized by Untapped Cities. $30.  For more and tickets

Saturday, March 19th:  32nd Annual GreenThumb GrowTogether Conference

Hostos Community College, 450 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, 8:30am – 4pm

Literally thousands of NYC’s community gardeners and professionals will be gathering to mix, learn, share and inspire one another.  $5 pre-registration covers breakfast, lunch and workshops, pay $7 at the door on the day or sign up to volunteer and get it all – plus a t-shirt – for free!  For complete details

Saturday, March 26th – Sunday, April 3rd: Discretionery Budgeting Vote

Sites and hours TBA

So many worthy projects…  And your vote will determine the most worthy of all!




What would a week be without miscellany:

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer is now fielding a neighborhood noise survey.  If you’d like to weigh in… 

Meanwhile, next week, the MTA’ll be issuing $500M in “green” bonds to fund projects that’ll slow global warming!

But of course, there’s always something in the What-Are-They-Thinking column…  As in the desire of some up in Albany to deploy environmental protection funds to develop flood-prone areas along the Hudson and other NYS waterfronts

quick look at our magnificent new National Monuments…    

Who knew there were still 4 vintage telephone booths still standing on the streets of NYC?

Incredible that Fairway – never less than wall-to-wall people when we’re there – is on financial ropes

How ’bout some critters:

Cornell’s come up with one amazing bird migration map that also poses a big question:  Some of our feathered friends actually fly north and over the Canadian border in January?

Of course, locating the right live-in companion for your bunny is serious business… 

A cat coat identification quiz

Okay, so now – for crying out loud – ladybugs are in decline!

Making the 2 seen in the Bicycle Island Garden at 64th & First last summer all the more wonderful…

lady bugs

And why we’ll be keeping an eye on our garden insect populations in the Bike Island Citizen Science Project taking off this spring!


Yup, they’re penguins and snapped by lucky UESider Peter Kelvin on a recent trip to Antarctica! Amazing, huh?  (Sort of looks like Mr. Chinstrap Penguin in the foreground is having a wistful thought:  “Bon voyage, visiting humans…”)

Always something choice in the Hudson River Almanac:

2/2 – Manhattan: We caught our first River Project fish of the year today in traps from the Lilac at Pier 25 in the Hudson River Park. It was a threespine stickleback about 58 millimeters long.

Threespine Stickleback

Threespine Stickleback

The three-spine stickleback is a highly adaptive species occurring in salt, brackish and fresh water. In New York State, they occur in Lake Ontario and on Long Island as well as in the lower Hudson River where they enter the estuary in winter and early spring to spawn. We caught our first sticklebacks in ten years in 2015, on January 28 and February 8. Now we’re seeing them again in 2016. – Jessica Bonamusa

[The Lilac is a historic lighthouse tender, between 164 and 174 feet long, docked at Pier 25. She is the last of her kind, dating from 1933. The boat is owned by the Lilac Preservation Project which allows us to hang our 20 minnow traps and four crab pots off the side to sample the river. – Jessica Bonamusa.]

Our Valentine hearts will be beeting green,




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  1. jrr

    At the shred-a-thon, will I shred my papers on the spot or will I drop them off and someone else will shred them later? I ask for security purposesin case I want to shred old bills and statements. Thanks, and thanks for everything you do for the UES!

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