Happy 138th Anniversary of Susan B. Anthony Being Arrested For Trying to Vote, UESiders!


Still a struggle for too many of our fellow citizens.

Enough said.

On to the week ahead:

Friday, November 6th:  NYSkies Astronomy Seminar

McBurney House, 125 West 14th Street between Sixth & Seventh, 6:30-8:30pm 

Starmaster John Pazmino answers the questions:  Why do planets sometimes bunch up in one region of the zodiac?  Why do the planets stay within a few degrees of the zodiac  and not scatter out all  over the sky? Why do Venus and Mercury stay – relatively – stable in the sky while the other planets seem to wander all around the zodiac?  Free and fabulous!

Saturday,  November 7th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

With us will be Bread Alone, Ballard Honey, Valley Shepherd, American Seafood, Samascott, Rising Sun, Garden of Spices, Gajeski, Alewife, Cherry Lane and Ole Mother Hubbert Farms! 

And, yes, the Master Knife Sharpener will present and ready to get that cutlery of yours into good Thanksgiving carving form!! 

Just in from Market Manager Margaret:  “Try a new apple variety this Saturday!  And bring the pumpkins you’re not eating for composting!”

(Alewife’s got amazing radicchio!!)

Last week’s recycling totals:  106 lbs. batteries; 28 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 14 pairs of eye glasses;  9 1/2 compost bins; 43 bags of clothes.

AND those long-awaited  corrected totals for 10/3 to 10/24 are in…  Adding another 44 bags of clothes to the YTD total!

AND you did note last week’s recording setting 9 1/2 compost bins, right??!! 

Saturday, November 7th:  E-Waste Recycling Event!

Eleanor Roosevelt High School, 411 East 76th Street, 10am-4pm

Accepted will be:

• Computers (laptops & desktops, servers, mainframes)
• Monitors
• Printers, scanners, fax-machines, copiers
• Network devices (routers, hubs, modems, etc.)
• Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, cords, chargers, etc.)
• Tablets and E-readers
• Components (hard drives, CD-ROMs, circuit boards, power supplies, etc.)
• TVs, VCRs, DVRs, & DVD Players
• Digital Converter Boxes, Cable/Satellite Receivers
• Portable music players
• Audio-visual equipment
• Video-games
• Cell phones, pagers, PDAs
• Telecommunication (phones, answering machines, etc.)

NO appliances or smoke detectors.  Media (disks, CDs, and VHS tapes) accepted at a $.50 per item charge.

For further details

Sundays through November 22nd:  94th Street Greenmarket 

First Avenue between 94th & 96th Street, 9am-5pm

Compost Collection – 9am–1pm 

Back after the Marathon pause…

And don’t be deterred by the tree planting that’ll be happening on the Ave…

All our wonderful farmers will be present and at their tables: American Seafood, Bread Alone, Meredith’s Bakery, Wager’s Cider Mill, Ole Mother Hubbert, Stannard, Norwich Meadows and Phillips Farms!

And keep in mind:  Tired pumpkins = Compost

Tuesday, November 10th:  Recycling & Zero Waste Forum

West Park Presbyterian Church, Amsterdam at 86th Street, 7-9pm

This time it’s experts ranging from our very own Sanitation Department to The Nature Conservancy to  NYC Pest Control to commercial waste handler SIMS laying out challenges and solutions.  “Bring your questions,” they say.  (We’re New Yorkers.  You don’t have to ask us twice!)  Free but a suggested $5 donation.  To RSVP

Coming soon:

Wednesday, November 18th:  Growing the Urban Farm

Ross Hall, New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx, 6-8pm

Urban agriculture viewed from all perspectives – from starry-eyed  to cynical – by 4 experts on the front lines!  Presented by Bronx Green-Up.  Members, $10.  Non-members, $20.  For further details and reservations

Saturdays & Sundays, November & December:  Survival/Outdoor Skills Classes

Parks throughout the Boroughs

Fire making!  Shelter building!  Survival skills – both “primitive” and “modern” – in cold weather! Organized by NYC Parks.  Free!  For the schedule and locations…    

From the ever-burgeoning miscellany file:

Pretty darned creepy that Sims Recycling Solutions – the firm with that gigantic facility out in NYC’s Sunset Park – has “declined” to renew their e-Stewards certification…  (Scroll down!)

Creepier still that the United Nations Environment Programme (yes, programme) reports that 2/3’s of European e-waste isn’t being properly recycled!  (Scroll down further…)

On home turf:

From the host of deserving candidates for landmarking, the Commission will be hearing testimony on 2 groups of Manhattan structures today…  Including 412 East 85th Street

Be good if you’d weigh in on the National Park Service’s plan to restore Jamaica Bay’s Wildlife Refuge West Pond…  Easy to crib from NY Audubon’s position that a freshwater source (well or pump) be devised to quickly refill the pond, rather than than let the job be done over time by rainfall and run-off. 

And we do want bird-safe buildings, yes? 

For starkest contrast, best viewed around 6pm, accompanied by distant horns blaring on First Avenue:  “Rush hour” in Copenhagen! (Thanks to reader Evelyn Wilkins for the tip!)

Hard to believe in 2015 there isn’t a comprehensive protocol for on-the-street medical emergencies involving the wheel chair bound!

Or that individuals are still dumping tires…  In this case a tractor tire weighing in at almost a ton!  (Kudos to Riverkeeper, Metro North and Sea Tow for dealing with the gigantic eyesore!)   

Then there’re the many abandoned boats blighting our harbor

Lightening up:

Okay, bike lanes in The Motor City…  (And a lot of them!)

But cycling in Antarctica??!!

Sixteen houseplants that’re all but impossible to kill?!

Yet another stellar UES business and master crafts person makes The Times! 

And then:

No wearing your Darth Vader mask to “Star Wars“?!

Let there be critters:

How about 7 ways we can support our area animal shelters!

All right, sure, nesting season is well over, but let’s be prepared for the spring/summer 2016 with a comprehensive, international list of bird nest cams!

Great new feature on NYC Parks site: “Periscope” virtual tours, focusing on surprising Parks’ activities and complete with Q & A!     

Love this from the Hudson River Almanac:

10/17:  Bronx River, New York City:  We caught and tagged a big 860 millimeter American eel in July at the 5th dam on the Bronx River.  She was a “yellow eel” at the time.  Today, we recaptured her at same location and she was “silvering”.  John Waldman, Jake LaBelle, Richard DeMarte

[“Silvering,” or “silver eel” is a colloquial name given to female American eels, 20-30 years old that have undergone physical changes preparatory to spawning. They have changed from the green-and-yellow coloration of their yellow eel phase, to dark black and stark white. Their eyes become enlarged and their alimentary canals atrophy. These changes are adaptations to traveling in the deep, dark waters of the North Atlantic to spawning locations that are still a mystery. – Tom Lake]

American "silver" eel

American “silver” eel

Thirty-year old eels…

Yours in greenness,


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