Happy 73rd Anniversary of “Bambi’s” premier, UESiders!

And the location of the film’s New York first run?

Radio City Music Hall which was at the time not even a decade old! 

Pretty incredible, yes?

(1937’s “Snow White” was the first American animated feature.) 



As for the 7 days following August 13th, 2015:

Now to Mid-September:  Sign-Up for Fall NYBG Classes

2900 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx/20 West 44th Street

The world of landscape plants…  Botanical drawing…  Floral design…  City Roof Design(!)…  And so, so much more!!  On offer both up in the Bronx and at the Midtown outpost.  For full details

Saturday,  August 15th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

With us be Bread Alone, Ballard Honey, Valley Shepherd, American Seafood, Samascott, Rising Sun, Garden of Spices, Gajeski, Alewife, Cherry Lane and Ole Mother Hubbert Farms! 

And, yes, our Master Knife Sharpener will be on hand… or knife, too!

PLUS…   Special guest Dana Jacobi, UES resident, uber chef, caterer, award-winning multiple cook book author and  all-around great neighbor will be on hand for another edition of “Ask Dana” during which she’ll shed light on some of the fabulous new-to-us vegs that’re now popping up on market tables! Dana’ll be with us from 11-1!

Last week’s recycling totals:  75 lbs. batteries; 14 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 5 pairs of glasses; 7 1/4 compost bins;  23 bags of clothes.

Rather impressive for an August Saturday!

Saturday, August 15th:  Summer Streets 2015

Central Park at 72nd Street to Park Avenue to Brooklyn Bridge, 7am-1pm

Your last chance this summer…  Miles of NYC street free of automobiles and packed with great activities/attractions for all ages!  For further details

Saturday, August 15th:  Fourth Annual Great Hudson River Estuary Fish Count

From Albany to NYC

And we quote, “Join naturalists from the Albany Capital Region to New York City as they explore the amazing variety of slippery, wriggly and fascinating creatures usually hidden below the Hudson’s surface using seine nets, minnow traps, rods and reels”.  Free waterproof waders for participants. All waterlife is released unharmed.  For sites and times… 

This could be you seining on the Hudson!

This could be you seining on the Hudson!

Saturday, August 15th:  FlyNYC Kite Flying Festival

Riverside Park South at West 70th Street, 11am-4pm

Bring your own or make a kite at the festival from a free kit!   Plus there’ll be live music all 5 hours. Doesn’t get more family friendly!  Did we say, free?  For more

Sundays through November 22nd:  94th Street Greenmarket 

First Avenue between 94th & 96th Street, 9am-5pm

Compost Collection – 9am–1pm 

At their tables will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Meredith’s Bakery, Wager’s Cider Mill, Ole Mother Hubbert, Stannart, Norwich Meadows and Phillips Farms…  And DePaolo Turkey returns!

Everyone’s got fantastically sweet watermelon!!

And this year’s basil seems especially flavorful!!


Last week’s recycling totals:  4 lbs. batteries: 2 lbs. corks, cellphones, cartridges and cords;   3 1/4 bins of compost.


Thursday, August 20th:  Sea Glass Carousel Opening!

The Battery(as the Park’s now officially named/called), 1pm-12am

A carousel of gorgeous, luminous, gigantic glass fish on the tip of Manhattan Island!!  (While they try to visit at garbage dump on us!)  We will strive to suppress our enviousness…  Tickets:  (a mere) $5.



Coming up soon:

Saturday, August 29th:  10th Annual Shorebird Festival!

Meet at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, 7:30am-4:30pm

A day of hiking, great lectures on a variety of wildlife subjects from Sierra Club experts (like the great Don Riepe) and good eats!   For more donriepe@gmail.com or 718-474-0896.

Saturday, September 12th:    Green Thumb Annual Harvest Fair

Diamante Garden, 305 Est 118th Street, 12-4pm

The once-a-year occasion for NYC’s great Green Thumb community gardeners show the rest of us how its done while they party down with Grammy-winning flamenco music, a fresh chef contest and a ton of fun for kids!   Free.  For full details…  



Miscellaneous action first:

As in pressing the Governor to get NYS offshore wind up and running…  If you think that’s a good move




Great that an anonymous donor’s given the last $150K to make the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association’s FDR Memorial in Four Freedoms Park a reality…  (Fingers crossed the work’s better than the drawing..)  

And for a fun drawing of your own…  The outline of what you deem the boundaries of your UES neighborhood… 

In case you’re not familiar with that absolute master of design, Milton Avery, there’s this from The Times  

One real slice of nature in another Times piece on going to sea Joseph Conrad-style

Then there’re solar farms as seen from way high above

Of course, our Museum of Natural History is leading the charge to get Darwin’s papers – there’re a lot of them and none dull – on line!  (Sroll down…)

Meanwhile, good on Sprint for its challenge to university students to invent new uses for turned-in cellphones…  Like a smart grocery cart!

Better on the EPA which will now embark on a study of Monsanto’s Atrazine pesticide on 1,500 species!  (High time.)

It’s that time of the year again when Grist weighs in on the most eco-friendly colleges

And what were 300,000 students of colleges of every degree of green wearing on graduation day? Graduation gowns made of 100% post-consumer plastic bottles made by Green Weaver, that’s what! 

Can’t get enough trees this week…  Thus, up close and personal Science Talk with the Tree of Heaven

So Anthropology replaced the once 72nd Street Theater…  Now a Barry’s Bootcamp will be taking the place of the UA Theater on Second and 64th

Moving off the reservation:

Yes, we need to know it…  The (capsule) history of Band-aids!

In the event you’re not familiar with what the New York Review of Books’ publishing arm is up to



Hey, animals:

Tops in the Throw-Away-The-Key Department…  The Brooklyn seafood company that pleaded guilty to trafficking shark fins

A new hummingbird species has been discovered!  The beautiful Inaguan Woodstar

sign of greater things to come…?  As recounted in “Fido and Forensics”…? 

Of course, your cat has favorite music!

And he/she can really enjoy it now that cats have collectively taken over the internet!  (Oh?  You need proof?

Squirrels eating your tomatoes?!  No app…  But 7 ways to keep the varmints at bay!

Camels in America

And then there’s this from the Hudson River Almanac:

7/31 – Manhattan, HRM 1: This week we finally caught some Atlantic silversides! We now have a little school of 30-40 in one of our tanks. In our sea squirt-shrouded minnow traps, we also caught two YOY toadfish (sometimes referred to as “toadlets”), each about 20 mm long, as well as a yearling striped bass.  – Jessica Bonamusa

Piping Plover Chick

Piping Plover Chick

See you in (green) September, 


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