Happy Hello Pluto, UESiders!

Can’t have these leaps forward in knowledge, adventure and accomplishment often enough!

FYI: The New Horizon Mission’s quite fabulous site and PBS’s “Chasing Pluto” doc

Something to tell your daughter/grand daughter:  A third of the space scientists/engineers who guided that tiny bit of metal zillions of miles across the solar system are women!! 


Back here on earth the Endangered Species Act was renewed!

And this Saturday’s the New York City of Water Day! 



No kidding, we have one great week ahead:

Saturday,  July 18th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

At their tables will be  Bread Alone, Ballard Honey, Valley Shepherd, American Seafood, Samascott, Rising Sun, Garden of Spices, Gajeski, Alewife, Cherry Lane and Ole Mother Hubbert Farms! 

Yes, and our Master Knife Sharpener will honing like crazy, too!

From Market Manager Andrei…  In case you missed his (Russian) family pickling recipes:

Fresh Pickles:

1 quart of water, 4 tablespoons salt, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 bay leaf, and as much dill as you want. Boil the water, then mix in the salt, vinegar, dill and bay leaf, then pour over the Kirbies (as in Kirby cucumbers) in a sealable jar.   (Amount/size of the cucumbers will vary, so just make sure that there’s enough liquid to cover).  Keep the jar in your fridge for at least three days.  Pickles should last for a couple weeks.

Quick Pickles:

1/2 cup vinegar, 2 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. honey/sugar, black pepper/dill to taste.  Combine the ingredients and bring just to a boil, then pour over sliced Kirbies.  Cover and let sit for at least one hour.  

Last week’s recycling totals:  76 lbs. batteries; 12 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 8 1/2 compost bins;  15 bags of clothes.

Back in our 8-plus bin mode!

Saturday, July 18th:  2015 Chelsea Garden Club Tour

Meet in front of Papaya Hot Dog Shop, Seventh Avenue & 23rd Street, 9:30am or in front of Dallas Barbecue, Eighth Avenue & 23rd, 10am

Learn from and admire the handiwork of the prodigious green thumbs of those who originated the art of Bicycle Island Gardening! (And their islands are beautiful!)  Free.

Saturday, July 18th:  2015 City of Water Day

All Over Town

Every summertime activity we love either on, in or by our city’s fabulous H2O!!  For the schedule of events…  And in our own hood?  As of 11:45am, the great East River Crew will moving their two wonderful boats onto the Esplanade and into the East River!  Be good to yourself and go for a ride!! 

Sundays through November 22nd:  94th Street Greenmarket 

First Avenue between 94th & 96th Street, 9am-5pm

Compost Collection – 9am–1pm 

With us will be the great American Seafood, Bread Alone, Meredith’s Bakery, Wager’s Cider Mill, DePaolo Turkey, Ole Mother Hubbert, Stannart, Norwich Meadows and Phillips Farms!


Last week’s recycling totals:  4 lbs. batteries:  5 lbs. corks, cellphones, cartridges and cords;  1 pair of glasses:  2 3/4 bins of compost.

Another week…  Another half-bin jump!

Sunday, July 19th:  Make Music New York at Schurz Park

Carl Schurz Park, East End Avenue & 86th Street, 4-7pm

One great evening of open air music by Sara DeLeo, the Impact Repertory Theater, Eric Koppelman & Riley Fitzsimmons, Daniel Hartig, the Arrow Band and Hungry Marching Band!  Refreshments, too!! Brought to us by the Schurz Conservancy and Borough President Brewer (who’ll be attending).   Free!

Every Tuesday:  Rowing with the East River Crew

East River Esplanade at 96th Street, 4:30pm

Row or just go out on the water for the ride and a most wonderful, later afternoon summer experience! Truly, one of the UES’s treasures.  Open to one and all and unbelievably…  Free.  For more… 


And your serving of miscellany:
On the flip side:
NYS will be expanding our Renewable Energy Program to include more New Yorkers! 
Bowing to widespread outrage, our NYC Landmarks Commission’s backed off trashing the 95 meaningful structures that’d been “calendared” (but unlandmarked) for more than 5 years and proposed  a Backlog Initiative that’s receiving citywide praise!      
Who knew NYC had a law (Local Law 84 – LL84) requiring benchmarking of energy and water use by private buildings of more than 100,000 square feet and almost all city-own structures?
No wonder Bloomberg’s so sanguine about the future of renewable power…  (For highlights of the report…) 
On completely different tangents:
In case you haven’t seen the latest map of UES Citibike locations
Thanks to our Master Knife Sharpener for alerting us to the newest in urban greening…  Pot hole garderning:
pot hole gardening
Oh, those animals:
And the Acro-Cats…  Well, here’s their site… 
(Too bad the Kirkleatham Owl Centre‘s in England!)  (Check out the tawny frogmouth owl!)
And the world’s most trafficked critter is…  The pangolin!
Wrapping up with this from the Hudson River Almanac:
Hyde Park, HRM 82: A louder than usual rustling in the woods this evening attracted my attention. The grasses at the edge began to sway. Then out on to the lawn tumbled a red fox kit followed by another in hot pursuit. Then Mama appeared, followed by three more kits. We watched them race and romp and even perform the classic “pounce.” Two hours later they were still playing hard. I’d say Mama had her paws full. – Barbara Wells 
As we await that ever-so-green shredding poundage total,

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