Happy Zombie Awareness Month, UESiders!

Actually rather apropos as the Long Island City Clock Tower has finally emerged from the half-life of calendared-but-undesignated-landmark-status to fully landmarked!!

(We’ll have to make sure it doesn’t wind up dwarfed by the 900-plus-foot high rise proposed for right next door…)



One wild and crazy week ahead:

Thursdays:  Cross Stitch Circle

New York Historical Society, Central Park West at 77th Street, 3:30-5:30pm

Stitchers – from beginners to expert – learn, perfect their skill and work on a project employing that most classic of American crafts…  Cross stitch!  Ages 6 and up.  Not just for girls!  Free with museum admission.  For more

Thursday, May 14th – Saturday, May 17th:  Harlem Eat-Up Festival

Throughout Harlem

Panel discussions on the history of Harlem dining…  Ace chefs from all over town cooking like crazy…  30 incredible restaurants… Tastings…  Knock-out meals…  Get your mouth uptown!!  For full details and tickets… 

Thursday, May 14th – Sunday, May 17th:  Frieze New York 

Randall’s Island Park 

Year 4 of the Festival:  Wander through the indoor exhibits, but save time for the outdoor structures and sound performances for a brief foray into the world of international contemporary art!  Adults, $44.  Students, $28.  Under 16 free with a paying adult.  For more, hours and tickets

Friday, May 15th:  NYSkies Astronomy Seminar

McBurney House, 125 West 14th Street between Sixth & Seventh, 6:30-8:30pm 

Starmaster John Pazmino’s topic this time around:  The 2015 Milky Way season is open!  Free.

Saturday,  May 16th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

At their tables will be Bread Alone, Valley Shepherd, American Seafood, Ballard Honey, Samascott, Gajeski, Rising Sun, Alewife and Garden of Spices Farms.

Fingers crossed Floral Beauty Greenhouses will be with us, too!

But sorry, folks, no Master Knife Sharpener…  She’s vacationing in L.A.!

Loved the salad made with Alewife’s Russian kale (and Manager Margaret’s dressing)!  And those multi-colored radishes!!

Last week’s recycling totals:  65 lbs. batteries: 18 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 3 pairs eyeglasses; 9 compost bins;  16 bags of clothes.  

9 compost bins!!

Saturday, May 16th:  Catalyst Community Festival at Thomas Jefferson Park

First Avenue at 111th Street, 2-4pm

Live music…  Arts and crafts…  Puppetry…  A ton of other family-friendly entertainment!  No doubt about it:  Our friends at TJ Park’ve embarked on a major renaissance!   For further details and the list of the event’s powerhouse sponsors...

Saturday, May 16th:  Sumo Wrestler Stew Tasting

Brooklyn Kitchen, 100 Frost Street, 4pm

Yes, partake of that Sumo wrestler staff-of-life chankonabe while a Sumo match streams on flat screens overhead!   Chicken-based to keep wrestlers on their own 2 legs!  (And delicious, we hear!) $35.  For more and to make a reservation

Saturday May 16th – Sunday, May 17th: Ninth Avenue Food Festival 

42nd to 57th Streets, 12-5pm

Philly cheese egg rolls?   Puffed-pork sandwiches?  Bacon-infused everything imaginable? Yummm…  (Better bring along a family-sized bottle of Tums!)  For a block-by-block list of vendors/attractions

Take a deep breath:

Wednesday, May 27th – Sunday, May 31st:  World Science Festival

All Around Town

What Is Sleep(?)!  The NASA Orbit Pavilion!  Reality Since Einstein?  Navigation on the Open Sea with a NASA Astronaut (and on the schooner)!  Botany at the Bar!  Five jammed-packed days of fascinating stuff!!  Every year more and better!  For the lowdown and tickets 

Sunday, May 31st:  Spring Migration on Randall’s Island

Meet on the NW corner of 102nd Street and the East River Esplanade, 9am-2pm

Who knew Randall’s Island is home to restored freshwater wetlands and a salt marsh..  Not to mention it’s a premier stopping-off point for migrating water and land birds!   Outing organized by NYC Audubon.  $40.



On to miscellany:

Lots of well-deserved sturm und drang re NYC’s increasingly accidental skyline as splinter buildings proliferate and we function under a 1960’s zoning code… 

Before the petition in defense of our imperiled ocean aquatic life plops in your mailbox…  Read this…  Then sign that petition and all others that come your way! 

Is this crazy or what?!  Many a NYS city’s street lights are owned by tight-wad power companies who refuse to to convert those lights to LED!!  

On the up side:

Meanwhile…  How about solar panel pavement for our Esplanade?!!

And Cleveland Indian-level recycling at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field!  (Thanks to reader Gerry Levine for the tip!)

Holy crow!  The Croton Water Plant is finally up and running!!  (And only 4 times over budget!) 

NYS’s great out-of-doors is open for business!  Witness the ton of activities on offer from one end of the state to another…  And just in May! 

Then there’s DEC’s push for more kids to participate in the National Archery in the Schools program!


OMG!  NYState’s home to 14 species of CARNIVOROUS plants!!

You do know we can garden – be it vegs and/or flowers – in hay bales

And the best things to buy in May


There are those moments when NYC feels so small town…  This piece from The Times chronicles one of them

As does this portrait of a chess teacher and his UGS students



Animals and the animal-inspired, too:

Custom pillows featuring your pet’s adorable face

A felt cat cave with pointy ears?!  (And from Lithuania!)

Osprey cam alert!!  (There’re eggs in Rachel the Osprey Mom’s nest!)

Yes, there is a Gotham Coyote Project…  (They want to know if you see one!)

Ever so green,







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