Happy 8th Annual NYC Wildflower Week, UESiders!

Not only is there a Butterfly Week, there’s a bonafide NYC Wildflower Week organization that puts together a series of choice celebratory events in all 5 boroughs…  Heavy on wildflowers as subject, yes, but including the likes of a “Spring Fungi Walk & Talk”!  To check out the full schedule… 

Also, the 50th anniversary of the Pure Water Act!!  

Something to contemplate as fracking chemicals are now turning up in Pennsylvania drinking water

Solar One Professional Development Workshop



Refocusing on the seven days ahead:

Friday, May 8th:  “East River Flows” Unfurling & Community Celebration

Applebee’s, 117th Street at the East River Plaza, 6-8pm

Thanks to generous Applebee’s for hosting 2 hours during which great East Harlemites/Yorkvillians/UESiders can eat, drink, pat ourselves on the back and shake the hand of Esplanade Friends’ president and founder, Jennifer Ratner, whose unflagging determination brought “East River Flows” – light painting/photography pioneer Vicki DaSilva ‘s gorgeous, haunting, sprawling banner – into being and displayed on our Esplanade at 103rd Street! Free but you must RSVP at EastRiverEsplanade@gmail.com!  

Saturday,  May 9th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

With us will be Bread Alone, Valley Shepherd, American Seafood, Samascott, Gajeski, Rising Sun, Alewife and Garden of Spices Farms…  Not to mention Floral Beauty Greenhouses!

Master Knife Sharpener Barbara Hess will be at her table, too!

(Ballard Honey’s taking this Saturday off.)

Look for Gayeski to have a more abundant supply of that scrumptious early asparagus!

Plus…  Radishes and spring onions are coming in!!

Plus…  Market Manager Margaret’s offering a free Greenmarket token bag to anyone who purchases $40 or more in Greenmarket tokens! 

PLUS…  No way “The Greenmarket Cookbook” wouldn’t make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!   

Last week’s recycling totals:  126 lbs. batteries: 19 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 3 pairs eyeglasses; 8 1/4 compost bins;  16 bags of clothes.

Darned impressive, people.

Saturday, May 9th:  Urban Wildlife Appreciation Day

Indian Road Lawn, Inwood Hill Park, 12-3pm  (enter the Park at 218th Street)

Squirrels…  Coyotes…  Skunks… Birds of many kinds…  They’re all New Yorkers, too, and waiting to meet you and the kids!  Free. For more and directions

Saturday, May 9th:  Museum of Natural History Identification Day!

 Central Park West at 79th Street in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall, 12-5[m 

Who knows but that the funny looking stone – with what look like fish-eyes in it – your great-great-grandfather picked up on the shore of Lake Michigan in 1902 is a remnant of some prehistoric life…   Or…?  Let the MNH experts ferret the answer out!  Free with museum admission!  For details…  (And good luck!) 

Sunday, May 10th:  Meet the Fledglings!

New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West at 77th Street, 2-4pm

A chance for one’s child to feed a baby bird?  Build a nest for that same orphaned bird?  Add a host of digestible-by-human-youngsters bird info?   Does kid friendly get any better?!    Member child, $5.  Non-member child, $12.  Free to member adults.  Non-member adults, $19.  For more

Then things get even more dense:

Saturday, May 16th:  Chelsea Garden Club Compost Workshop

Meet on the SE corner of 30th Street & Ninth Avenue, 9am

The fine art of proper compost use in tree beds from the great group that pioneered bicycle island gardening in NYC…  These people know whereof they speak!  Free!

Saturday, May 16th:  It’s My Park Day at Thomas Jefferson Park

Enter at 114th Street & Pleasant Avenue (3 blocks below East River Plaza/Costco) and proceed to the Children’s Play Area, 9am-12pm

Until we reschedule our own IMPD, why not give our neighbors just north a hand planting flat-upon-flat of flowers!  Chosen as a Parks Day press site, be great for purposes of local TV coverage, to have a mass of people getting those flowers into theTJP ground!  Family-friendly, of course.   (Event poster attached to email!)

Saturday, May 16th:  Spring Native Plant Share

Grove Hill Community Garden, Eagle Avenue at 158th Street, The Bronx, 11am-1pm

Four of NYC most plant savvy groups join forces to enlighten even experienced gardeners towards what’ll grow best in their particular patch of earth with an emphasis on pollinator-friendly greenery.  They even send you home with an armful of native plants!  Free but you must RSVP for a place… 

Whew…  Then:

Monday, Mary 25th:  Alexander Hamilton Walking Tour

Lower Manhattan meeting place revealed upon reservation, 11am

And we quote, “Following in the footsteps of Hamilton from his arrival in the city as a teenager to attend King’s College (today’s Columbia University) until his death at the hands of Vice President Aaron Burr in 1804.  An “Inside the Apple” classic!  $30.  To  RSVP

Saturday, May 30th:  Obscura Day 2015!

All over NYC, if not the Globe

We’re talking more than 150 events in 39 states and all whipped up by the folks who’ve let us get up close and personal with the likes of the Times Square New Year’s ball, area cemetery history and so many more urban flourishes/oddities…  The Obscura Society!  To check on what they’ve got in store for this year’s especially big day…  

June already:

Thursday, June 4th: Solar One Green Design Lab/ Professional Development Workshop for Teachers

Building Energy Exchange, 31 Chambers Street, Room 609, 9am-3pm

Calling all teachers with a yen to even more deftly integrate things green into your classrooms! Nobody better to be perfecting your green/STEM outreach skills with!  Free and with lunch provided.  For more on the workshop, check email attachment…   And to RSVP

Tuesday, June 9th:  DIY Crowns 

American Folk Art Museum, 2 Lincoln Square, 6-8:30pm

Once you’ve been versed in the realm of crowns/headdresses/hats by a museum educator, you’ll be turned loose – under the guidance of expert and author ( of “Flower Crowns”) Christy Meisner – to create your own floral, crowning glory!  Members, $50.  Non-members, $55.  For more

Friday, June 13th & Saturday, June 20th:  Botanical Paper Cutting Class

New York Botanical Garden, Bronx & Midtown Locations

We all seen lovely, delicate, cut-paper motifs, garland and silhouettes…  A folk art feature of so many cultures…  But who’d have thought we could possibly DIOurselves in a 2-hour class? Members, $59.  Non-members, $65.  For full details



Ever so miscellaneous:

Un-Congratulations, Domino’s Pizza, for racking up the highest number of  delivery bike violations in the whole city!

Slightly diminished un-congratulations to UES businesses for accumulating the second most numerous violations of any area in NYC…

But thanks to DNAInfo for publishing the map which identifies the two-wheeled sinners among us

Wider lens:

A mega shopping mall at the edge of Grand Canyon National Park??!!  (Should you think not…)

On the bright side:

Tip of the hat to Hunter for – as of May 1st,  – having opened their lovely Poses Park for the general public enjoyment, 10am-7pm.  Pay it a visit on 68th between Park & Lex.  (For more and a brief history…)  

Add a deep bow to Community Board 8’s Parks Committee which has done yeoman’s work revealing the many legally public spaces utterly unavailable city residents (most notoriously in residential buildings who took advantage in NYC’s Publicly Owned Public Spaces – AKA POPS – Program).  (For more about POPS…) 

Federal court ruled in favor of Vermont’s right to demand labeling of GMO ingredients in food…  Vermont being the first state to pass such a law!  

Wherever you may be gardening, scroll down for KU’s Monarch Watch list of most butterfly-friendly plants!  (We planted many a milkweed seed in First Ave bicycle islands!)

And for KU’s just-released report on the Monarch population’s status

Yes, the NYS DEC will continue active enforcement of clean boat rules stemming the spread of invasive aquatic species in our states beautiful, rich-with-native-life lakes! 

Looking forward to how the 191st Street/1 Train tunnel once the  7 street artists of note chosen to paint it put down their brushes!

Cineaste note:  Satyajit Ray’s brilliant, beautiful, just-restored “Apu Trilogy” will be showing at the Film Forum over the next 3 weeks.  

Bring on the critters:

Familiar with what pets are and are not permitted in NYC?  Pretty unbelievable in the specificity (but realistic) of the regulations… 

Further in the Who Knew Department:  Who knew that NYS waters are home to the tiger muskellunge (AKA “tiger musky”) fish and that the season for trying to catch it commenced on May 2nd?


What the heck is it with politicians and bobcats?!  (If you’d like to encourage Illinois’ governor to prohibit killing theirs…)

Animal heartbreak story of this or any other week:  Mrs. T the 90-year old…  British..  Tortoise whose…  Legs–  We can’t’ go on.  You’ll have to watch

Haven’t all cat owners dreamed of kitty making his/herself useful around the house?  Like, say, helping us bake bread?

Happiest (green) Mother’s Day,


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