On the 150th Anniversary of the Surrender at Appomattox, 

More like an eternity ago than a century and a half, yes?

For a first-rate, mini recap of events pre/on/after the day and vintage images of Grant’s Tomb and its surrounds as they once were, as usual Inside the Apple totally delivers…  (As do their tours.)


Happy 50th Anniversary, NYC Landmarks Law!!

Happy 25th Birthday, Earth Day!!

Happy 25th Anniversary, Hubble Telescope!!

And, UES ladies, happy Spa Week!  (To check out NYC participants…)

On to the week ahead:

Saturday, April 11th to Sunday, April 19th:  Participatory Budgeting VOTE!

Many Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island Locations

It’s up to us – everyone age 16 and older – to decide how $1 million in city funds get spent on projects on our home turf, District 5!   Check out the worthy nominees (ballot attached to the cover email) … Check out the worthy candidates… Then VOTE!   (Here’s where!)

Saturday,  April 11th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am–2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am–1pm 

With (reputedly) warmer weather comes a bit of a spring change-up in our great group of farmers/fisherman’s/bakers: Add to Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, American Seafood, Samascott, Gajeski and, Rising Sun Farms…  The returning Garden of Spices Farms!

(Yet again, if you’d like to express your support for Ole Mother Hubbert’s – with their fantastic chicken, eggs, milk and cheese – inclusion year round, tell GrowNYC:  info@grownyc.org!)

Last week’s recycling totals:  67 lbs batteries: 18 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 2 pair of eye glasses; 7 compost bins;  31 bags of clothes.

7 compost bins!!

Sunday, April 12th:_Latin Beat on the Esplanade!

East River Esplanade just south of the 103rd Street Footbridge, 11am-2pm 

The weather’s changed and Esplanade Friends are back in high gear and showing us all how wonderful our river space can be!  This time out: Live music and treats!!  As in the Latin conga, flute and guitar of the great Guataca Na’ Ma’ AND free ice cream sandwiches from meltbakery for the first 100 Sunday strollers/skaters/cyclists to stop by!  For more and directions  (See you there!)

Tuesday, April 14th, Wednesday, April 22nd & Friday, May 1st:  NYSERDA Co-Generation Tours

Various Locations

Get yourself and your building up to speed on the cutting edge approach to heating/cooling via co-generation – AKA CHP (combined heat and power)… Including actually seeing the heart of a functioning system in a NYC structure! (We’ll be doing the Palace Hotel session!)  Free.  For more and to reserve a place… 

Coming up fast:

Wednesday, April 22nd:  Earth Day NYC

All Over NYC, All Day

For an ever-expanding list of awareness-building and fun activities celebrating our Mother Earth…! 

Wednesday, April 22nd:  Earth Day at the New York Botanical Garden

2900 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx, All Day

Really and we -adding deserved superlatives – quote, “What better place to celebrate Earth Day and its gifts than at NYBG?  Bring the family to learn how to make and maintain a worm compost bin, look for wildlife such as birds, frogs, and turtles—or simply enjoy the landscape of this urban oasis.  Come evening, take in the NYC premiere of award-winning doc on 20th Century landscape genius, Jens Jenson.   Tickets available at various levels and in various combinations.  For more… 

Thursday, April 23rd:  Spending Through the Roof – Fixing the Problem Panel

SEIU Auditorim, 25 West 18th Street, 6-8pm

And how are we collectively wasting $11M a year in heat loss?  Leaky elevator shafts in high rises! Ridiculous and eminently solvable…  As are many an other sealing problems and with innovative methods.  Learn all about ’em!  Free to Urban Green members.  Non-members, $15.  To register

Saturday, April 25th:  Master Class – Getting the Shot

Municipal Art Society Office, 488 Madison Avenue, Suite 1900, 11am

Immortalize your townhouse, apartment building, street, neighborhood…  Well, you get the idea…  All under the instruction of master architectural photographer Timothy Schenck!  From the mechanical to visual techniques.  MAS members, $30.  Non-members, $45.  To reserve a place

Sunday, April 26th: Founders Day Mass & Italian Heritage Celebration

Our Lady of Peace Church, 237 East 62nd, 11:30am

From out of the past and in an effort to preserve the lovely interior of the church (its exterior is landmarked) forming the west end of the Tredwell Historic District…  Worshippers carrying the church’s statue of the Virgin Mary will process west on 62nd to Second Avenue, down Second to 61st, west on 61st to Third Avenue, then up Third Avenue to 62nd Street and back to the church. Used to be a fairly regular neighborhood happening as recently as the late 1950’s,  still somewhat customary in parts of Europe…   We’ll be there to take the pagentry in!  

Thursdays, April 30th to May 21st & Saturday, May 16th:  Citizen Pruner Tree Care Course

The Arsenal, Fifth Avenue at 64th Street

Trees New York’s signature program trains us New Yorkers in all things tree – identification, care, biology and pruning.  Four evenings, a half day (total 12 hours) and test later and you join the 11,000-plus  Gothamites certified to minister to street trees throughout our city!  A bargain $100. (We count this as one of the best and most fun things ever!)  For more and to sign up  

Sooner than we think:

Monday, May 4th:  Esplanade Friends Second Annual Spring Benefit!

Bar Felice, 1591 First Avenue between 82nd & 83rd, 6-8pm

Even more convivial, community-building and fun than last spring’s gathering… Especially so as the event’s in honor of new Friends’ partner, the great, generous and UES-committed Rockefeller University!  This is how we reinvent the Esplanade we deserve, folks!  For your tickets and more

Sunday, May 10th:  It’s My Park Day – Spring Edition – Part 1

On the Esplanade, 11am – 4pm

Bit by bit, we’re turning that 96th Street Planter and environs into one citizen-created masterpiece!  So get ready to weed, clean, plant, scrape, paint and snack on great eats!  Be there, people, for an hour or two or more!  You’re needed!!

Sunday, May 17th:  19th Precinct Shredding & E-Waste Collection Event

151 East 86th Street (in front of the NYSports Club, 10am-1pm

Bring on the paper!  All that unwanted tech, too, with all working devices receiving free data destruction!  There’ll also be free electronics registration with the NYPD’s Operation ID!   Did we say everything’s free?!  (But businesses are limited to 2 banker’s boxes of paper.)  


Ripped from the pages of Consumer Reports:  America’s Best, Freshest Supermarkets…  (For all we’re happy to have them in the hood, Whole Foods rates #8 in freshness…)  

Steady on the muck-racking bent:  Check out The NYTimes on “Private Eyes in the Grocery Aisles

And the scope of the California drought

What the heck?  Nestle’s still being allowed to bottle California’s scant water?!  (Should you object on behalf of our CA friends…)

Of course, negotiations on the reconstruction/glorification of Hudson River Park’s Pier 54 transpired in the stratosphere…  But there’re lessons in this NYTimes’ piece as we move to convert our Esplanade into the great public asset the UES wants and needs!  

Like the sound of this:  In NYC schools that’ve adopted free lunches for all, the number of kids eating lunch increased every month, hitting 9.7% more from September to December 2014!

Very much like this as well (clean water funds for communities across NYS)!!

Then there’re these tips to “heal” our home environments… 

Add in this wonderful new book from The Times Sam Robert’s, “A History of New York in 101 Objects”! 

Aspiring filmmakers with a social conscience…  Here a competition for you: Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Short Film Contest!

Talk about a good idea…  Online farming courses!

Where were these when we were cooking last week’s holiday meal..  Ten Cooking Hacks?!  

And where’s the NYState Hike of the Month?  In none other than NYC’s own Pelham Bay Park! (Which is also NYC’s largest!) (Scroll down for The Hike!) 

(Wherever you might hike – and even get lost – know that our Forest Rangers are there are to assist!)  (Love DEC’s bare-bones rescue accounts!)

As for this week in Fauna World:

Yes, we and our pets need to know how to be safe around those new visitors to/inhabitants of our island, COYOTES

After this long, harsh winter, it’s expected fish die-off (from oxygen-depleted water) will be affecting ponds all but certainly in western NYS, but possibly elsewhere, too.  For details

Always have loved the word “wombat”, not to mention the endangered critter who bears that name!  (Should you wish to lend some particularly embattled wombats a hand…) 



Why wouldn’t the evolution of that adorable fuzziness – the bunny – be totally fascinating/surprising?  (Good bunny pix, too!)

Yours in perpetual greenness,



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