It’s the 8th Annual World Autism Awareness Day, UESiders!

Which is why you’ll be seeing so many of our signature spires on our skyline lit up bright blue!

We’ve never suggested you wonderful readers pony up for any particular cause or group, but for those who’d like to lend a hand with conquering this mysterious and proliferating state-of-being in some way…

(Think about it, Mr. Mayor…  As particulate matter like that generated by garbage trucks is ever more frequently associated with autism and ADHD.)



So, here we are Week #1 April:

Friday, April 3rd:  NYSkies Astronomy Seminar

Friday, April 3rd:  NYSkies Astronomy Seminar

McBurney House, 125 West 14th Street between Sixth & Seventh, 6:30-8:30pm 

Starmaster John Pazmino’s topic this time out:  How the mix of deepsky objects line up in the sky according to their location relative to the Milky Way. (Example: Spring isn’t so favorable for open clusters but is wonderful for hunting galaxies!) Free.

Tuesday, April 7th to Saturday, April 11th: Spring Break Crafts and Games at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden

421 East 61st Street, 11am-4pm

Engaging and fun 19th Century games and crafts for both kids and adults and in the warmly historic atmosphere of the UES’s best-kept-secret museum!  Free for members and kids under 12.  Adults, $8.  Seniors and students, $7.  For further details

Saturday,  April 4th:   82nd Street/St. Stephen’s Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am – 1pm 

Better rain than snow and better a bit of rain on Saturday and sunny Easter Sunday!

With us and with tables loaded with Easter goodness will be our friends of Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, American Seafood, Samascott, Gajeski, Rising Sun and Ole Mother Hubbert!

(We’re officially addicted to Ole Mother Hubbert’s chocolate milk!)

Last week’s recycling totals: 71 lbs batteries: 13 lbs. cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 1 pair of eye glasses; 8 3/4 compost bins;  18 bags of clothes.

8 3/4 compost bins!!

Friday, April 10th:  “The Chlorine Revolution” Lecture

Hunter College, Lexington Avenue & 68th Street Entrance, Room HW714, 7pm

Author Dr. Michael McGuire recounts why and how chlorine became essential to disease-free public water.  Another great water-related event from NYCH2O. Free but reservations a must.  To RSVP

Saturday, April 11th to Sunday, April 19th:  Participatory Budgeting VOTE!

Many Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island Locations

It’s up to us – everyone age 16 and older – to decide how $1 million in city funds get spent on projects on our home turf, District 5!   Check out the worthy nominees (ballot attached to the cover email) … Check out the entries… Then VOTE!   (Here’s where!)


Saturday, April 11th:  Hell’s Kitchen Kitchen Project Spring Kick-Off!

Metro Baptist Church Roof, 410 West 40th Street, 10am-1pm

Five years ago, we lent a hand with in the fabulous community effort – pretty much a bucket brigade – that moved 7 tons of rich soil up to the church roof and into an array of kids’ wading pools in just three hours! Since, volunteers have raised hundreds and hundreds of pounds of vegs in those little pools and distributed them to the needy!   It’s the loveliest experience to be a part of the annual planting!  All ages welcome!  For more and to check out those pools…   

Sunday, April 12th:  Latin Beat on the Esplanade!

East River Esplanade just south of the 103rd Street Footbridge, 11am-2pm 

The weather’s changed and Esplanade Friends are back in high gear and showing us all that our wonderful river space can be!  This time out: Live music and treats!!  As in the Latin conga, flute and guitar of the great Guataca Na’ Ma’ AND free ice cream sandwiches from meltbakery for the first 100 Sunday strollers/skaters/cyclists to stop by!  For more and directions…  (See you there!)

Saturday, April 18th:  Cares’ Spring Cleanup NYC Day

All Over Our City

Even without this year’s ferocious weather, NYC emerges from any winter season as something of a mess. The remedy?  Turning out for a few hours to tidy up shorelines, tree beds and public spaces of all kinds!  (Perfect prelude to It’s My Park Days!)  For projects and to sign up… 

Saturday, April 18th:  Starting Seeds in a Greenhouse or Indoors

Maggie’s Magic Garden, 1574 Lexington Avenue between 100th & 101st, 11am – 1pm

Get gardening early and with all the right techniques for making sure your seedlings thrive in the great NYC out-of-doors!  Free…  With registered Green Thumb Gardens and Grow to Learn schools receiving free seed starting kits!  For more and to RSVP

Sunday, April 19th:  Earth Day NYC 2015!

Union Square, 12-7pm 

A host of events to both educate and entertain!  Can’t wait! 


Thursday, April 23rd:  Graphic Storytelling From Cuneiform Tablets to New York’s New Pedestrian Maps Lecture

Metropolitan Museum, Fifth Avenue at 82nd, 6pm

Curator Kim Benzel, graphic artist Michael Bierut and public radio’s Julie Burstein make the timeless connections between words, pictures, design and communication… Think cuneiform to, yes, our new NYC pedestrian maps!   $30.  For further details and tickets… 

Sunday, May 10th:  It’s My Park Day – Spring Edition – Part 1

On the Esplanade, 11am – 4pm

Bit by bit, we’re turning that 96th Street Planter and environs into one citizen-created masterpiece!  So get ready to weed, clean, plant, scrape, paint and snack on great eats!  Be there, people, for an hour or two or more!

Just below the horizon:

Sundays, July 19th & August 2nd:  DEC Women’s Fishing Trip

Oswego Marina (on Lake Ontario), Oswego, New York, 5am and 1:30pm outings

And we quote, “Enjoy a 6 hour guided fishing trip for King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Steelhead with Captain Dave Wilson aboard his 28’ Baha Cruiser. All fishing equipment provided. No fishing experience necessary. The boat has an enclosed bathroom with plumbing!”  (They’ve thought of everything!)  $125-$150, depending on number of participants. For more and to sign up…  



As ever, all-over-the-reservation miscellany:

Without further ado, after many an abysmal edition, NYMagazine comes up with a total winner in the (first ever) Annual Yesteryear Issue: After Midnight detailing late night NYC from the distant past to the almost present.  Pix… Captions… Squibs…  All great!

Always new and improved ways to deal with America’s shameful waste of food…  Uneaten or spoiled or how it’s handled as “garbage”…  But dumpster dive cuisine by an uber chef?!  YES!! (And thanks to reader Gerry Levine for the tip!)

Then there’s unreal food…  As in the lowdown on sugar substitutes

Should you have an adverse reaction to the unwanted piles of Yellow Pages that turn up on our doorsteps this time of year, here’s a petition for you!

And the 5 best and worst American cities for spring pollen are

New York State’s running a host of free webinars on many an aspect of building efficiency/sustainability… 

Also from NYS, it’s draft plan to protect and nourish the several Hudson River estuaries up and downstate…

Yup, you’re right, there’s a TON of construction underway on the UES.  Witness this map… 

So Brooklyn seems to be action central of the NYC passive house construction/retrofitting movement...  (Let’s get on our game Manhattan/UES!  Passive design is good-looking, too!) 

Meanwhile, Queens Council Member Donovan Richards is proposing a new post at the Department of Buildings:  A Solar Ombudsperson who’d collect and disperse info on the productivity/durability/maintenance of building solar arrays which’re soon to proliferate (we earnestly hope)…

As for critters:

Indeed, we all should have should have the 4 most essential emergency supplies on hand to tend to injured pets...

Ever more nesting bird cams back on line…  As in Maine ospreys!  Great horned owls!  And those ever popular long-eared owls


May your Passover and Easter be warm, filled with family and green,


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