Happy Severe Weather Advisory, UESiders!

Let’s talk recycling 82nd & 92nd Street 2014-style, as we finished out the year at:

82nd Street

11/8 – 8 compost bins; 15 bags of clothes:  11/15 – 7 compost bins; 15 bags of clothes: 11/29  – 7 compost bins; 19 bags of clothes: 12/6 – 8 compost bins; 15 bags of clothes:  12/13 – 7 compost bins; 15 bags of clothes; 12/20 – 8 compost bins; 15 bags of clothes:  12/27 – 7 compost bins; 14 bags of clothes.

2014 Compost poundage:  55,220.

92nd Street

11/9 – 5 compost bins;  2 giant bins of clothes (the equivalent of 4 giant bags at 82nd Street): 11/16 – 5 1/2 compost bins; 4 1/4 bags of clothes:  11/23 – 6 compost bins; 4 bags of clothes.

2014 Compost poundage: 10,809.  

And the Grand UES Total is:

Recycled 2014: 2615 lbs batteries; 750 lbs corks, cords, cellphones and ink cartridges; 186 pairs of eye glasses; 1,029 1/2 bags of clothes; 397 1/4 compost bins; 17,639 lbs shredded paper. 
Pretty staggering.
Incredible that despite a 6-month break in their composting regimen, 92nd Street shoppers broke their 2013 records for weekly (6) and total compost bins (68 1/2)!
Equally amazing is that 55,220 lb. number for 82nd Street!

On to the coming week:

Saturday, January 24th:  82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am – 1pm 

At their tables – snow or not – will be folks with anti-freeze in their veins: Bread Alone, Ballard’s Honey, Atlantic Seafood, Samascott, Gajeski, Rising Sun and Back to the Future Farms!

Pretty sure Back to the Future will have milk!

Last week’s recycling totals: 57 lbs batteries;  19 lbs cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 7 bins of compost; 35 bags of clothes.

Saturday, January 24th:  Winter Jam – NYC’s Ultimate Snow Day

Bandshell Area, Central Park (enter at East 72nd Street),, 11am-3pm

Presented NYC Parks, Lake Placid, I Love NY,  and I Ski NY, Winter Jam (with partner Gore Mountain blowing mountains of fresh snow), think snow shoeing, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, kicksledding and snowman building for all ages ! Free.  For full details and directions… 

Saturday, January 24th:  Foreign Exchange II – A Festival of Rising Stars

Poet’s Den Theater, 309 East 108th Street, 7:30pm

Great neighbor and impressario Raphael Bonavides presents 14 young artists from 14 countries in concert!  “Stars of tomorrow,” Raphael says and we believe him. Reception with cocktails after the show.  Tickets:  $25.  Students: $10.  For more

And then:

Friday & Saturday, January 30th & 31st:  Winter Carnival at Bryant Park

Bryant Park, 42nd Street & Sixth Avenue, 12-10pm

What winter delights to chose?  Curling lessons?  An ice golf contest?  Frozen-finger juggling?  Snowflake crafting? Indulging in some silent disco moves?  Oh, go for ’em all!  Free.  For the total lowdown

Saturday, January 31st:  Native Plants 101 – Boost your Ecosystem

Third Floor Community Room, 67th Street Library, 328 East 67th Street, between First & Second, 2-3:30pm
Environmental horticulturalist and master naturalist Kim Eierman shares her gardening wisdom based n her signature eco beneficial approach.  (Just the thing for us Manhattan gardeners!)  Presented by Green Park GardenersNYC (check out their beautiful gardens on the Esplanade at 63rd Street.  Free.
Out there but coming up fast:

Tuesday, February 10th:  “Shop on Mainstreet” – Tuesday Film Club Presentation

BNH Cinema, The Czech Center, 321 East 73rd Street, 7pm

A classic of Soviet-era film making and winner of the 1965 Foreign Film Academy Award.  A black-and-white work of cinematic greatness and on a screen right in our hood (and part of the Center’s February “Shoah in Us” program).  Free.  For more

Saturday, February 14th:  Shred-A-Thon – Valentine’s Day Edition

82nd Street between First & York, 10am-2pm

Three weeks and counting till the big shredding truck arrives on 82nd Street!

Start sorting your files, docs and receipts now, people!!

But, please, NO cardboard or handled shopping bags.

And please do remove paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   (But we do take paperbacks.)

Take your hardcovers over to Goodwill.

(Thanks to Council Members Kallos and Garodnick for their generous grants!)

Weird we’re so light on miscellany:
You know, we’re getting rather sick of one after another U.S. city being greener in some way – if not in many way – than NYC.   So now, it’s Louisville’s turn…  And have it ever got some arresting challenges!
But plenty of critters:
They’re darned cute when near to grown and they must be insanely adorable in their baby phase, but who in their right mind says, “I want a bobcat for a family pet?” That’s how the saga of teen bobcat Max begins…  For the rest (complete with most happy ending)… 
Wow!  Planet Earth’s experiencing a (totally cute) gray seal baby boom!
And it’s another boom year for snowy owl sightings…  From Chicago to Cape May to North Dakota!  (Can’t believe they’ll skip over NYC!)  To get eBird’s Snowy Owl Alerts… 
Who’d have thought duck courtship was so varied, fun and beautiful!
Last but hardly least on our feather friend theme:  The Great Horned Owl Cam!  (Owls have taken up residence in a former Bald Eagle nest!)
Be pretty great to have a hero dog – one of 17 returning from mine detection duty in Afghanistan – to take for walks on UES streets, teach the joys of frisbee and enter in Schurz Park’s annual Halloween Howl, yes?  For how to adopt…  
And for a final shot of cuteness, we give you “Assassin’s Kittens Unity”
The Puppy Bowl is only 8 short days away…
We’re green no matter how much it snows on us,

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