Greetings, UESiders!

As noted in the accompanying email, editions the next couple of weeks will likely be on the distilled side, after which we’ll be on hiatus for the following month or so.

At least that’s the plan – although we’re admittedly rather poor at sticking to any regimen.

And depend…  If/when items of Grade-A UES import pop up..  We’ll be there and letting you know!



So, what of the 7 days ahead: 

Saturday, October 25th:  82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am – 1pm 

With us will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Samascott, Cherry Lane, Gajeski, Rising Sun Beef, Fresh Radish, Nature’s Way Farms and Valley Shepherd Creamery!

And this week’s update from Market Manager Jesse:

“Are you ready for the year’s spookiest market?! Venture through the gates, if you dare, to guess the weight of the giant pumpkin, taste some terrifyingly-tasty candied squash, make yourself a monster mask and more. We will be waiting for you with lots of farm-fresh tricks and treats!”

YES…  The Master Knife Sharpener returns!… 

Last week’s recycling totals: 49 lbs batteries;  12 lbs cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 7 pairs of eye glasses; TBA bins of compost; TBA bags of clothes.

(Why the TBAa?  Last Saturday’s It’s My Park Day had us on the Esplanade rather than at the Greenmarket!) 

Sunday, October 19th:  92nd Street Greenmarket

92nd Street and First Avenue, 9am-3pm

Compost & Clothing Collection 9am-1pm

At their tables will be Atlantic Seafood, Gonzales, Stannart, Norwich Meadows, Phillips and Back to the Future Farms, Bread Alone and Meredith’s Bakery.

Incredible how great beets and their greens are this year!

And get your hands on last week’s demo recipe…  That Roman Fritata!

Last week’s recycling totals:  18 lbs batteries; 10 lbs cords, cellphones and cartridges; 4 bins of compost; 2 giant bins of clothes (the equivalent of 4 giant bags at 82nd Street).

4 bags of clothes, people!! 

Through Tuesday, October 27th:  “Maidan.  Ukraine.  Road to Freedom” Exhibition

Ukrainian Institute of America, 2 East 79th Street, 12-6pm

Presenting the work of four photographers – all with Ukrainian roots – who were there in November 2013 as protests began. Free.

October 28th:  P2P Community Meeting

Church of the Holy Trinity, 316 East 88th Street, 6:30pm

Learn the latest – and there’s plenty – on the unflagging battle to derail the proposed 91st Street MTS.  (Last week’s dynamic NYCHA-led demonstration was a winner!)

Tuesday, October 28th:  The Secret World of New York City Green Roofs

The Arsenal, Fifth Avenue at 64th Street, Third Floor Gallery, 6pm

Indeed, who would have thought a perfect place for birds, bats, and bugs would be high above NYC?   Fordham University PhD candidates Dustin Partridge and Kaitlyn Parkins fill us in on what makes  roofs just the right turf for many a critter!  Free and courtesy of NY Audubon.

Wednesday, October 29th:  Dedication of the Fillmore East Historic Plaque

105 Second Avenue at 6th Street, 5pm

The Doors, B.B. King, Roberta Flack, The Byrds, Richie Havens, Taj Mahal, Jefferson Airplane, Pink Floyd, Joan Baez, Jeff Beck, the Staple Singers, Elton John played their brains out at this once Yiddish theater…  Now rightfully designated a place of cultural importance.  Free but reservations required:   Call 212-475-9585 ext. 35 or

Thursday, October 30th:  CM Kallos’ Final Participatory Budgeting Session

Lexington Houses, 1536 Lexington Avenue, 5-8pm

Can’t imagine you don’t have a $30,000 or more project that’d improve the life of your neighbors, neighborhood and our city as a whole…  So bring it on!

Thursday, November 13th:  Make It Thursday at the Folk Art Museum

2 Lincoln Square at 66th Street, 5-7pm

One of the most welcoming programs in all of NYC and this time out “the construction of memory objects” of one’s own design and the guiding eye of Nathan Fox of the School of Visual Arts.  Members, seniors, student: $15.  Non-members:  $20.  For tickets… 

Monday, November 17th to Friday, November 21st:  Dvorak’s New World Symphony Exhibition

Czech Center New York, 1109 Madison Avenue at 83rd Street, 1-9pm

The priceless manuscript/score will be on display and reunited with original orchestral parts on loan from the New York Philharmonic which premiered the work at Carnegie Hall in 1893.  First time the score’s been on American soil since Dvorak returned with it to the Czech Republic in 1895!  Free.



Miscellany mostly on the upswing:

Whoa!  Four major U.S. corporations now offer employees discounted home solar power systems as a perk!

Some – like us – take issue with Christine Todd Whitman’s proclamation that work on the 9/11 pile was safe, but we’re in accord with her enthusiasm for bringing a Japanese Maglev train (314 mph!) to our northeastern rail corridor

Think we all should take a moment and vote for our favored XPrize contestant… 

For us lesser mortals, how about we test ourselves by playing “Name That Tree”!

No kidding the world of NYC steam and all the ways it serves our city is secret!

Then there’re those giant digester eggs processing much – but unfortunately not all – of our sewage!

Fellow NYers, we better not let this now disassembled bit of NY history disappear as did most of the 59th Street Bridge’s northern lantern did (with surviving pieces moldering over on a pallet on Roosevelt Island.  

Meanwhile, Germany’s now offering free tuition to international students… i.e. including Americans…



As for our critter friends:

Yes, American airports are encouraging the establishment of bee hives round about their runways!

Not that your kitty ever would, of course…  But just in case, 10 signs that that cat of yours is playing the field

Bluefish?  According to The Times, we’re talking “ravenous opportunists”!  

We close with more of the finned/scaled from the wonderful Hudson River Almanac:

10/9 – Iona Island, HRM 45.5: As our Metro North commuter train passed the deep water off Iona Island, a three-foot-long sturgeon, probably an Atlantic sturgeon, jumped clear of the water, before slashing back. These occurrences are not common, and the timing of the jump and our passing was totally serendipitous.  – Tom Lake

[Sturgeon are the stuff of myth and legend. In terms of evolution, they are a very ancient class of cartilaginous (non-bony) fishes whose ancestry date back at least a hundred million years. Among their many unusual behavioral traits is a predilection for jumping clear out of the water, similar to the breaching behavior common to porpoises, dolphins, and whales. Sturgeon can leap several feet out of the water and then land with a large and loud splash. There are Hudson River records of sturgeon leaping and landing in canoes and fishing boats. While drift-netting for American shad twenty years ago, Chris Lake and I had a five-footer leap, land on the gunnel of our boat, teeter, and then topple back into the river. Why they leap is a mystery. It may be a way to rid themselves of external parasites or to take in air to fill their swim bladder. Biologists are unsure. Tom Lake.]

Eternally green,


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