Happy 75th-Plus-One-Day Birthday to Batman and National Moth Week, UESiders!

Yes, National Moth Week.

Believe it or not, there’re a host of serious Moth Week events that’ll be held across this nation of ours… 

Pretty amazing as are these 5 facts about the little winged creatures

rosy maple moth

rosy maple moth

Hope your week ahead is as good as ours, moths: 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 25th, 26th & 27th: 36th Annual Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow-Wow

Queens County Farm Museum, 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Queens

And we quote, “New York City’s oldest and largest pow wow featuring 3 days of inter-tribal Native American dance competitions.”  More than 40 Indian nations will be represented and the setting couldn’t be more lovely (the museum’s apple orchard).  Adults, $10.  Children under 12, $7.  For directions and more

Saturday, July 26th:  82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am – 1pm 

With us will be great American Seafood, Bread Alone, Samascott, Cherry Lane, Gajeski, Rising Sun Beef, Fresh Radish Farms and Valley Shepherd Creamery!

FYI:  Garden of Spices will be absent and on family vacation!  They’ll be back on August 2nd.

This week it’s possible Samascott and/or Rising Sun may have eggs.

Then there’re these latest market news flashes from our great new Manager Jessie:

“Last week, shoppers enjoyed our first new apple of the 2014 season: Samascott Orchards brought a brand new Geneva right off the tree.

This week, we look forward to more corn, more eggplants, LOTS more tomatoes, and more and more fresh fruit and apples from Samascott (as if their line wasn’t long enough!), as well as more great cheese, butter and yogurt, beef and seafood from our incredible vendors at this wonderfully eclectic market.”


On our music menu this Saturday:  The guitarist/vocalist we loved so much last year when she performed with Marion Cowlings – Andrea Wright!

You bet, Master Knife Sharpener Barbara Hess will be on hand, as well!

Last week’s recycling totals: 62 lbs batteries;  20 lbs cords, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 10 pair of eye glasses; 7 1/4 bins of compost; 25 bags of clothes.


Yet again:  Britta filters and CDs/DVD can be recycled in your building’s  recycling bins!

Sunday, July 27th:  92nd Street Greenmarket

92nd Street and First Avenue, 9am-3pm

Compost & Clothing Collection 9am-1pm

With us will be Atlantic Seafood, Gonzales, Stannart, Norwich Meadows and Phillips Farms, Bread Alone, Hammond Dairy and Meredith’s Bakery.

If you didn’t get your hands on Margaret’s vegetable borscht recipe last Sunday, make it your mission this week!

Tomatoes…  Corn…  Need we say more?

Last week’s recycling totals:  42 lbs batteries;  7 lbs cords, cellphones and cartridges; 3 1/4 bins of compost;  1 giant bin of clothes (the equivalent of 2 giant bags at 82nd Street).

Add to that the 2 giant bins (4 bags) of clothes collected week one and 1 bin (2 bags) week two…  Making for a 2014 total to date of 9 bags! 

Sunday, July 27th:  Shadows of Nieuw Amsterdam Tour

In front of the American IndianMuseum, 1 Bowling Green, 12:15-2:15pm

“Rogue” historian Dan Veksler shares his perspective on the history of lower Manhattan, the oldest settled part our great  city.  Organized by the Obscura Society.  $25.  For more

Sunday, July 27th:  West Harlem Stop ‘N Swap Event

Soha Square Greenmarket, 117th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Eighth Avenue), 12-3pm

Bring clean, reusable, portable items such as clothing, house wares, games, books and toys that you no longer need, and take home something new-to-you and free! But you don’t have to bring something to take something. But no furniture or large items, please!  (You’ll enjoy yourself!)  For further details

Wednesday, July 30th:  Build Your Own HDTV Television Antenna Class

190 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, 4:30-730pm

As if Aereo’s defeat in court was the end of free over-the-air TV…  And who could resist constructing something that looks like this and actually works:

HDTV Antenna

From the folks at the Brooklyn Brainery, of course.  $42.  For more and to register… 

Now through Sunday, August 17th:  Self-Taught Genius -Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum

American Folk Art Museum, 2 Lincoln Square, Columbus Avenue at 66th Street

For those unexposed to the range and gorgeous expressiveness of folk artists, this exhibition is the place start…  For devotees, “treasures” is absolutely the right word.  Free.  For days and hours

Now through Sunday, September 7th:  Rescuing the Past in New York City

Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden,  421 East 61st Street

Once this UES treasure languished among giant Con Ed fuel tanks and survived only because the company decided it was less expensive to leave it standing!  Now (back off, Batman!) in celebration of the Museum’s 75th anniversary, it’s giving us the chance to view archival photos, documents, and objects detailing preservation of the building from the 1939 day when it opened to the public as the Abigail Adams Smith House.  Free for members. Adults, $8.  Seniors and Students, $7.  Children under 12 free. For further details

Right on the horizon:

Mondays, August 4th & 18th:  CM Kallos’ Housing Clinic

The Council Member’s Office, 244 East 93rd Street, 3-6pm

Free legal advice on your housing problems on the first and third Mondays of every month.  A volunteer attorney will be on hand for consultation, too.   To RSVP (and you should to speak to the attorney):  212-860-1930, RSVP@Ben.Kallos.com or online



Ever more miscellaneous:

Let’s talk construction and the new administration’s desire to hasten the pace of major infrastructure projects while reducing cost…  (Be nice if the folks at the helm are up to the task.)

And why do we doubt that capability?  

Square the Port Authority’s intention to spend $90M to update our sorry, used-by-thousands-a-day, 64-year old bus terminal with the $800K allocated by our Council Speaker to renovate some handball courts... 

On an infinitely smaller scale, how come a minimal number of building owners are aware of new NYC guidelines for tree bed size when sidewalks are replaced?   (Beds’re required to be bigger to help absorb stormwater runoff…  Check page 3  of the Parks’ manual  then note there’s no page 23!)…

Meanwhile, how could we have let Philadelphia – of all places – get ahead of us in stormwater management!

Going national:  Seems certain elements would like to erode expansion of/protections afforded by our National Monuments system.  Should you object to this approach

And what week would be complete without citing the loss of significant architecture

On with our smiley faces:

The just-released Federal Office of Energy Projects report states that wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydropower account for 55.7% of newly installed generating capacity in the U.S. for the first half of 2014!

Attention, prospective citizen scientists/swimming pool owners!  NYS would love your help in a survey of invasive insects!

For those fortunate few with a rent-stabilized living quarters, some tips on remaining in place… 

If you read the Sunday Times piece on  model agency immortal and UES resident Eileen Ford, likely you figured out she shopped our 82nd Street Market! 

And on the fringe:

Yes, you’re reading this right:  A DIY air conditioner for $15!  (For video instructions…)  Then there’s the $8 version

Beginning fly fishing classes for women.. .  (Upstate, yes, but still…) 



On to the animal kingdom:

Free endangered species ringtones?

Endangered plants and animals that might be hiding in or near NYC via your cellphone?

Awwwww….  Here’s what to do if you should come upon a stray kitten/kittens

Love The Bird of the Week…  The beautiful Inca Tern!

Five NYC places where your dog can swim

How to discourage black bears that might be making a nuisance of themselves… 

As ever, some tidbits from the Hudson River Almanac:

7/9 – Manhattan, HRM:  I was walking along the Battery Park City Esplanade in late afternoon when a fisherman caught what appeared to be two small sharks. – Matthew Fenton


[Photos revealed that these were smooth dogfish.  Smooth dogfish (Triakidae), plus the spiny dogfish (Squalidae), are by far the most common sharks found in the lower estuary and New York Harbor. Both can reach about five feet in length, but neither is a threat to humans. The smooth dogfish favors shellfish while the spiny dogfish is more of a fish eater. We have encountered both of these dogfish as far upriver as Englewood (NJ), river mile 13. That is not to say that both might venture farther upriver if conditions suit them. – Tom Lake.]

Everlastingly green,


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