Happy, Manhattanhenge, UESiders!

Don’t worry if you miss this evening’s display…  There’s another coming up on July 12th! 

But do prep yourself with Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s expert observations on the phenomena…


On to the week ahead: 

Saturday, May 31st:  82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothes Collection – 9am – 1pm 

At their tables will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Ballard Honey, Samascott, Cherry Lane, Gajeski, Rising Sun Beef and Garden of Spices Farms!

Yes, Cherry Lane is back…  And they’re hoping to have strawberries this Saturday!!

A word about Rabbits’ Run Farm…  Yes, after however many years with us, they suddenly vacated their spot in the churchyard for one at Grand Army Plaza.  Of course, we understand economics, but we’re sorry not to have been able to say farewell and wish good luck.  

Meanwhile, we’re informed,  a new farmer with dairy products will soon be in place! 

Last week’s recycling totals:  62 lbs batteries;  17 lbs filters, cords, CDs/DVDs, corks, cellphones and cartridges; 2 pairs of eye glasses; 7 bins of compost; 31 bags of clothes.

Hummm…  Holiday weekend equals 7 compost bins…

Friday, June 6th:   DEC-Endorsed Erosion and Sediment Control Training

US EPA Region 2, 290 Broadway Room 27A, 8:45am-1:45pm

A once-every 3 year class…  A must for contractors, of course, as well as for those who want to make sure those contractors handling immense excavations right! $100 and registration by May 30th mandatory… 

Saturday, June 14th:  Pepacton Reservoir Paddle

Shavertown Bridge Launch, 11am-2pm

Only since 2012 has NYS DEP been issuing permits for such outings on this most pristine of reservoirs and major supplier of NYC water.  Yes and, of course, NYCH2O’s gotten their green hands on one.  With transportation and canoe, $100.  Without transport but with canoe, $50.  Provide your own transport and canoe, $25.  For more and tickets

Sunday, June 22nd:  92nd Street Greenmarket Returns!!

92nd Street and First Avenue, 9am-3pm

Compost & Clothing Collection 9am-1pm

At their tables will be Atlantic Seafood, Gonzales, Stannart, Norwich Meadows and Phillips Farms, Bread Alone and Meredith’s Bakery!

Yup, you read it right!  We’ll also be collecting clothes/fabrics/hats/belts/shoes at 92nd! 

Sunday, June 22nd: Shred-A-Thon – Welcome Back 92nd Greenmarket Edition!

Curbside, West Side of First Avenue between 92nd and 93rd, 11am – 2pm

You’ve been waiting…  You’ve been wanting…  And now it’s almost here!!

What a great way to celebrate 92nd Street’s return!

We’ll be shredding:

Paper of any and every kind, you brave recyclers!!

But, please, NO cardboard or handled shopping bags.

Please remove paper clips and metal and plastic spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   But falling-apart paperbacks are just fine.

(Take those unwanted hardcovers to Goodwill or HousingWorks!)

(Many thanks to Council Members Dan Garodnick and Jessica Lappin for their most the generous grants!) 

Sunday, June 22nd:  Audubon “It’s Your Tern” Festival

South Battery Triangle, Governor’s Island, 12-4pm

Fun includes expert bird walks and talks, displays, plus family-friendly hands-on activities like creating oyster-shell jewelry…  PLUS Audubon naturalist Gabriel Willow will be leading boat tours out to the tern colony via the Buttermilk Channel!  Free.  For more

Really out there:

Saturday, September 20th – Tuesday, September 24th: Climate Ride NYC-DC

And we quote:  “From the exciting departure by ferry in Manhattan to the hero’s welcome and rally at the steps of the US Capitol, the east-coast version of Climate Ride is more than a bike trip – it’s an inspiring journey with 200 like-minded people who are united by their passion for sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycles – the ultimate carbon-free form of transportation.”   (You’ve got time to think about it!)   For more and to sign up



Doesn’t get more miscellaneous:

Commencing with this for you citizen scientists:


Polgar Fellow Julia Les and Erik Kiviat at Hudsonia and the Bard College Field Station are conducting surveys to determine the conservation status of the rare plant goldenclub (Orontium aquaticum) in Hudson River wetlands from about Barrytown north. We would like to hear from anyone who sees this distinctive plant anywhere on the Hudson River or has seen it in previous years (with the location, date, and roughly how many plants). The plant is most recognizable by its yellow stalks. There is a particular mystery about whether, or where, goldenclub occurs at Stockport Flats, but we also want to know about your sightings elsewhere. Please contact Erik Kiviat or Julia Les  kiviat@bard.edu;   jcles92@gmail.com

Golden Club

Golden Club

For a larger picture

On the barracades for a moment:

Disconcerting, to say the least, but National Geographic on on an new approach to feeding the world is must reading…

Think there’s no place in children’s products for toxic chemicals and other health-endangering ingredients

Check out the “manner” of one Steven Spinola, arch-enemy of landmarking

Yikes!  Nothing like perusing a NYS Sewage Discharge Report to make one question…  “Is this really 2014?”

Same for the Ohio move to abandon its renewable energy standards

Ditto the NYState  Real Estate Finance Bureau…  (Index cards?  Really!!)

Have to say, we’re even more critical of the mission/architecturally-challenged, progressively more pointless ego-trip exercise of the Presidential Library than Sam Steklow… (An Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the Clinton Library?!)


Ulster County’s just passed 2 resolutions demanding much-needed, higher safety standards on rail shipments of crude oil, including a review of proposed oil shipping expansion! 

Greenmarkets are constantly expanding our eating horizons, needless to say… But we can always improve and further support the farm-to-table movement, the esteemed Dan Barber says…

Brighter still:

As of October, by law, all of Massachusetts commercial food waste must be directed to energy-producing or composting facilities!  (Scroll down.) Incredible, huh?! 

It’s a first that we know of:  Discounts for early booking of NYState campgrounds…  All 112 of them!  For full details

Hope NYC museums are considering incorporating London’s Victoria & Albert’s approach to contemporary acquisitions:  Rapid Response Collecting.

Always something to learn about our city…  This time out, what we now know as Gramercy Park

Been waiting for this inexpensive construction approach to make it’s way out of emergency housing and uber-second home circles:  Even a step beyond modular in affordability…  Apartments from containers

Here’s a stunning new concept:  A German supermarket that’s stocked  entirely with non-packaged goods!

For the hyper-industrious among us:  How to make your own lavendar-scented detergent



Hey, animals:

So dragons return to the Bronx Zoo

And a flock of hummingbirds is called?  Get ready…  A bouquet…  A glittering…  A hover…  A shimmer…  Or a tune!

Seems ferrets will soon be legal pets in NYC

This week’s animal piece de resistance:  Nat Geo on dogs who’ve served America

So wonderful about the new ASPCA facility!

Feeling ever so warm, fuzzy and green,





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