Greetings, UESiders!

Vacation beckons…

Let’s cut to the chase…

Upcoming the next 3 weeks:

Saturday, August 17th, 24th & 31st:   82nd Street Greenmarket 

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothing Collection – 9am – lpm 

With us will be American Seafood, Bread Alone,  Samascott, Gajeski, Cherry Lane, Feather Ridge, Rising Sun Beef and Rabbits’ Run Farms.

Our Master Knife Sharpener plans to be at her table the next 3 Saturdays…  But to be 100% certain, email her at

And making beautiful music:

August 17th – The Opera Collective

August 24th – Jennifer Paul

August 31st – Marion Cowings

Reminder:  Get your Frequent Shopper card punched!

Last week’s recycling totals:  24 lbs batteries;  8 lbs Britta fillters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges; 1 pair glasses;  15 bags of clothes;   5 1/4  compost bins.

YTD (from 1/5/13):  1,321 lbs batteries; 877 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords/CDs/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges; 126 pairs of eye glasses; 454 bags of clothes; 179 3/4 compost bins.

Way ahead of last year’s curve!

Sunday, August 18th, 25th & September 1st :  92nd Street Greenmarket

 92nd Street and First Avenue, 9am-3pm                                           

                           Compost Collection 9am-1pm

With us will be Atlantic Seafood, Gonzales, Stannart, Norwich Meadows and Phillips Farms, Bread Alone, Meredith’s Bakery and those fabulous Stellar Cooks!

String on finger:  Get that next punch in your Frequent Shopper card!

Last week’s recycling totals:  5 lbs batteries;  5 lbs Britta fillters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges;  1 pairs of glasses; 3 1/2 compost bins. 

YTD (from 6/23/13):  111 lbs batteries;  80 lbs Britta fillters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges;  7 pairs eye glasses; 19 compost bins; 16,530 lbs of shredded paper.

3 1/2 bins again!

Sunday, August 24th:  Free Biciycle Helmets & Fittings at Summer Streets

Park Avenue & 24th Street, 7:30-11:30am

Totally free!  Children under 18 will need to be with an adult…

As for miscellany:

How about this for a feel good moment:

Governor Cuomo recently signed a bill funding a statewide breast cancer mapping/geographic study  program, thus creating reliable, up-to-date information to help guide further research and spur development of new ways to combat the disease!

On the flip side and as if anti-biotic use in factory farming wasn’t already under a cloud… 

More details about Rockefeller University’s building plans…  (They must be made to redeploy/relocate/reuse that wonderful wall!!)

On a much lighter note:

Crain’s  always sees things through business eyes, but great that fishing is on the rise in NYState

Serious again:

Should you take issue with the New York League of Conservation Voters supporting NYC candidates who’re for the MTS, you could write the gentleman who made the announcement, Joshua Klainberg (

You do know that there’s but one city exterminator for each borough?  (Pause for us all to reflect.)  So, thank heavens and for whatever good it might do, the powers-that-be will soon be deploying a innovative anti-rat burrowing material

Cheerful yet again:

No end to new food ideas…  In this case a model developed by companies like Blue Apron, HelloFresh and Plated which deliver weekly, individual meal packages complete with  premeasured ingredients – largely locally sourced – for their customers to prepare at home…

Bring on those animals:

Chickens fascinating?  Absolutely and here’re 10 reasons why… 

And the Bird of the Week is…  The beautiful, adorably tufted Ākohekohe.

Thanks to reader Carol Rinzler for this gem:

Take one wading pool…  Add one baby elephant…  Total cuteness!

We close with a welcome to that newly discovered mammal…  The olinguito!

We’ll be green under our sunscreen,


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