Happy Beautiful Weather, UESiders!

Making tending to plantings and our street trees (in extreme heat or 7 days without a rain, newly planted trees like those on bike islands need 20 gallons a week) a pleasure  again!

Back on the subject of that Hell’s Kitchen Meeting, come this fall when, hopefully, the balance of trees in First Avenue’s bike islands will be planted, we’ll be inviting the all-volunteer AND prize-winning Chelsea Garden Club to venture up our way and share the experience they’ve gained making their – much bigger than ours – bike islands so beautiful.

Sure, there’re a myriad of things all New Yorkers have on our plates, but if Chelsea can pull it together…

Forget beautification, we have an investment to protect…  Each one of those little trees costs at least $1,500 of our tax dollars to get in the ground!

And good to remember that the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law 23 years ago today!  



On to the fine week ahead:


Saturday, July 27th:   82nd Street Greenmarket 

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothing Collection – 9am – lpm 

At their tables you’ll find American Seafood, Bread Alone,  Samascott, Gajeski, Cherry Lane, Feather Ridge, Rising Sun Beef and Rabbits’ Run Farms.

Yes, and look for the Opera Collective to be back and making their beautiful music!

And we’ve lucked out for yet another week with our  Master Knife Sharpener in place under Tree #1 in the churchyard and ready to get those dull edges of yours up to snuff.

Last week’s recycling totals:  61 lbs batteries;  10 lbs Britta fillters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges; 5 pairs glasses;  15 bags of clothes;   8 compost bins.

YTD (from 1/5/13):  1,239 lbs batteries; 857 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords/CDs/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges; 121 pairs of eye glasses; 405 bags of clothes; 168 compost bins.

Can’t say it enough…  8 recording-breaking compost bins!!

Saturday, July 27th:  Annual Evening of Folk Dancing at Stuyvesant Cove

Stuyvesant Cove Park, Avenue C at 20th Street, 7pm

Expert Evelyn Diamond makes it simple with a series of easy-to-learn dance steps that’re perfect for a whole range of  classic ethnic and pop music.  Free.  Sponsored by the Stuyvesant Cove Park Association which says, “Every one welcome!  No experience necessary!”)

Sunday, July 28th:  92nd Street Greenmarket

 92nd Street and First Avenue, 9am-3pm                                           

                           Compost Collection 9am-1pm

With us will be Atlantic Seafood, Gonzales, Stannart, Glebocki and Norwich Meadows Farms, Bread Alone and Meredith’s Bakery.

Did you get your hands on some of Gonzales’ beautiful basil?  And Glebocki’s delicious peaches and nectarines?

Great to see that big crowd non-stop at the Stellar Cooks’ table!   

Last week’s recycling totals:  31 lbs batteries;  8 lbs Britta fillters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges;  1 1/2 compost bins. 

YTD (from 6/23/13):  87 lbs batteries;  55 lbs Britta fillters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges;  2 pairs eye glasses; 9 compost bins; 16,530 lbs of shredded paper.

Not bad for a viciously hot day!

Monday, July 29th:  “Finding Nemo” Screening

Hockey/Basketball Court, Carl Schurz Park, 8:30pm

The premier film Schurz Park’s annual summer Sunset Film Series.  So fun to sit and watch under a night sky with Esplanade a stone’s throw away!  Free with free popcorn while it lasts!   

Tuesday, July 30th:   Know Your Tools – Women & Trans DIY Workshop

Build It Green Gowanus, 69 9th Street, Brooklyn, 6:30-8:30pm

BIG’s new series  where the ladies can and do get down and dirty learning about tools…  Rumor has it this month  the July edition will include some plumbing fun!  Suggeted donation $5-$10.  For details and directions

Tuesday, August 6th:  Minetta Brook Walk

Meet at First Presbyterian Church, 12 West 12th Street, 6:30-8:30pm

This NYCH2O walk in July was such a success and so well-attended they’re kindly giving us another chance to travel the brook’s buried 1.5 mile bed and absorb the history that goes with it.   Urban explorer Steve Duncan leads the way.  $25.  For more and tickets… 

Wednesday, August 7th:   Evening Wolf Howl

Details with Ticket Purchase

Only…   And we mean only the Obscura Society could have cooked up an upclose and personal visit to the denizens of the Wolf Conservation of South Salem New York!  $65.  For complete info… 



Miscellany…  First and again, from atop our soapbox:

EeeeK!   Turns out  the Chobani yogurt people are feeding their cattle GMO grain!   Should you object… 

While we dither about getting high speed rail in our northeastern corridor, Hewlett-Packard’s reinvented the ancient Silk Road with trains carrying new-made electronics from China, across the vastness of Central Asia and Eastern Europe to – 7,000 miles later – Holland!! 

Interesting listening to WNYC’s Leonard Lopate’s interviewing NYPL chief Anthony Marx on the contraversy he got rolling with the plan to sell off Mid-Manhattan and refashion the unequaled 42nd Street building.

We already on top of much of NYMagazine‘s recent “Trash” article,  but we can always up our recycling game…  (Some interesting stats, too… Like we’ve paid 6 Carolinians $2.3 million for enduring the smell of the landfill we sent down to them! )

Going to reserve judgment till we pay a visit ourselves, but we’re certainly curious about the new Second Ave Subway Info Center on Second between 84th & 85th…

On to all the good news:

Believe it or not, it could well be that chickpeas will  become erstwhile Virginia tobacco farmers’ new cash crop!

Yet another innovation in getting fresh, local produce to the underserved…  The Bronx Mobile Market!

In case you missed the lovely Times piece on families that’ve lived in NYC for four/five/six generations

Inevitable but good it’s happening sooner rather than later that Citi Bike will soon be offering helmet rental!

Of course,  our NY Botanical Garden made the list, but most of these 13 must-see garden wonders were new to us…

(FYI, the Botanical Garden and Whole Foods have partnered in a contest for the best fresh cherry recipe!  For details…)

Seems we don’t often have the opportunity to sing the praises of a landlord…  But check out the terms of the leases this gentleman is offering

So happy to note that the interior of the Steinway Building on West 57th is landmarking consideration and is, in part, described thus:

“Murals, crystal chandeliers, marble columns and other opulent details abound in these rooms.  The word ‘showroom’ is rather an understatement.  Besides the undeniable architectural merits, the interiors are also culturally important.  As The New Yorker once put it, ‘almost every twentieth-century virtuoso has passed through.'”

Further on last week’s Ultimate Container Gardening in shopping bags, a short course on interior hi-tech container gardening, complete with a list of most air purifying plants!

At last, a really workable solution to organizing the tangled spaghetti that can be one’s many electronics cords

Even better, a foolproof locator for the things like that wandering TV remote… 

And for us flea market/tag sale junkies, a dedicated website, Tag Sale Style!

Then there’s this useful guide to best bug repellents!

As for the critters we don’t mind having close to us:

They’re not furry…  They don’t have feathers or down…  But they’re great at cleaning water and, thanks to Solar One,  Stuyvesant Cove’s now home to several hundred  baby…  Oysters!

Remember how surprised we all were at the ever increasing UES places populated by fireflies/lightning bugs last year?  Well, they’re back!  And The NYTimes has the lowdown…  (Like they’re beetles not flies!)

No kidding, the Audubon Society wants to hear from you…  Its Dr. Steve Kress is waiting to answer your most insanely difficult questions about puffins, Ospreys and/or terns!

You do know that any number of Manhattan spots are annual stops on the Monarch butterfly migration route, right?  And that Monarch Watch’s there to keep us all current on this amazing insect’s travels, science and lore? 

Okay, who would have thought we had a sufficient number of falconers to warrant official NYState Falconry Regulations?  We do and we have! 

We end in an entirely different vein than our usual with this lovely daughter’s memory of her father from StoryCorps…

Greenest wishes,



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