Happy 93 degrees Fahrenheit, UESiders!

If ever there was encouragement for us to be busy reducing Manhattan’s  heat island effect with NYC’s great Cool Roofs Program, these last couple of weeks (seems like an eternity) should be  it!

Cool Roofs even offers free white paint to many buildings!

But please, do be drinking plenty of water…  Doing your exercising in the early morning….  Going to a Cooling Center, if need be.  On the UES, those Centers being the Lenox Hill Neighborhood Center and the 96th Street Library.

As we swelter, let’s get down on the hot and humid…

Coming week:

Saturday, July 6th:   82nd Street Greenmarket 

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothing Collection – 9am – lpm 

With us will be American Seafood, Bread Alone,  Samascott, Gajeski, Cherry Lane, Feather Ridge, Rising Sun Beef and Rabbits’ Run Farms.

And, yes, our summer live music begins this Saturday with the much-loved Opera Collective!

Sounds that’ll go perfectly with Cherry Lane’s fantastic tomatoes and tiny Kirby cucumbers!

And we’ve got one more holiday weekend treat for you:  Master Knife Sharpener Barbara Hess will be at her table, too!

Last week’s recycling totals:  59 lbs batteries;  13 lbs Britta fillters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges; 5 pairs glasses;  17 bags of clothes;   7 compost bins.

YTD (from 1/5/13):  1,136 lbs batteries; 770 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords/CDs/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges; 110 pairs of eye glasses; 360 bags of clothes; 148 compost bins.

Another 7 compost bin week!

Sunday, July 7th:  92nd Street Greenmarket

92nd Street and First Avenue, 9am-4pm                                                        Compost Collection 9am-1pm

With us will be  Atlantic Seafood, Gonzales and Stannart  Farms, Bread Alone and Meredith’s Bakery.   

Happy to say, Norwich Meadows will be back under their tent, too!

PLUS…  The waiting is over!!  The fabulous ladies of the Stellar Cooks Program return with wonderful cooking demos, great new tastes you’ll love and invaluable nutritional info/advice!

Troncillito and Glebocki Farms will join us as their summer produce comes in.

Meanwhile, just love Gonzales’  purslain in salads!

And Stannart’s now got several kinds of squash!

Last week’s recycling totals:  21 lbs batteries;  6 lbs Britta fillters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and ink cartridges; 2 pairs glasses;  2 compost bins.

What a great start to the season!

Tuesdays, July 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th:  Highlights of the Cannes Film Festival with Gilles Jacob

French Institute/Alliance Francais,  22 East 60th

In celebration of the Cannes’ 65th b’day, FIAF’s screening favorite entries of  the festival’s legendary president, Gilles Jacob.  For films, times and tickets

And then:

Saturday, July 13th:  Pepacton Resevoir Paddle II

Route 28, near Margretville, New York,   11am-pm

This time NYCH2O’s exploring the resevoir containing the largest amount of NYC water.  Catskill native and adventure guide Carl Apolito will be leading paddlers in 2-person  canoes and single-person kayaks.  For transportation and canoe, $85.   Without transportation but with canoe, $40.   There’s van transportation from Midtown.  For more options, info and tickets

Sunday, July 14th:  Shred-A-Thon – Semi Instant Replay Edition

First Avenue between 92nd and 93rd Streets, 10am-2pm

And we’ll be shredding:

Paper of any and every kind!

But, remember, NO cardboard or handled shopping bags.

And please do remove paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.   (Take them to Goodwill.)

But we will shred paperbacks.)

Tuesday, July 16th:  Get Green Meeting

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, 331 East 70th Street, 6:30-8pm

NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and and Development will be filling us in on green financing, water and energy conservation, recycling, weatherization and utility incentives.  Organized by City Council Member Jessica Lappin.

Wednesday, July 19th:   Summer Nights at Greenmarkets

Union Square Park, Union Square West at 17th Street, 4-8pm

Celebrate the day 37 years ago when the first NYC Greenmarket ever  opened for business…   Natch, the usual great produce, meats and cheeses, along with live music and offerings from a ”curated roster of restaurants”!   Free but registering gets you $1 off each dish! 

Saturday, July 20th:  6th Annual City of Water Day Festival

All Around Town, 10am-5pm

Boating of all kinds (cruises, rowing yourself), music, food, a green roof,  a ton of other exhibits and activities…  Check it out!  

Friday, July 26th:  Department of Transportation Traffic Management Center Tour

28-11 Queens Plaza North, Long Island City, 2 tours 12-1pm and 1-2pm

And we quote from Open House:  “Feel the pulse of the city up close at the New York City Department of Transportation’s Traffic Management Center (TMC)! Home to 12,500 traffic signals and 250 real-time traffic cameras!”   Free.  For tickets

Friday, July 26th through Tuesday, July 30th:  Long Cook – A “Breaking Bad” Marathon 

Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, 144 West 65th Street 

For both fans and those who’ve never sampled the deservedly much-honored series:  Total immersion complete with the show’s creator and many of its stars!!   Free.  First come first get tickets.  For schedule and further details



On to miscellany:

Okay, so in case you haven’t heard (and we should be grateful the number isn’t worse)…    BUT one in 9 of our city’s bridges has significant structural problems

On the upside:

Very happy to pass on the good news that, to date, a whopping 1.5 million pounds of compost have been collected at our Greenmarkets!

Even gladder to note that legislation to restrict the use of antibiotics in livestock has been introduced in the U.S. Senate!

As well as pass on the news that opponents of the $300 million 42nd Library redo/sale of Mid-Manhattan have filed suit.

And that Senator Schummer’s pushing legislation to control pollution of the Great Lakes

AND that an appellate court’s reversed a lower court’s decision, finding that funding public transportation is a legitimate state fuction!

We’ve kind of had it with visioning, maquettes, etc. that never move off paper, but the Municipal Art Society’s Call for Proposals: Promoting Resilience of the Region through Innovative Planning and Design” does sound promising

For some time, yurts pretty much fell off our radar screen…  Now they’re back and with the vengeance they so justly deserve!

Meanwhile, good to have advice on which and how many batteries to have on hand for emergencies

How’s this for two last bits of post-4th deep Americana:

Holy crow!  The thought never occured that  a recording of Walt Whitman’s voice ever existed to survive to this day…  But there is!!

Then there’s that Story Corps recording…  The recollections of two men who grew up on Liberty Island where their father was caretaker!

As for those animals:

You bet there’s now a Baby Puffin Cam…  (Amazing how perfectly feathered this 3-day old chick is!)

Vital as they are to the marine eco system, horseshoe crabs can be hard to warm to…  Not so the tiny, delicate, gorgeous newly-born/hatched:

Baby Horseshoe Crab

Ready or not, we give you the poodle cat

Every day we’re more green,



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