Happy Alligators in New York Sewers Day, UESiders!

Okay, so the actual date is February 9th and we discovered  its existence only this past Monday but, really, we say this is an occasion that demands recognition, even if on the tardy side!

All joking aside and infinitely more deserving of our attention during this Black History Month is the Place Matters’ distinguished choice for February:  Fort Greene’s P.S. 67 Charles A. Dorsey School.   (Read every word!)

May the thermometer stay above 32F this coming week:

Saturday, February 16th:   82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am –2pm

Compost & Clothing Collection – 9am – lpm 

With us will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Samascott, Gajeski, Feather Ridge, Rising Sun Beef and Rabbit’s Run Farms.

And, yes, the new market promotion continues…  Just introduce/refer a friend/friends to the market and earn prizes for yourself!   See Market Manager Emma for details!

AND…  Through the end of March, Greenmarket doubles WIC Fruit and Vegetable benefits!   Spend a $6, $10, or $15 check and receive an equal amount in FREE Greenmarket Bucks to spend on market fruits and vegetables. 

Last week’s recycling totals:  57 lbs batteries;  46 lbs #5,  Britta filters/cords/corks/CD/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and cartridges;  16 bags of clothes;  6 3/4 compost bins.

YTD (from 1/5/13):  317 lbs batteries; 270 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords/CDs/DVDs/jewel cases/cellphones and cartridges; 4 pairs of eye glasses; 90 bags of clothes; 32 3/4 compost bins.

Can’t get over those 6 3/4 bins!!

Saturday, March 9th:  SHRED-A-THON – Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Curbside, St. Stephen of Hungary Church, 82nd Street between First & York, 10am – 2pm

What we’ll take:

Paper of any and every kind!

But please NO cardboard or handled shopping bags.

And please do remove paper clips and spiral bindings. 

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.  (But we’ll take your paperbacks.)

(Thank you, Council Member Lappin, for your generous grant!)

sea buckthorn

sea buckthorn

Miscellany…  And all over the lot:

Apologies but we’d be remiss if we didn’t note that the NYState sites where the frackers would like to drill have been identified…  In a publication entitled – yikes! –  Marcellus Drilling News!

But then, there’s a competition we like:

Heartened as we are by Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed styrofoam ban, London’s Boris Johnson’s intending to ban all but electric and low emission vehicles from central London!

(If you need to read up on what Mayor B. has in mind…) 

A shout out to General Motors, too, for offering a downloadable blueprint summarizing its process for making its plants and facilities landfill free…  This to help companies of all sizes and  industries reduce waste through reuse, recycling or energy recovery! 

To AERC Recycling Solutions and GTC, as well…  Two companies which’ve devised a method for recovering rare earth metals from burned out fluorescent bulbs!  (This after the mercury’s been removed.)

More electronic recycling alternatives from reader Jenifer Grant and we quote:

“I recycle all my electronics through Dell Reconnect http://dellreconnect.com.   The Goodwill on Second and 88th/89th takes just about everything (call first to make sure) and donations are tax deductible as charitable donations.  The proceeds from the recycling go to Goodwill.”

(Not for a second have we thrown in the towel on our own local events!)

More dry cleaners all over our city say they’re green (seems to go with the gentrified and the gentrifying).   Here’s how to determine how genuine those claims are

Then there’s Consumer Reports’ ratings of disposable/biodegradable plates…   (Chinet, etc.)

Nice to hear that some Minnesota graffiti artists have made a commitment to recycling their empty cans   (Hope our locals join in…  Along with being more respectful of what they “decorate”.)

Why wouldn’t have trees have history, too?

Japanese Red Maple

Japanese Red Maple

When Swedish doctor-botanist Carl Thunberg travelled  to the largely unknown Japan in the late Eighteenth Century, he smuggled out drawings of a small tree that would eventually become synonymous with the high art of oriental gardens.   The first specimen of the tree reached England in 1820 and was named Acer palmatum after the hand-like shape of its leaves.   (For more…)

While we’re in the garden, here’re a couple of very eco DIY sprays for pesky bugs

And why shouldn’t there be recycling thieves?  Indeed, 6 wild and crazy guys in Tennessee are charged with stealing tractor trailer loads of scrap metal worth $1.8 million! 

Meanwhile, a 100-plus miles to our north…

2/7 – Schenectady, HRM 157:  A team of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory scientists tested a new ice-imaging system for polar transport aircraft on the Hudson River today at dawn…  The Hudson, its frozen surface more like layers of mica than ice as it caught the light.  – Margie Turrin, Lamont Science IcePod Team

Yes, yes…  Time for those animals:

So good to hear that the decidedly uncuddly wolverine is nigh on to getting federal protection!

Joining the list of unlikely animal BFFs are – hard as it is to believe – dogs and cheetahs!

Aristotle believed that swallows hibernated in the mud of ponds like frogs and ascribed the similar seasonal disappearances of doves and kites to hibernationa as well.  Indeed, over the centuries, naturalists and scientists were puzzled by what they perceived as the sudden arrival of bird species from lands unknown.

We’re seeing green tips of daffodils everywhere,


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