Greetings, UESiders!

Happy to announce to those that haven’t heard that as of last Monday a new lawsuit was filed against the proposed 91st Street MTS.  Plaintiffs include Assembly Member Micah Kellner, SaneTrash President Jed Garfield and Isaacs Homes resident and Community Board 8 member Lorraine Johnson.

Then on Tuesday, the 93rd Street Block Association, the Isaacs and Holmes Associations and Upper Green Side delivered a DVD onto which more than 2,000 postcards signed by residents of the 5 towers and their supporters opposing the MTS had been scanned to Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn and all members of the City Council!

To quote from the letter that accompanied that DVD:  “Together we have united in a relationship that reaches far and wide and includes not only the resident leaders of Isaacs/Holmes, the Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center, as well  as their Youth and Senior Programs, the Eiseman Nursery School and Day Care Center, but also includes the director of New York’s largest mosque, the Islamic Cultural Center on East 96th Street. Yes, our community’s fight against the proposed new MTS has far-reaching friends to the north, south, east and west.”

And no way these new, wonderful relationships will end with the demise of the MTS.

And now for the week ahead:

Friday, June 29th:  “The World According to Monsanto” Screening

The Gallery, John Haynes Holmes House, 28 East 35th Street between Madison and Park, 7pm

A filmic examination of Monsanto’s controversial past which – the filmmakers assert – includes a combination of some of the most questionable products ever sold with misleading reports, pressure tactics, collusion, attempted corruption and now genetically engineered (and patented) food.  A suggested $5 donation.

Saturday,  June 30th:   82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am – 2pm                                               Compost Collection – 9am – 1pm

At their tables will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Raghoo, Samascott, Gajeski, Fresh Radish, Cherry Lane, Rising Sun Beef and Rabbits’ Run Farms.

Master Knife Sharpener Barbara Hess will be with us too!

Should be even more tomatoes this week!

Yes, Bread Alone’s Maple Twists are pretty darned great!

Last week’s recycling totals:  40 lbs batteries; 22 lbs #5,  Britta filters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones and cartridges; 4 pairs of eyeglasses; 25 bags of clothes and 3 compost bins!

YTD (from 1/7/12) totals: 923 lbs batteries; 469 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords, CDs/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones, cartridges; 27 pairs of glasses;  127 bags of clothes; 23 7/8 compost bins.



Saturday, June 30th:  Recycle-O-Rama – Early Summer Edition

82nd Street Greenmarket,  between First and York, 10am – 3pm

Bring us your aged electronics yearning to be dismantled… Your boxes and bags of paper begging to be shredded…  All that #5 plastic, corks, batteries, CDs/DVDs, ink cartridges, eye glasses. compost and clothes in search of a new and useful life…

Electronics Accepted:

•    Computers (laptops & desktops, servers, mainframes)
•    Monitors
•    Printers, scanners, fax-machines, copiers
•    Network devices (routers, hubs, modems, etc.)
•    Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, etc.)
•    Components (hard drives, CD-ROMs, circuit boards, power supplies, etc.)
•    TVs, VCRs, & DVD Players
•    Video-games and audio visual equipment
•    Cell phones, pagers, PDAs
•    Telecommunication (phones, answering machines, etc.)

Please…  Remember:  NO APPLIANCES.


Please remove paper clips and spiral bindings.

Thank you, Council Member Lappin, for the generous grant that’s made yet another orgy of greenness possible!

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.  (But we’ll take your paperbacks.)

Sunday, July 1st:   92nd Street Greenmarket

First Avenue between 92nd and 93rd Street, 9am – 4pm                                  Compost collection 9am – 1pm

American Seafood, Gonzalez Farm, Meredith’s Bakery, Norwich Meadows Farm, Phillips Farm Vegetables, Stannard Farms and Bread Alone.  

Was Nicole’s salad demo ever first rate?  (Gonzalez Farm sold out every leaf of their greens!)

Bread Alone will have Maple Twists at 92nd too!

And we personally rejoiced to see the little neck squash on Norwich’s table!

Meanwhile and awesomely, compost collected doubled from week 1 to week 2!

Last week’s recycling totals:  14 lbs batteries; 10 lbs #5,  Britta filters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones and cartridges; 1 bin of compost! 

YTD (from 6/17/12) totals: 26 lbs batteries; 17 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords, CDs/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones, cartridges;  1 1/2 compost bins.


Coming up soon:

Friday, July 19th: Storm Water Infrastructure Matters (S.W.I.M.)  Public Meeting

Horticultural Society of New York, 148 West 37th Street, 13th Floor, 3-5pm

Presentations – from the great folks keeping a careful eye on our city’s substantial waste water problems – include the Green Infrastructure Webmap and Sustainable Stormwater Management on Redeveloped Brownfield Sites in NYC.   Free.

Saturday, July 21st:  Raindrop to Reservoir Hike

Big Indian Wilderness,  Seager, New York,  10am – 3pm

Naturalist, and Catskill area native Aaron Bennett leads a pretty rigorous but gorgeous  7.5 mile hike along the Shandaken Brook from its birthplace as a groundwater seep to its mouth at Pepacton Reservoir.  $25 without transportation from the city; $50 with transportation.  For details and tickets

Thursday, July 26th:  “The Vanishing City” Screening

Macaulay Honors College Screening Room, 35 West 67th Street, 6pm

NYU’s over-the-top expansion…  The unending, Herculean struggle to get anything landmarked…  The filmmakers of “The Vanishing City” think they know the whys to these  and more.  $10 for Landmarks West members; $15 for non- members.  Tickets must be purchased in advance

From the ever-bulging miscellaneous file:

So, in this week’s negative column we have (1) the NYState Legislature failing to vote on the Solar Jobs Act, (2) Senators Schumer and Gillibrand both and inscruptably voting “nay” on labeling GMO products, (3) Republicans voting to continue styrofoam container use in the Capitol cafeteria and (4) a federal court ruling that public television stations may run political ads if they wish…


On the plus side:  The NYS Assembly voted to (1) close the Hazardous Waste Loophole and pass (2) the Evironmental Protection Fund Enhancement, (3) the Global Warming Pollution Cap, (4) the Child Safe Products Act and the (5)Sewage Pollution Right To Know Act!  

What’s more, moments ago, a federal appeals court upheld EPA’s climate pollution emission standards, rejecting four legal challenges that had been filed by industry groups and several states’ attorneys general. 

Why is it always the wish of the powerful to proceed with a plan even when it’s admittedly bad?  Case and point (in addition to the MTS):  The Tappan Zee Bridge replacement design sans public transit lanes!

Meanwhile, once again they’re threatening the poor little spotted owl.  If you’d like to speak up in its defense… 

There’s a short follow-up film by the fellow who made the great anti-fracking documentary “Gasland”:  “The Sky Is Pink”.

Did we know that the Delaware – much threatened by possible fracking on both its New York and Pennsylvania banks – is the longest undammed river on the Eastern Seaboard?

Meanwhile, under a new Pennsylvania law, doctors in can access information about chemicals used in natural gas extraction (that is, fracking), but they won’t be able to share it with their patients.

If you’d like more details on what’s in the new farm bill

You’re right…  Closing of area beaches due to water quality issues was “sharply up” last year.  “Sharply up” as in double the 2010 number.  New Jersey and Connecticut did their part, but NYC’s totally antiquated waste water system deserves worst licks.

And, yes, you’re totally right that park land is in short supply on the UES…  (So let’s build a MTS right next to some of the little we do have!) 

Lightening up:

Three cheers and then some for the Asphalt Green swimmers attending the Olympic trials!

Kinda’ fabulous that some 2 million of us wrote to the EPA in support of its proposed new carbon pollution standards!

Haven’t read anything with quite the slant of this Atlantic article on the family farm

A lovely statement on national values that Americans would chose living in a walkable neighborhood over residing in a McMansion.

A new, great list (and exhibition) from none other than the Library of Congress:  88 Books That Shaped America!

Another book to note…  This on the history and impact of the American parking lot:  “ReThinking a Lot:  The Design and Culture of Parking” by Eran Ben-Joseph.

Humans never cease to amaze…  A prime example being this tackle shop owner and his rather special hobby

Meanwhile, this architectural history of New York Hospital from The Times great Christopher Gray.

Are we alone in not knowing about the UES’s Henderson Place at the end of 86th?

Here’s a pretty fun local offer:  On Mondays and Tuesdays in June and July, you can munch on Pintale’s Pizza’s large Neopolitan pie while listening to opera.  $9.99.  Bring your own wine and/or beer. 

Yes, we hear you…  Animals:

Would be a stretch to call it cute, so let’s say this baby Sumatran rhino is really sweet

Same for this little African rhino having her bottle

The Lower East Side has a 140,000 new residents…  140,000 aphid-fighting lady bugs!

This while 20 Anglo-Nubian goats devour invasive plant life at the soon-to-be-Freshkills Park.

Yes, we have countless national lifeforms (i.e. our national bird, the bald eagle), but no national mammal to date.  If you consider the bison the best choice for that star turn, then cast your vote

Greenness is the zen-est state of mind,


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