Happy, Happy Earth Week, UESiders!

Happy weekly compost collection!!  Happy weekly clothing collection!!  Happy return of our Master Knife Sharpener!! 

Happy Spring SAFE Disposal Event!!

Happy next weekend’s Recycle-O-Rama!!  

Happy new UES Landmarked Structure  #127

  Barbizon Hotel for Women
140 East 63rd Street
Built: 1927-28
Architect: Murgatroyd & Ogden

Thanks to all who wrote the Landmarks Commission!

(To read more about this distinguished building.)

Then bask in the green glow of the next 7 days:

Saturday, April 21st:   82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street between First and York, 9am – 2pm

With us will be American Seafood, Bread Alone, Raghoo, Gajeski, Samascott, Rising Sun Beef and Rabbits’ Run Farms.  (Ballard Honey is taking the week off.)

And, as they promised, Silver Thread Vineyard will be back at their table.

AND, as we’ve said, Master Knife Sharpener Barbara Hess will also be returning. 

AND, you bet, our great coupon event continues:



AND  the waiting has now come to an end:


Joining the great Saturday market crew, riding herd on our collection and insuring its excellence will be Compost Coordinator Shayla. 

Here’re the “organic matter” you can bring:


  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • YES Non-greasy foood scraps (rice, pasta, bread, cereal, etc.)
  • Coffee grounds & filters and tea bags
  • Eggs and nut shells, fruit and vegetable pits
  • Cut and dried flowers, houseplants and potting soil


  • NO Meat
  • NO Fish
  • NO Bones
  • NO Greasy food scraps
  • NO Fat or oil
  • NO Dog or cat waste
  • NO Kitty litter, coal or charcoal
  • NO Coconuts
  • NO Diseased or insect-infested houseplants
  • NO Soil
  • NO Compostable plastics

(Store in fridge or freezer to reduce/eliminate odors.)

As for clothes: 

  •  Hats
  •  Belts
  •  Linens
  •  Fabrics of all kinds
  •  Shoes


Last week’s recycling totals:  43 lbs batteries and 14 lbs #5,  Britta filters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones and cartridges and 2 pairs of glasses.

YTD (from 1/7/12) totals:  598 lbs batteries; 232 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords, CDs/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones, cartridges and 18 pairs of glasses. 

(Another  great Earth Week gift to our Mother Earth!)  

Saturday, April 21st, 10am – 7pm and Sunday, April 22nd, 11am – 6pm:  2012 Green Festival

Javitts Center North, Eleventh Avenue between 39th & 40 Streets

Organic food, live music and, more to the point, a Green Marketplace featuring products and services, DIY green workshops, lectures from environmental notables and much more.  For tickets – from $10 – $49 – and further details


Sunday, April 22nd:   NYC SAFE Disposal Event

Union Square, 10sm – 4pm

What better day than to clear out aging, unused and potentially harmful items from paint to pesticides to antifreeze, motor oil, thermometers, glue and electronics?  For the full – and it is impressively long – list

This is truly fabulous, folks!  (And see if your super’s got some of this stuff mouldering in basement!)

Sunday, April 22nd:  The Making of Planet Earth

BBC America, Time Warner Channel 106

More fabulous BBC nature programming and narrated by Dan Stevens (“Downtown Abbey’s” Matthew.  For those of you who haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon’s great send-up of the series).

Mondays, April 23rd through May 21st:  Monday Evening Audubon Spring Central Park Migration Walks

Meet at 72nd Street and Central Park West, 5:30 – 7pm

Witness the beauty and spectacle of spring migration as songbirds follow the great Atlantic Flyway north with the great Gabriel Willow as your guide.  Limited to 15.  $95 for the series of 5 walks.  To register… 

Next week’s just as action-packed:

Saturday, April 28th:  Recycle-O-Rama – Aprez Tax Edition

St. Catherine’s Park, First Avenue between 67th and 68th, 10am – 3pm

Electronics recycling …  Paper shredding…  Clothes collection…  It’s still Earth Day here on the UES!

Please print out those posters/flyers and get up in your buildings and into friends’ hands!

Electronics Accepted:

•    Computers (laptops & desktops, servers, mainframes)
•    Monitors
•    Printers, scanners, fax-machines, copiers
•    Network devices (routers, hubs, modems, etc.)
•    Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, etc.)
•    Components (hard drives, CD-ROMs, circuit boards, power supplies, etc.)
•    TVs, VCRs, & DVD Players
•    Video-games and audio visual equipment
•    Cell phones, pagers, PDAs
•    Telecommunication (phones, answering machines, etc.)



Please remove paper clips and spiral bindings.

NO HARDCOVER BOOKS.  (But we do take paperbacks.)


Including hats, belts, fabric of all kinds and shoes…  All in any condition.

Eye glasses, too!

Thanks, Council Member Lappin!

Saturday, April 28th: National Drug Take-Back Initiative Day 

Lenox Hill Hospital Lobby, 100 East 77th Street, 10am – 2pm

No question, a whole lot of recycling going on…  But how great to be able to get rid of those ancient prescriptions you’re far too environmentally evolved to flush away or rinse down a drain!  

Saturday, April 28th:  New York Rooftop Camping Event

A Rooftop in Brooklyn, 4pm – 8pm Camping Workshop, Camping Overnight

Yet another unique celebration of Obscura Day…  A night spent under the sky, five floors up, in the heart of Brooklyn.  Organized by Bivouac New York.  $50 with dinner included.  For more and tickets…  

Saturday, May 5th:  Bike Share Open House

Grand Central Library, 135 East 46th Street, between Lexington & Third

It’s coming…  It’s almost here…  So here’s your chance to visit with Department of Transportation staff and check out the Bike Share Bikes coming to a Bike Share Station near you.  There’ll be a bicycle giveaway, too!  For more on the program

Saturday, May 19th:  Birding by Canoe in Constitution Marsh

Constitution Marsh Audubon Center & Sanctuary, Cold Spring, New York, 9am – 4:30pm

Paddle through this spectacular 271-acre tidal marsh with naturalists  Gabriel Willow and Marsh’s Eric Lind.  Observe marsh birds up close with possible sightings that include Virginia rails, spotted sandpipers, and Louisiana water thrushes, warblers and bald eagles!  Limited to 12.  $90 with travel by van included.  To sign up

Way out there:

Wednesday, June 6th:  Reimagining the Waterfront – Design Ideas Competition Exhibition

Museum of the City of New York,  1220 Fifth Avenue at 101st Street, 7 days a week, 10am – 6pm 

Reimagining our Upper East Side waterfront, that is…  Our Upper East Side Esplanade.  Very different visions by the were 90 some entrants from all over the world with the winner’s laurel bestowed on Joseph Wood of New Jersey!  Adults: $10; Seniors and students: $6; Families: $20; Members and children 12 and under:  Free)  For details…  

On to some righteous miscellany:

Think selling McDonald’s in hospitals isn’t such a great idea?

Or after this past non-winter the American Meteorological Society should update its official statement on climate change

Or that the threatened Menhaden – an essential link in the ocean food chain – should be given some breathing room?

In that regard, check out this gorgeous photo of glacial run-off in Iceland:

Facebook people:  Vote for the best Green Roof…  One of the contenders being in NYC! 

Be nice if this mertensia virginica were growing on that roof:


Three cheers for the government of Quebec that’s decided there’ll be no fracking while a thorough study is done… A study that’ll include visits to heavily fracked areas of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York State.

Meanwhile, up there in the north of our state a Canadian company’s proposing to frack with propane!

Believe it or not but as gasoline prices climb, there are people out there in America stealing used restaurant oil…  Yes, grease rustling is on the rise!

This while Singapore’s fabricating what they’re calling “The Forest of the Future“…

And our mayor’s adding to his helicopter collection

Meanwhile: Attention, boat owners!  Going Coastal’s now offering free pump-out services at several locations along NY shores.   Pretty great.

And check out NYState’s download-able 2012 Camping Guide! 

So, how about some animals:

Two tense days at the UES’s Engine 22 Ladder 13 Firehouse until Carlow, their mascot kitten, was found

The world’s been needing an accurate emperor penguin survey and now it’s got one…  Make that 600,000!

And we’ve got many times that more eels in area waters this year!

Yes, ducks play catch

Ummm…  A baby snow leopard… 

Only right that we close with another excerpt from the Hudson River Almanac:

4/7 – Manhattan, HRM 11: Further evidence of the renewed ecology and cleanliness of the Hudson River in New York City – a muskrat I saw last week swimming and landing on the city shoreline near the Little Red Lighthouse underneath the George Washington Bridge. The muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) is a medium-sized semi-aquatic native rodent and was a source of both food and fur to the native Algonquian people who lived here before the Europeans arrived 400 years ago. The meat is said to be tender and similar in taste to duck. In the early twentieth century, coats made of muskrat fur were labeled as “Hudson seal fur.” Growing up to two feet in length, they are smaller than beavers that can also be found in this region.     – Mark Gluck

And, of course, those of us of a certain age will recall “Muskrat Love”…

This Earth Week, may we be intensely green,


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