Erin Go Bragh, UESiders!!

Coincidentally (but why not designate it as prelude), NASA will be firing off 5 rockets in a 5 minute burst between midnight and 1:30am tonight…  This to study winds at the very edge of space…  And maybe see if any leprechauns are lurking and making mischief up there.

Meanwhile, on the UES Sanitation front, check out the more- thorough-than-is-usually-the-case and lengthy coverage of MTS controversy on (local) Fox’s Street Talk, during which Council Member Lappin is particularly effective.   (Note: there are 3 separate segments.)

Continuing on the subject of things Sanitation, it’s good to know that the property on which the erstwhile East 73rd Street garbage truck garage on East 73rd once stood has been sold.  Great that this grungy facility is over and done with on CB8 turf…  Not that we wish it on any other neighborhood.  To read more… 

And it’s not like the DSNY garage on East 99th and disgustingly across the street from Metropolitan Hospital is going away any time soon, if ever.    

But let’s wrap up this into passage with two wonderful tales of New York walls…  First being yet another discovery downtown, this time of a 3 centuries old stone rampart…  Second, back on the holiday theme  and courtesy of reader Jack Donaghy, a short history of the enduring walls still protecting the old St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.  

Oh!  And we just have to note that GrowNYC’s School Gardens Grow to Learn Program  not only just celebrated its first anniversary, but also enrolled its 200th school!  To learn more

So, what’s up this week?

Now through June:  MillionTreeNYC Tree Giveaway

NYRP and more than two dozen partners are providing FREE trees to New Yorkers from March to June…  Their biggest giveaway yet!  Register online to find your nearest location, the pick-up days and get your tree.

Now through Sunday, July 15th:  The Greatest Grid – The Masterplan of Manhattan 1811`-`2011

Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue

How our admirably rational street plan came to be, complete with the hand-drawn maps from which it evolved.  For tickets, days, hours and accompanying lectures… 

Saturday, March 17th:   82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street, between First and York, 9am – 2pm

With us will be American O’Seafood, Silver Thread O’Vineyard, Bread O’lone, Ragho’O, O’Gajeski, O’Samascott,  Rising Sun O’Beef and O’Rabbits’ Run Farms. 

And no way our great Market Manager Caroline would let the day go uncelebrated.  As we write, she’s home and brining a Rising Sun brisket and turning it into corned beef that’ll be served up Saturday at her table with the requisite, traditional cabbage!


Last week’s recycling totals:  37 lbs batteries and 8 lbs #5,  Britta filters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones and cartridges and 6 pairs of glasses .

YTD (from 1/7/12) totals:  386 lbs batteries; 170 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords, CDs/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones and cartridges and 10 pairs of glasses. 

Stunning, folks.

Friday, March 16th:  The Future of Urban Farming

Horticultural Society of New York, 148 West 37th Street, 13th Floor, 10am – 2:30pm

What should we be doing with 25,000 farm-able acres within our city’s border…  And that’s not counting roofs.  So, how do we following in the footsteps of trail-blazing NYC community gardens and the Brooklyn Grange?  Breakfast and lunch included.  $15.  For more and to register

Friday, March 16th:  NYSkies Bi-Monthly Astronomy Seminar

McBurney House, 125 West 14 Street, between Sixth & Seventh, 6:30 – 9:30pm

The subject this session:  Reliving Sputnik Days…  One heck of a weird, scary, Cold War time!  Free. 

Tuesday, March 20th:  92nd Street Greenmarket Renewal

New York Blood Center, 310 East 67th Street, between First and Second, 6:30pm

One last time…  Come – even for a few minutes – and tell Community Board 8′s Street Fair Committee the depth and breadth of your support for our 92nd Street Market, how much the great Stellar cooks have taught us all about eating right (even those of us who previously thought our diets walked on water) and how it’s brought our wonderfully disparate community together more than ever!

All else failing:  EMAIL…  OR WRITE  (Street Fairs Committee, Community Board 8, 505 Park Avenue, 10065)!!

Wednesday, March 21st:  Our Boilers, Ourselves – Reloaded

GE Monogram Center, 150 East 58th Street, 10th Floor, 6:30pm

Expert Henry Gifford of Gifford Fuel Saving imparts boiler knowledge you never knew was to be known about that fossil-fuel-eater in your basement.  Sponsored by GreenHomeNYC.  Free but please RSVP.

Thursday, March 22nd:  The Boiler Dilemma – Are There Reliable Alternatives to Natural Gas

Community Church of New York, 40 East 35th Street, 6:30pm

Boilers are an important part of the energy mix.  In additional to energy wasting, there’s all the pollution they produce…  But not if these efficiency experts – Chris Benedict, Dehran Duckworth and Ron Kamen – have their way.  Sponsored by numerous churches and eco groups including the Sierra Club and the Friends of the Clearwater.  Free.

Thursday, March 22nd:  Blue and Gold – Water Wars Screening

Syska Hennessy Group, 1515 Broadway, between 44th & 45th, 6:30

The precip we’ve had this last year makes it hard to keep in mind that conservation of potable water is one of the issues of our time…  This film is a reminds  us all of the many reasons why.  $10 but a RSVP is a must (scroll down).

Coming Up:

Tuesday, April 3rd: Wild Bird Fund Takes Flight

“Birdie” Vanderbilt Mansion, 60 East 93rd Street, 6:30 – 9pm

Believe it or not, New York is the only major city without a wildlife rehabilitation center!  But Ms. Vanderbilt and the Wild Bird Fund aim to change this sorry state of affairs with this benefit/fundraiser.  $100.  For tickets and more… 

Thursday, April 12th and every second Thursday each month thereafter:  City Chicken Workshop 

87-91 Schenectady Avenue., Crown Heights

From designing a coop to feeding your hens to passing City health inspections.  No price or time set as yet.  For more… 

On to miscellany, commencing in the activist mode:

Think the powers-that-be should inform us whenever there’s a stewage overflow or spill  in NY?  If so, pay a visit to the Riverkeeper’s petition

Or that BPA should be prohibited from use in our food packaging

Granted many of the public spaces created by high-rises (so they could be built higher still) are pretty bleak and ill-maintained, but the one-time playground at the Camargue on 83rd…  Well, read for yourself… 

Guess what?  Thanks to the Amazon petition, they’re no longing selling whale and dolphin products on its Japanese site!

Okay, enough of that:

Are organic eggs worth the price? Consumer Reports answers with a resounding and unequicoable YES!

Recycle giant played-out electronic billboards like the ones in Times Square?  Yes, indeed! 

How about a video tour of a Passivhaus – Passive House – design, an approach developed in Germany and built in Maine.  Zero heating bills over a Maine winter it’s claimed!  Read the article and then watch

The Smithsonian’s putting some fun and varied quizes on line…

Ready for some animals:

Who says a pumpkin isn’t the world’s most exciting plaything?  Yeah, well, tell that to this red panda

Remember that rufous hummingbird that’s been hanging out at the Museum of Natural History:

2/23 – Manhattan, New York City, HRM 5.5: The rufous hummingbird continued through today at the West 81st Street entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. Look for it at the feeder to the right of the entrance.      

                                 Tony Lauro, Tom Burke

Awwww…  An affectionate prairie dog clan

Love this penguin photo

And this of the Bird of the Week

No better way to end than with baby hedgehogs!

Every day is a day to be green,


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