Greetings, UESiders!

Good MTS rally today.   So good that several of contractors climbed over the chest high fence separating the MTS driveway and Asphalt Green building…  This rather than walk past the very orderly crowd of protesters massed at the driveway gate!     Yup, really.  They did.


Ladies:  Did we know there was at least a little lead in all our lipsticks?  Well, there is and the FDA’s presently pondering the obvious decision to institute a ban but, in the meantime, here’s the FDA’s breakdown detailing how much is present in some 400 bands.

On to the week ahead: 

Now And For The Foreseeable Future:   Warm Up With Wildlife 

The Bronx Zoo, 2300 Southern Boulevard, The Bronx

Feeling chilly?  You need a visit to the 800 tropical critters of Zoo’s Jungle World.   (Don’t miss the Bug Carousel and Dora and Diego’s Adventure in 4D.)  Need we say “family friendly”?  Tickets $4.  For hours, directions and more

Friday, February 17th:  New York Skies Seminar

McBurney House, 125 W 14 Street, 6:30 between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, 6:30 – 9:30pm

This session:  “The astro of -logy and -nomy”!  Believe it or not, in spite of the divergence of function, there are many features of astrology that do apply to astronomy.  (If you haven’t experienced star enthusiast John Pazmino, do yourself that favor.)  Free.

Saturday, February 18th:   82nd Street Greenmarket

82nd Street, between First and York, 9am – 2pm

Tabling will be the good people of American Seafood, Silver Thread Vineyard, Bread Alone, Raghoo, Gajeski, Samascott,  Rising Sun Beef and Rabbits’ Run Farms.  (Snow-clogged PA roads kept Rabbits’ Run at home last week.)

Last week’s totals:  43 lbs batteries and 16 lbs #5,  Britta filters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones and cartridges and 5 pairs glasses.

YTD (from 1/7/12) totals:  226 lbs batteries; 120 lbs #5, Britta filters, corks, cords, CDs/DVDs, jewel cases, celllphones and cartridges. 


Tuesday, February 21st:  “Gasland” Screening

Einhorn Auditorium, Lenox Hill Hospital, 133 East 76th Street, 7pm

The Academy Award nominated exploration of fracking and the devastation it’s wrought our Pennsylvania neighbors.  Presented by Food & Water Watch and Assembly Member Kellner.  Free but you’ll need to RSVP to Food & Water Watch or call AM Kellner’s office at 212-860-4906.     

Out there:  

Saturday, March 3rd:  H2O Tour of the Yonkers Sewage Plant 

Quoting from H2O’s invitation:  “Ever wonder what happens to water after it leaves your house?”  Well, now’s your chance to  “follow the flow” of sewage as it’s treated and learn what happens to the end product.   For more, directions and to RSVP:  (Preference given to educators and people working in the ecology field.)

Thursday, March 15th through Sunday, April 15th:  Whack’d – Portraits of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors

First Floor, Medical Science Building, NYU Langone Medical Center, 550 First Avenue,  round the clock

Twelve powerful paintings by artist Eliette Markhbein – herself a survivor of traumatic brain injury – of others so injured and who more than lived to tell the tale…  Among them Keith Richards, George Clooney, Bob Woodward and Troy Aikman.

Way out there:

Saturday, April 14th:  Local Food & Travel Expo

Skylight One Hanson, 1 Hanson Street, Brooklyn, 12 – 5pm

Yes, you can sample local wines, cheese, fudge, chocolate, jam, apple juice and a myriad other regional farm-fresh, regional foods, but the real gold here is info about the many options existing for sustainable getaways and agri-tourism day trips, all – in these astronomically high gas price times – within a few hours of NYC.   Tickets:  $14.  Children under 10 free.  For directions, tickets and more… 

Moving on to some particularly pertinent miscellany:

Our great Public Library’s just embarked on a reimagining of itself, its mission, how its local branches can better serve and it wants to hear from you.  Read what they’re thinking, then email them your bright ideas at

As in a Houston hospital and Kaiser Permanente medical facilities incorporating farmers markets in (and even inside) their bricks and mortar establishments and – as we do at most of our markets now – subsidizing the purchase of healthy fresh produce for those of modest means.  To read more…  

Pleased to share the news that the sale of bottled water is now prohibited in National Parks.

Consumer Report’s just updated their Lightbulb Green Buying Guide

Unearthed by reader Shirley Koshi, an article packed with  expert but easily do-able advice on how to care for trees beset by construction…    Or any street tree living on New York streets!

Further on the subject of heroic NYC trees, we give you this Times  photo essay and this non-NYC entry from the Botany Photo of the Day.

If you’d like to encourage the NYState Senate to close the existing loophole in regulations pertaining to hazardous waste transport and disposal (we’re talking chemical-ridden fracking waste water), click here

Meanwhile, Germany’s discovering cancer clusters sited above pipes transporting its fracking water to disposal resevoirs! 

Meanwhile, Bulgaria. – impoverished, corrupt Bulgaria, for crying out loud! – just banned shale gas exploration.

So if you believe that our great state should maintain funding for Environmental Protection at its present, modest  $134 million level, then click here

Oh, one last tidbit on the energy front…  Hawaii – sunny, tropical Hawaii – will soon be constructing its first, modest solar project.  (They describe an installation serving a max 12,000 homes as “huge”.)

This while Britain embarks on building the world’s biggest offshore wind farm

They’re still smoothing out  some rough patches, but the great people at Place Matters have just launched a map that plots a ton of meaningful NYC sites and with more to come!

And wonderful that there’s now a Hudson River Greenway Water Trail.

Never realized cast iron facades – like ours on Sixth Avenues – existed out there in the Heartland, but they do and they’re treasured…

Antique New York post office windows, anyone?  Somehow it doesn’t feel these things are up for sale, but Build It Green’s got ’em… 

Another great Botany Photo of the Day

Ready for some animals?

Pretty wonderful watching staff at Sea World save a dolphin calf caught in a fishing net…

How about a boxing cat?

Or a mysterious purple squirrel?

The parade of baby animals continues with…  Infant orangutans!

Pretty darned cute…  But they’ve got competition in the form of the world’s smallest chameleon!

Then there’s this gorilla march/encounter   (Some wonderful expression on the gentleman’s face, yes?)

And the gorgeous bird of the week is

Just in case you’re not one of the 94 million people who’ve already watched “Talking Dog”…  (Even if you are, it plays great many times over!),

Identify the mystery bird of the month and win a plush song bird from the National Audubon Society.  Email his/her name to, subject (what else?) “Mystery Bird”:

November 2011 Mystery Bird | Credit: Jim Rathert/USFWS

No animals, but we leave you with Van Gogh’s Starry Night…  Animated

Joyuosly green,





Saturday, March 3rd:  H2o Tour of the Yonkers Sewage Plant 

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