Greetings, UESiders,

First, something really lovely in which WeRecycle – the great people who do our electronic recycling – plays a leading role.  Check out the PBS NewsHour reports of the this past Tuesday and Wednesday nights which detail how Bard College and WeRecycle are rebuilding lost lives.

No kidding it’s a good feeling that this is the company conveying our decrepit TVs, computer towers and monitors to the great recycler in the sky!

If you’re not familiar with the New Yorkers for Parks annual daffodil bulb giveaway it’s high time you were…  Every fall – thanks to the generosity of Hans van Waardenburg of Holland’s B&K Flowerbulbs – 500,000 bulbs are made available for planting all around our city in memory of 9/11.  No reason why you can’t claim however many to plant around the trees on your block, in your building’s garden or…  Well, any place that could use some beautification.  And it’s all entirely free.  For more details and to get on the mailing list  (Don’t miss the Blooming Map!)

And guess what?  Who knows why after all the years of contrariness, but we can heave a huge sigh of relief that America finally dropped its opposition and joined more than 100 other countries in requiring guidelines for and labeling of  genetically modified foods.  HURRAH!

Usually Times’ articles are noted down in the Miscellany file, but because of our many UES buildings still using the dread #6 heating oil and the choices their residents face, this week this informative piece rates a place up-top.

Now for the coming week:

Thursday, July 28th to Monday, September 26th:  The High Line Roller Rink

Southwest corner of West 30th Street and Tenth Avenue, Open 7 Days a Week,

“The High Line Rink is one of the only open-air rollerskating venues in Manhattan”, the press release says.  Who knew there were others?  But surely none can have a more congenial setting.  And do we doubt this is going to be one of the hits of the summer?  For the full schedule and session themes.

Saturday, July 30th:  82nd Street Greenmarket

St. Stephen of Hungary Churchyard, 82nd Street between First and York, 9 am – 3 pm 

Manning/Womaning their tables will be American Seafood,  Bread Alone,  Raghoo, Rabbits’ Run, Rising Sun Beef and Ant Hill Farm.

Plus nutritionist Shelly Zagor will be back and whipping up her signature, delicious kale smoothies.

Add to that master knife sharener Barbara Hess!

And the fantastic Max Z will be making music with his dulcimer.

Meanwhile, yours truly will away this Saturday, BUT in my absence, the totally capable knife-sharpening Barbara will be doing double duty and collecting our recycleables at her table.  (Thank you, Barbara!)

Last week’s totals:  8 pounds #5, Britta filters, jewel cases, cords, cartridges, CD/DVDs, cellphones and corks; 25 pounds batteries. 

YTD (from 3/26):   313 lbs #5, Britta filters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones and cartridges; 795 lbs batteries.  (Yes!)

Sunday, July 31st:  92nd Street Greenmarket

92nd Street and First Avenue, 9am–4pm

With us will be Nature’s Way Honey, the Stannart, Gonzalez and Phillips Farms, Meredith’s Bakery, American Seafood…  and Norwich Farms.

Have you sampled Stellar’s delicious cooking yet?  Really, what they d0 couldn’t be more simple, but their take on our market’s staples is just wonderful. 

Yes, I’ll be away this Sunday, too, BUT UGS volunteer Michelle Kaskel will be riding herd on our table and organizing recycleables!  Do stop and say “hi”.  (And thanks so much, Michelle!)

Last week’s totals:  4 pounds #5, Britta filters, jewel cases, cords, cartridges and corks; 22 pounds batteries . 

YTD (from 6/19):   44 lbs #5, Britta filters, cords, corks, CD/DVDs, jewel cases, cellphones and cartridges; 162 lbs batteries.  (Excellent!)

Wednesday, August 3rd – Wednesday, August 31st:  Live @ 1220 Fifth 

Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue, between 103rd and 104th Streets , 6 – 9pm

The third summer of the Museum’s summer music series and situated on the its lovely terrace looking onto Central Park.  Tickets $15.  For schedule and artists.

Tuesday, August 2nd – Friday, August 19th:  Summer Courses from the New York Botanical Garden

Midtown Education Center, 20 West 44th Street, between Fifth and Sixth and Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx

Learn to identify flowers from A to Z, the whats and wherefores of ornamental grasses, how to devise arrangements and  centerpieces and plenty more classes.  For details.

Did somebody say miscellany?

Okay, so we might be sweltering, but Newark…  Just why is that city always just that much more excrutiatingly hot?

Pricey to be sure, but there are tips for us all in this energy-efficient house...

Tapping the Times again, here’re the great NYC-centric books they reviewed last week.

How incredible is it that a bunch of historians and anthropologists have been excavating Seneca Village, a 19th Century African-American community once existing in Central Park at West 85th Street?  Pretty incredible, we say!

Or what about the folks studying the on-going evolution of NYC wildlife?  Yes, wildlife!

Or who knew that NYC has its own farm school?  Indeed, we do!

Or that there’s now a design for a verticle urban farm?  And it’s great looking!  (If they can build one in Milwaukee…)

Or that NYC had a Community Garden Map?  We sure do!

Turning our eyes toward France, there’s a new head gardener at Monet’s Giverny who’s intending to improve what’s already one of the prettier places on this earth.

And what would a week be without some cute animal moments:

Think prarie dogs can’t show gratitude?  Think again…  Especially when it comes to volunteers way out west who removed some 349 of the little critters from harm’s way and established them in a safe, new home.

Or that all 4-legs are required for a cat to be upright…  Ha!  Tell that to Standing Cat!  (Hint:  Turn off the music!)

We are so glad to be green,


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